Ascension of soul and its posthumous experience.

Ascension of soul and its posthumous experience.

In the story about occult bases of an astrology the statement that the astrology operates was stated because the person has experience on the earth from the birth to death and in the inner (thin) worlds from death till the following birth.

Ordinary human destiny from the birth to death обочначают six zodiac signs, beginning from the Lion and finishing the Capricorn. It is a part of a light, solar, conscious way. However there is also the second half of a wheel of life – lunar, shadow, subconscious. It is symbolized by the signs which are beginning with Aquarius and coming to the end with the Cancer. In them the soul as though visits six "planetary" spheres, or the worlds. In each sphere she carries out different quantity of time. Experience of one of planetary spheres can become very significant as a hobby; it is overflowed with this experience and, having returned to the day world, shows qualities of this planet (and spheres).

The separation of soul from a body is symbolized by Aquarius. This act of cancellation is specified by gloomy Pluton. The person who has lost a flesh, appears in a memory body. His health is filled with memoirs which emerged in consciousness entirely and at once. «All life flashed at me before eyes». The person who has appeared on the verge of death and for a moment come off flesh so speaks. But as it remained in a body, it seems to it, as if life flashed "completely", as our perception of time linearly. However at death approach time disappears and the soul has before itself a complete, uniform image of the life, the lived destiny.

The body of memory is identical to space, it in it is very quickly dissolved, as the cloud under beams of the sun and hot whiff of air disappears sometimes. The endured experience gets to space, but is not lost, because it is fixed by special beings of the sphere of Saturn. Saturn the manager of Aquarius therefore given we should call «a soul residence» «the sphere of Saturn». Saturn – a history and memory planet, together with a requital planet, an aging and death planet. The person «in memory» stays more often near the combined corpse three days. Then diffused memory as though leaves in Pluton’s underground world, and the facilitated person appears in a new condition of life.

Memory body still call a vital body. Than and vigorous the person was stronger, this cover is stronger than subjects; and subjects worse it is dissolved in space. But this fortress which is so useful in life, can play a malicious joke posmertiya. The phantom left by the person if it keeps any remains of a form and force, becomes attractive to different otherworldly beings. From there are ghosts: the shadow shapes of people movable by inhuman will, aggressive to people. The same effect of preservation of a vital body occurs to suicides and in general with the people who have died prematurely. They are compelled to understand themselves in the world, but are not capable to operate in it voluntarily. Their existence is similar to paralysis which passes only when there comes year of «natural death» on which the vital charge was programmed.

To explain that such «a vital charge», it is necessary to pay attention to a vegetative form of life. In it vitality operates in the most not veiled way. At a plant we can observe two conditions, replacing each other: condition of a seed and condition actually plants. Vitality operates with two phases: at first it realizes the potential put in grain, and turns it in the developed plant is high-grade. Then in a plant vitality begins messages all to that the plant turned again into seeds! The awakened life operates already automatically until the first phase will not be counterbalanced by the second i.e. while the impulse will not die away by itself.

But here we will present that the person got rid and of a vital body of memory. Now he does not remember objective life of events and actions. But it stays that is the maintenance of emotions and experiences. Paradox is that the consciousness can waken now where during lifetime of people fell down a deep sleep without dreams. In general similarity between death and a dream is obvious, and first of all these two conditions are identical consciousness (and is more true unconsciousness). The difference between them is created by the vital beginning.

Emotions and inclinations cannot instantly disappear. On it the enormous quantity of time leaves: exactly so many years, how many you carried out in a dream. Here "consciousness" too deals with memory, but with memory absolutely other sort. It is memory of experiences, inclinations and feelings, and simply own experience, and impact on feelings of other people is remembered not. If your acts caused in someone anger, hatred, passion, tenderness …, these emotional forces caused by you will rise to your soul. All these emotions do not fall in one stage upon soul, them caused, and come gradually, day after day, but as though from the life end by the childhood. Feature of the emotional world such is that in it time flows not from the past in the future, and from the future in the past. Pavel Florensky who has noticed reflected on it still that we dream about an image of an event and we wake up how this event occurs near us; and all dream long and logically went to this final event and consequently it is impossible to argue that the external event caused all chain of a dream, after all then everything would be on the contrary and actually in general no developed dream existed.

Therefore, when the soul comes back again to the following life to fleshes, she subconsciously remembers, what exactly it caused to other people and as it should compensate the past now. This stage is symbolized by a zodiac sign of Fishes, and it is necessary to call this sphere Jupiter. As the person is here a being of inclinations, it bears there where his desires could be executed. But they are not executed, it is necessary because to be in this place in a body to have satisfaction. Inclinations have no possibility to be realized, including such which were connected with physiological departures. Eventually, the emotional person dies in the same way as carnal the person would die in the absence of food and drink. The person forks again: it rejects from itself(himself) a substance which longed to carnal objects. This substance too remains different number of years in the terrestrial atmosphere and too can become object of games of various otherworldly sushchnost or mediums. Curious effects are connected with this longing cover. It can be involved in spiritualistic contacts just because embodies itself impulses of the carnal. Thus it bears also think of the died person! But these thoughts are its illegal production.

This saturation of desires by thoughts deserves a close attention. The desire in itself surely gives rise to an image of the desirable. Precisely as well each thought is surely painted by emotion, at least a feeling shade. During lifetime these substances are merged; the pure thought can arise in mind of the mathematician, but also he can test thus pleasure or pride. But in a posmertiya there is a surprising division of an internal being of the person into soul and immortal spirit. Desires and the passions directed on carnal objects, at their rejection take away with themselves and all fancies by which they were accompanied. It is possible to tell that the soul of the person forks on "bad" and "good", and in interests of "kind" soul that its "malicious" shadow absolutely dissipated, differently at the following carnal birth the old sinful person will enter in new and will burden it unrestrained rushes and frankly low passions, and thus the person will feel the real division, if not obsession.

Modern culture contacts of living people with died interest, preventions in dreams, etc. We can state these phenomena quite fair assessment. Similar contacts are dictated by emotions of the left person, but there are they not so much at his will, how many owing to the impulse of his soul connected with the living. If the parent was strongly adhered to the child, and in the sphere of Jupiter it will be found quite often near the child and to enter with it contact when the child sleeps! The same concerns also the wonderful phenomena of rescue. If died mother, suppose, always was internally ready to rush to the aid of the child and if she especially had such feelings on the deathbed, in a razvoploshchenny condition when from the future the event dangerous to the beloved child will come nearer, the soul of mother instantly will direct to дитю to "warn" him and to "save".

Only having passed the life in feelings upside-down and having settled it on it, the soul can leave streams of time and find itself in the eternal present. About this culmination condition we will have a talk next time.

Alekseev Vladimir

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