Horoscope for July, 2013.

Horoscope for July, 2013.

About a week ago the Cancer sign came into the own, and family problems began to disturb many more than usually. Children finished academic year, to many there arrived relatives, or they went to the native land to meet the native.

Every year the Sun in the Cancer sign in July creates the situations connected with a family and relatives. And also immerses us in the world of secret, subconsciousness and presentiments. Unusual prophetic dreams at this time can dream, we can be carried away in the world of dreams and dreams, having completely forgotten about reality. But need to care of relatives returns us again on the guilty earth.

In a month of the Cancer favorably often to go on a beach, to plunge into the water warmed by the sun and to float in that party where bears a current. Water possesses special power which at the same time clears subconsciousness, calms nerves and promotes clarity of thoughts. Therefore the more often you will appear at water this month, the better. Can even neglect the most essential affairs to appear on a beach. In July it is very good to have a rest.

Within this month all aspects of our life will be influenced by favorable aspects of distant planets – Pluton and the Neptune. They can give explosion of creative inspiration and a set of interesting trips. In July, especially at the beginning of a month, the most reasonable exit it would be simple to have a rest and try to gather forces for active August.

From July 1 to July 19 planets and stars will help any undertakings. This very favorable time for flights, for opening of new business or transformation old, for interesting trips, the beginning of training, activity and communication. There is a need for spiritual updating, mobilization of all spiritual forces, inspiration flash, the hidden abilities are shown.

New ideas, new meetings with the original people, useful and favorable shifts and pleasant surprises. Sudden and exciting events of favorable and happy character, casual, sudden happiness, good news and messages are possible.

It is possible to consider as very important astrological aspect of month Proserpine’s connection and the Heads of the Dragon. It puts in the forefront power of terrestrial signs and makes very strong impact on everything, as to growth, growth, pregnancy and conception. Proserpine will help all who digs, puts, potters on kitchen gardens, tries to grow up vegetables or flowers who dreams to see at itself(himself) on a site magnificent bouquets of roses.

It favorably influences also those who actively is engaged in the health, makes tests, begins or continues a cycle of physical exercises, is fond of yoga. It will help patients to find knowing doctors and quickly to recover. Not only the patient, but also in everything who cares of the health or we are engaged in improvement, it is necessary to have a rest more.

Many of us can have an abundance in pleasures and entertainments, rather free time to pay attention to itself and relatives. At all its importance work should fade into the background, having given way to all volume interesting that fills life. Very important in the first half of month as much as possible to have a good time, fun and to receive kultury impressions. Change the schedule, give more time to itself, the health, the interests, the family.

That who despite summertime will be actively engaged in career, will help секстиль Chiron to Pluton that will give the chance to adapt skillfully to circumstances, to collective, to operate group energy, forcing others to work for itself or actively to be shown, playing on contradictions, finding the necessary social stream and gaining popularity and material welfare.

There is a possibility of acquisition of protection or a patronage. Can arrange well your life, improve your financial position, lead active social life. The period is good for public statements, popularity growth. As the period of retrogradny Mercury will come to an end at this time, try not to begin new affairs. Finish begun better and prepare in new to projects.

On July 23 the Sun leaves the Cancer and will pass to a sign of the Lion, and a lot of things will change in our attitude for now we have a possibility to feel completeness of life and to rejoice at least to that at last became warm and lit the sun. At the end of July will pass some of very important aspects – connection of Jupiter with Mars and the Black Moon and Pluton’s oppositions to the same to Jupiter, Mars and the Black Moon.

At this time it is necessary to operate very actively. Floodlight brings welfare, a patronage, a successful conclusion of the affairs, happy or favorable marriage, the mysterious income or communication with the secret organizations. Well for travel, emigration, business trips abroad.

The second half of July – fine time for religious affairs, the baptisms, the new contacts, happy trips. We are expected by success and success in everything, recognition of merits, profit, the income. There can be new sources of the income.

At this time Jupiter will be in connection with very interesting star of Kalks – a double star in constellation of Twins. In transfer with Arab "калкс" means a branch. It brings force, energy, power, protection, wealth. It helps those who aspires to career, achieving success and to become the true professional.

