Soul travel in the Solar Sphere.

Soul travel in the Solar Sphere.

In the previous subject about a posthumous ascension of soul we stopped that the person leaves all memory of last terrestrial life in the sphere of Saturn, and in the sphere of Jupiter it comes back on time back to a point of the birth, enduring thus in the strongest way everything that sew in souls of other people. This experience much more intensively, than we usually endure something in the ordinary. Because in a razvoploshchenny condition we are similar to the bared nerve, after all we have only "bodies" of feelings and experiences and are shipped in the atmosphere of general feelings. It all the same what to throw a salt cube into water – it is dissolved. And with body disappearance from mineral substances we start to endure everything that is round us at the general ocean of life and in souls of the people connected with us.

Eventually, all that had the direction in the carnal world, all desires to carnal things and the related thoughts die, leaving a certain part of spotless soul and high thoughts of not egoistical character. This part of the person opens itself now in a new condition which we can call the sphere of Mars, but much more often in literature it compare to the Sun (both are symbolized by a sign of the Aries). In this sphere we stay the longest number of years if to measure time terrestrial years. It is considered that average term of solar life makes one thousand years. However for our spirit there is no time. There we live «here and now», feeling eternity of life.

The solar world call devakhany – the plan of gods. In it the reasons of all changes occurring on the earth ripen. The task of his "inhabitants" consists in connecting the content of human spirits which they took out from a terrestrial phase, with the world reasons for new changes in terrestrial life.

«There all – spiritually. And in this spiritual area there is a possibility of that we carry out our intentions which we have in soul and which we cannot carry out here, in terrestrial area; or we can carry out here very little that the kind – as a last resort – can even bring unfortunately, and malicious can bring fortunately. For all this is quite realized and got rid according to the internal value and according to the internal essence; there cannot be so that everyone kind would not have result moderately the kind force and everyone malicious moderately the malicious force and besides absolutely especially», – R. Shteyner writes. It is great secret which unconsciously entered into a Christian creed: believers expect «life in future century» in a certain ideal new world. However this world cannot arise from scratch. It gradually ripens in solar life, and the person too participates in his construction.

In the solar world it is not necessary raise for any grass, there no cow needs to eat also this grass for and no cows there are present any grass. But there are prototypes of all cows and any grass, логосы any phenomenon as Platon wrote. The person does not perceive that occurs during this moment "below" on the earth left by it in a solar kingdom, but he can apprehend the reasons of the events, which tell about itself. Now the person can get rid of ideal motives freely: here the sincere friendship and love find completeness. If the person admired the nature and loved animals, here it becomes a part him, his "body" and «paradise conditions», and cordial relations connect all in one "family", or a spiritual community.

Comparing Earth to the Sun, it is possible to carry out such analogy: Earth is the water and land world in which there is a lot of dark, crude, cold whereas on the Sun heat and light reigns only. Therefore in solar life only warm and light thoughts and motives are endured. This life most possesses conceiving "Me" the person, and the person as though endures all beings with whom it is connected by love bonds, in itself(himself), as something uniform. In the ancient time transition from terrestrial to the solar was thought as soul passing on light bridge, on a rainbow. It and Chinvat Bridge in Zarathustric mythology, and Bifryost in the Scandinavian. Naturally, on the bridge weaved from light, can pass only that is not heavier than light that has just the same light nature.

However stay in the solar world cannot infinitely last because ideal motives of the person possess limited force and settle the impulse. This impulse forms the form of a new embodiment corresponding to merits and achievements of spirit. Also there comes the moment when the consciousness is as though devastated, as always happens on termination of something. And the world around is so grandiose that it as though deafens spirit, and to it does not remain anything other how to move in other condition. It is possible to compare it to loss of wings. The solar world fits the person "out for a trip" in new terrestrial wandering with a certain task which it will continue to carry out for all with whom carried out unity. This kingdom allocates it with a necessary measure of good luck and the vital forces, new talents and abilities.

Scepticism is generated by those people who always are guided by dark plans and happen in it are very successful. It seems, as if they disprove all ideas of requital, etc. Let’s lead mentally such people through the posmerty. Here they finish the term in the sphere of Jupiter and should enter into a solar kingdom, but what in them is to make it? What then to them remains? They simply pass the solar sphere and at once enter a stream conducting by the new birth on the earth. And again we see them on a society scene in the same role! The leading solar world tries to influence such persons by the remained communications with other people. After all they do not live in vacuum? At them is usually both families, and partners, both enemies, and victims which pass through the solar world and partially bear the obligation to correct and our dark fellow citizens. However if such interpersonal correction becomes impossible, there is a great failure – the spiritual source of consciousness cuts communication with the terrestrial personality and that after death breaks up, as well as it is necessary to break up to all to that is deprived of light.

The solar sphere is not only kind, but also severe in prosecution of the general benefit, she does not aspire to serve someone individually. It regulates such world processes as climate change, emergence of new types of flora and fauna, together with their extinction. Surprisingly after all not only that all terrestrial conditions are specially created for life: Earth distance from the Sun, heat and illumination degree, availability of water and oxygen along with land sites; surprisingly and that the biological person at all the weakness does not coexist, for example, with dinosaurs. But concerning mankind the same principles operate. If you meaningly maliciously smoke on near a poisonous smoke or poisoned water in the river with plant garbage, whether will place you the world next time in the gas chamber or on a dustbin? And if all people as a whole so arrive and overcome Earth, unless the world will not provide to us to choke in own shit or will not get rid of us by cataclysm and new ice age? Why the most reliable steamship "Titanic" will come across at the open ocean (!) a piece of ice and sinks? Why "Challenger" and a Chernobyl NPP blows up? Why the Kursk submarine sinks?

As exclamations that there is neither "God", nor justice are ridiculous. The belief and knowledge became in our century two parties of one false coin. But the thoughtful reason, unbiassedly and widely considering space acts, again and again comes to the truth feeding ancient religions and laws, demanding conscious individual and collective responsibility for life.

In the Solar sphere the spirit of the person already entered in so-called« creation zone», stretching through constellations of the Aries, the Taurus, Twins and the Cancer. It means that already in the Solar sphere of the Aries the spirit began the way to the next terrestrial embodiment. Passing through «a creation zone», the spirit dresses again some "clothes". New mental capacities develop already at a stage of the Aries, no less than communication with special Spirits (логосами) which will create a form of the person. It is possible to tell that Spirits of the Solar sphere first of all work over improvement of the person, his form and abilities. They have affinity to Saturn, and therefore also to a karma. The high Spirits supervising temporary cycles of development of all mankind and a civilization are tried on to communities of spirits to appoint by it the suitable birthplaces. Therefore one are born in the wild area, among backward tribes, having few possibilities to progress, others on the contrary. One people have possibility to be engaged in arts, or mathematics, either to travel and open new, or to invent something and to grow rich, and others from an environment do not receive such chances.

Alekseev Vladimir