Occult truth of an astrology.

Occult truth of an astrology.

The ancient primary astrology divided the fact of wandering of soul both in a frail world, and in the heavenly. And if not this soul, to ancient people in any way would be not to explain to another why they trust in an astrology. But now astrologers do not operate with intrinsic unity of the person from the Universe. It is difficult to present, that the person seeing such unity only in a community of a matter, existing billions years ago, would recognize behind an astrology the right to existence. Such materialist emancipated the person from stars to such an extent that agrees to recognize only need of a body in an ultraviolet dose that there was no rickets.

However and in a century of materialism there were thinkers and authors of books who not only gave astrologies the complete recognition, but also supported it with the human life description in connection with planets and the Zodiac both to death, and after that. Such detailed descriptions of a kolovrashcheniye of destiny between the earth and the sky are most interestingly described by Rudolf Shteyner and Alice Bailey.

Shteyner paid attention to how the essence of the person passes various planetary spheres in a posmertiya, meeting various Hierarchies of Spirits and in common realizing the past into the future. The person in the field of one of planets can absorb in itself the most characteristic features of this "place" and bring these properties in new life. Also Shteyner noted also the age periods when the person lives the destiny on the earth, reaping already плды the spiritual wandering: The moon in the first 7 years, Mercury in the following semilety, then 7 years of Venus; then the period of the Sun taking 21 years. From 42 years again there are semiletka – Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Having replaced at Shteyner planets with the corresponding Zodiac signs, the full cycle which to astrologers is known as Pars Vitae, the Life Point turns out.

But Shteyner did not devote the astrology as that of any serious work. Whereas at Alice Bailey (Alice La-Troub Beytman) we find a remarkable book «An esoteric astrology» which is considered the third volume «The treatise about Seven Beams». In it wandering of human soul on the Zodiac looks not simply as круговерть between heaven and earth, and each Sign notes this or that stage of our development so finally the person can even overcome influence of planets on it.

Here Bailey’s views are guided by the curious assumption that if the person was born with the Sun in a certain Sign, the previous wandering on the ground it means stopped under the same Zodiac sign. It expressed these thoughts such words:

"Planetary influences indicate the direction of circumstances of external life. Being correctly interpreted for the average undeveloped person, they can specify, and specify, on his personal destiny. They cause and completely supervise the person who is not possessing conscious experience of soul. During that moment when the person starts to realize the soul and tries to define own "course of life", influence of planets clearly and consistently weakens, and the card of its personality becomes incomplete and often quite inexact. Then it directs and the force proceeding through a planet, instead of force of the planet supervises, and the person starts to perceive thinner and high energy of Solar system and twelve managing directors of constellations".

In this point that there are people who should be characterized in terms not Zodiac signs, and planets is fairly specified. This view was appreciable in the European astrology in the XVII-XIX centuries when you read classification of traits of character, habits, professions and diseases on planets. We note such question: how to define, the planet in the Sign should be considered in itself or how the conductor of star influences?

"The so-called Solar sign indicates physical, mental and spiritual human nature. It comprises secret of the Beam of the personality and a human response or a lack of a response to the soul, or the real person. It also points to already reached integration and a point of disclosure of qualities of soul, on available equipment, vital quality and directly possible group relations. From the point of view of Timeless Wisdom he does not specify more than anything, and it is opposite to the point of view of a usual astrology. The reason on which I speak about it, consists in sufficient development of mankind that the astrology of soul became possible soon; in many respects it is opposite to usual procedure. It reasonably and is necessary, and also is inevitable. Finally, astrologers will be divided into two classes: on the ekzoterichesky astrologers who are engaged in a horoscope of the personality, and esoteric which problems of soul" will interest.

Why the Solar Sign «indicates available equipment», was already told: by the sun it is visible, that we achieved in the development in last embodiment.

  1. The ascending sign indicates more remote possibilities, on the spiritual purpose and a problem of this embodiment and the next subsequent embodiments. In itself this sign belongs to fight of the spiritual person for that "to continue movement" from the reached point that when vital energy will be settled and there will come "death of the personality", the person found itself "closer to the center of the life, in closer contact to the center of the group and coming nearer to the center of divine life" as it is formulated by Timeless Wisdom. Special expression "death of the personality" has double value:
  • It can mean death of a physical body which two stages of death inevitably follow: disintegration of the emotional conductor and the subsequent dissolution of a temporary and constantly changing form which accepted a part of mental energy for an embodiment.
  • Subjective mystical "death of the personality". This phrase means transfer of focus of distribution of energy from the personality (a certain center of force) on soul (other center).