Since July 21, favorably to open business, to begin the new project, to pass interview, to pass to new work. The star of Kalks gives the power, energy, discipline, points mind, helps to achieve wished thanks to ability to impress favourably on all with whom communicate. At many of us, especially at fiery signs, the aspiration constantly will be expressed to be the focus of attention, as much as possible to prove.

In spite of the fact that it as a whole the favorable period, the Black Moon in the Cancer introduces a danger shade in a horoscope of July. Intensity of feelings, experiences and affairs can lead to a lack of a dream, nervous exhaustion or precipitately assumed obligations. Do not assume too big loadings and reasonably distribute the forces. Watch a dream and rest mode, happen in the open air more.

And now we will look that will bring July, 2013 to each zodiac sign.

Aries. In the first half of month of thought are directed on a situation in the house; in the second half you should communicate with children more. At the beginning of July at you the period financial удач, is probable good money. There will be money and time, your leader qualities become conclusive for people around. In July there will come for you also time of high-grade rest.

Taurus. Since the beginning of July good luck has a kind feeling for you. You are proud of the family and the house. Short trips, especially with children, bring a pleasure chasm. Your activity is connected with companionship and distance shots. Smile and adjusted on the future. You receive the most interesting information. The second half of July will be very quiet is fine time of an outdoor recreation.

Twins. You are happy and popular. And everywhere you are necessary and necessary for all. In July the destiny will give you chance to open own business. This also fine time for rest and joint entertaining trips. By the end of July your expenses therefore it is better to you to limit the expenditure will sharply raise.

Cancer. July – ideal time for the Cancers working in individual private business. This mesyatsets is favorable for business trips, setting of contacts to foreign firms. Since the beginning of July all your problems will obtain unexpected permit. You will be full of optimism and plans for the future, will appear in the center of attention of people around.

Lion. July for you – fight time. There will be positive prospects in career. The joint trip with a family will do good, will bring a lot of pleasure. It is the successful period for accumulation, career growth, be more active, catch the chance.

Maiden. For the Maiden July – time for private life. There will be a desire to have a rest, travel. Probably summer resort hobby, but it hardly somehow will affect your far-reaching intentions. It is desirable for you to adhere to a certain mode: to alternate work and rest, earning money and expenditure, communication with friends and relatives. July will improve your life experience!

Scales. In July ваc the success and luck waits, all your material problems will be resolved, private life will be adjusted. With children there will be deep, penetrating relations. July – time for love, rest and deep self-disclosure. For the majority of Scales month will pass quietly. Stars prompt that vigorous heats will be the best physical culture for you this month.

Scorpion. July – very favorable period. Improvement of a material situation, possibility for rest and private life. New business prospects or creative offers. Companionship. Interesting acquaintances to known people or foreigners are possible. There is a successful situation for active, creative self-expression and career self-affirmation.

Sagittarius. July very good period for you – many problems, seeming unsoluble, will be resolved by itself. Safely count on partners – they will easily be ready to do anything concessions. In July your many dreams will start to be realized. You will appear in the center of public life, your authority and force of influence will increase. For you education questions become very important.

Goat. In July the Capricorn is especially successful and talented in business. It can even open not one, and some enterprises to test in other field, in several spheres, not to go deep, and to extend. So July will present to you peak of disclosure of your talents. The middle of month is good for trips, self-expression. Children will please with successes.

Aquarius. In July Aquarius will need very much rest and a privacy. Of you this month will bring much expansion of the prospects, good luck will smile to much. Enjoy it till the end of July. This month you receive unique impressions on the sea – the nature, poetry, music, the distant countries! But do not forget to track the health thus. Avoid overloads and overcooling.

Fishes. July – time for rest. The privacy will be necessary for you properly to have a rest and better to deal with internal problems. Since the beginning of month children will demand special attention to. It is month of life-giving energy. Problems on work are better for forgetting for a while. Rest is simply necessary for you. To many Fishes, probably, it will be possible to spend pleasant days abroad.

Day when dreams are executed.

Day when dreams are executed.

Today first lunar day. Day when dreams are executed? Yes, such it is possible. In total for instants, but during the necessary, correctly chosen time, it is possible to come to be near dream. To build to it the road not through potholes and roadsides,

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