And here I was intrigued by two thoughts. The first says that the vital task should be looked for in the Ascending Sign. The Indian astrologers too write that the Ascending Sign (the 1st House of a horoscope) allows to judge the main direction in life. But behind the Ascending Sign, according to an ancient rule «Hermes’s Scales», the Moon at the moment of conception of the person is found, and therefore the Ascending Sign appeared a part of the Lunar astrology. And it means, as it has two levels: on one, lunar, we deal though with new, but terrestrial experience. On the second we after all should consider value of Zodiac sign. Some share of distinction, whether the Zodiac on rising is important, brought that statement of a rule of Hermes that the provision of the Moon at conception can (in 9 months) to become not only Rising, but also horoscope Calling … So people in my astrological representations were divided into two categories.

The second intriguing thought of the quoted fragment is connected with detection through the Ascending Sign of a key to death. Conception after all is the beginning of formation of our body. Therefore give to the Ascending Sign a priority in all that concerns appearance, health. It is logical to look for here the reasons of an illness and even death of a body. Let’s raise the question: how?

The majority of people "knows" the Zodiac sign. But in practice, only the astrologer understands that all speak about the Solar Sign whereas the horoscope is the Ascending Sign. But «The esoteric astrology» puts forward the concept of three categories of time in the birth chart, setting a horoscope surprising "dimensions" and dynamism, together with sense of received life experience together with Ariadna’s conducting us through it thread:

«Due to the solar sign, an ascending sign and influence мыслеформы, relating to the Moon, a position of an esoteric astrology the following:

1. The solar sign indicates the current problems of the person; it sets a rhythm, or speed, its personal life; he treats quality, temperament and the vital tendencies which are looking for expressions during a concrete embodiment, and also to the sphere radzhasichesky, or to aspect of activity of the internal person. Generally the forces relating to a solar sign, indicate the line of the smallest resistance.

2. The ascendant, or an ascending sign, indicates vital mission, or on the immediate task of soul in this embodiment. It comprises secret of the future and represents force which will lead to success if it will be correctly used. The ascendant represents sattvichesky aspect, or aspect of harmony of life, and can establish the correct connection between soul and the personality in any concrete embodiment.

3. Moon. This type of force (proceeding from certain planets, instead of from the Moon) indicates the past. Thus, it is the sum of restrictions and the shortcomings which are available in the present. It operates a physical body and shows, where it is necessary to look for a soul dungeon."

Concrete from the point of view of the practising astrologer of answers to the designated questions I devoted to search already two tens years. Formulated by me in independent search and reflections answers to these questions, as well as a set of helps in books of the authors mentioned by me, allowed to write the book which I designated «The past, the present and the future in a matrix of asterizm, or Open an astrology anew». The book was published in 2008. Everything occurred how Bailey (on behalf of mysterious Tibetts) wrote:

«Therefore I would ask all of you reading and studying this section "The treatise about Seven Beams", to remember told above and to keep readiness to consider a hypothesis, to weigh theories and assumptions and to check conclusions within several years. Having coped with this task, you can awaken intuition which will turn a modern astrology into something really significant for the world. Intuitive astrology is urged to replace, finally, that now it is known under this name and by that to carry out return to that ancient science which correlated constellations to our Solar system, drew attention to the nature of the Zodiac and informed mankind on the fundamental interrelations directing and supervising the phenomenal and subjective worlds».

For our general conversation I would like to quote only one more brilliant fragments from Bailey’s book, best of all saying that such an astrology.

«Now the astrology is in effect the clearest and distinct way of representation of occult truth in the world as this science deals with those causing and operating energiya and forces which are shown in all space and affect everything that is in limits of this space. When this fact will be apprehended, sources of energiya are comprehended, and the nature of space is truly understood, we can see much wider and, at the same time, closer horizon; we will understand the relations between individual, planetary, system and space sushchnost and we can start to live according to the scientific point of view. Such life on a scientific basis represents the direct purpose to which the astrology» should bring.

Revelations of new time incorporated to ancient traditions and opened each other in uniform wisdom for them. An astrology – the divine language which has been specially created for the description of mysteries. Turn of a key which is handed over to us by stars, opens a door of mysteries.

Alekseev Vladimir

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