Zmeenosets – the 13th zodiac sign.

Zmeenosets - the 13th zodiac sign.

Twelve constellations make a zodiac belt. They are located on эклиптике on months of year, since April constellation the Aries. Between the Sagittarius and the Scorpion Zmeenosets interferes in the area adjacent to the line эклиптики which designates an annual way of the sun on the heavenly sphere and along which all zodiac constellations settle down, the most southern part.

The sun before appearing in constellation of the Sagittarius, passes through Zmeenosts’s constellation within several days from November 26 to December 16, but as zodiac constellations should be twelve, on number of months in a year, it do not include in the Zodiac. Astrologers attach it special significance, considering that the person who were born in it, possesses infernalny qualities of character. This constellation covers the extensive region of the equatorial sky and is perfectly studied. The zodiac belt, thanks to the astrological mission, consists of constellations which in an invariable look more than 3000 years remain.

But magicians and astrologers did not tell long time to people about the thirteenth zodiac sign when forces of the Good and evil enter uncompromising struggle for the power over souls of people.

The knowledge of Zmeenostsa was inherited by arias, predecessors of the present European people, from the certain disappeared civilization. In the greatest measure it remained at induistsky and Zarathustric priests, and also in secret Slavic "circles" – the closed communities which protect customs of an ancestral home of mankind. Zmeenosets governs two weeks. The first of them drops out on the termination of the period of the Scorpion, the second – on an ascension of the Sagittarius.

The symbolical horoscope consisting of 12 equal parts, in the hidden look contains also Zmeenosts’s having an exit in other worlds the multidimensional sign – an astral, menthol, karmic interrelations. Zmeenosts has no accurately certain place in the zodiac. Graphically it is a projection of the Milky Way to a zodiac circle.

Skorpiono-Zmeenosts’s time sometimes designate «the burned road», symbolizing in an astrology a way on which we are waited by the most heartrending experiences. On the Ancient Greek legend, at this time flying by over Earth in a fiery chariot the son of the Sun the Phaeton burned all live, and on a surface monsters got out of space chaos. Ancient arias during such time remembered the tsar of the Universe Zakhak tempted with powers of Darkness. On shoulders at it snakes cannibals grew. Skorpiono-Zmeenosets – the period of power of the evil against which preserve ancient customs.

During fortnight procession of the Sun along Zmeenosts people can count only on themselves. Zmeenosets learns: the fear – the main weapon of the evil, and the most awful manifestation of the evil is lie. The one who is capable to understand and overcome it fear, will be free. Others are waited at worst by repetition of destiny of a mythological Phaeton – a temptation lie, a failure and «the burned road» under feet. The transition moment from the Scorpion to the Sagittarius (i.e. the 30th degree of the Scorpion or zero degree of the Sagittarius) is called as a release point.

Zmeenosets was known to astronomers and astrologers of antiquity along with Big and Small She-bears, Orion, Lira and other 48 ancient constellations. And the real professional astrologers always consider Zmeenosts’s influence on human life. If you were born between November 27 and on December 17, you are not the Scorpion and not the Sagittarius, and Zmeenostsem with lines of the Scorpion, and usual descriptions of the Scorpion and the Sagittarius coincide with you only partly. You keep in yourselves the main qualities of these signs, but you are a personality with improbable destiny. You can forever disappear, without saying goodbye, without reserving traces, possess ability completely to regenerate, become other person. You bring to one people improbable pleasure and happiness, another – a grief and ruin. For you lasts, as a loop, a train of strange and inexplicable events which sometimes you not in forces to explain.

Zmeenostsa usually move, always on the way much, meet on the way a great number of different people, and to each of them they are able to find the key and to create the special relations with it. They can have some families in the different cities, even some lives or life layers, various circles of contacts. It, in fact, the real Chameleon which changes color, coloring, a manner of behavior which is at any time ready to change the life and to turn the past into ashes in literal and figurative sense of a word. Zmeenostsa happen very dangerous. If you harm Zmeenosts, it can bring in reply to you big troubles, destruction, even death. And not because Zmeenostsa – malicious people also do it specially. The nature of this sign is an effect of «the burned bridge». When he leaves a place of the stay, he burns all the boats. This person is able to begin from scratch at any stage of life, and it all the same can construct everything anew. Zmeenosets can "erase" the past and start to live from scratch as though anything was not earlier. He is not afraid of dangerous situations, risk, it has no sensation of fear, he loves adventures and adventures. In any dangerous situations it usually survives, it is unusually hardy. If there is a plane crash, all perish, and Zmeenosets survives. Ancient Roman astrologer Manily writes that to the people who were born at the moment of rising of Zmeenosts, a snake are absolutely harmless. Such people «will carry snakes in the bosom and on fluttering clothes, to kiss them, without suffering from poison». On Latin this constellation is called as Serpentarius, in transfer it, really, Zmeenosets – «the one who carries on itself(himself) snakes» means.

At Zmeenosts’s life always there is a contrast – that complete falling, magnificent take-off. The third it is not given. It with pleasure pulls down that created earlier to create something new. Looks for new adventures, aspires to tests. On the other hand, he as anybody another, is able to have fun and enjoy life. It is literally capable to plunge into the world of pleasures and rough pleasure, risk and adventures. Zmeenosts’s main difference from other signs is that life does not give it possibility to stop. If any other person can have stop, blocking, conservatism, turn back, at Zmeenosts – is not present, only forward. It is the unique zodiac sign to which a stop, inaction, conservatism are absolutely contraindicated. If it stopped, right there is a disorder and disintegration, and it force to move further. Zmeenosts’s nature such is that it can live only in such difficult, in fact, inhuman conditions. But for it it is the only acceptable human stipulations.

At Zmeenosts all life is a series of battles. It in life constantly has any situation with which nobody helps it and everything depends only on him. So was at Paganini who played even on one string.

Near Zmeenostsem happens interestingly, but it is very restless. At them can be dizzy, at first sight, unexpected and even undeserved success in life, but can be and the same failures. Unfortunately, it brings failures and to people, related. While to it you start to get used, when you consider that you learned it, studied, it at you already completely in hands and you supervise it, – anything similar, it becomes suddenly absolute another, is shown other side. It is difficult to communicate with it, you do not know, how to it to approach. It makes impression of a duality, discrepancy, so characteristic for Zmeenosts.

But sometimes, when, happens, gave all the best, and there are no more forces to answer the evil of other people, but you know that you are right, and having seen fear in the opinion of shown weakness, reflect that if everything would be easy and good luck itself went to you to hands, it would be very boring to live…»

Zmeenosets – is the one who won a karma. At first the karma needs to be learned, it is connected with yours it comes, a tree, and is the law on relationship of cause and effect. After understanding and knowledge of it it is given the chance to break rings of this link, or a karma. Zmeenostsa are who in a horoscope has two planets on border of the Scorpion and the Sagittarius.

It is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, a sign connecting us to Space, at this time «there are not casual events» in life of any person. Watch itself – and you will open a lot of the interesting.

Every year, late autumn the nature dies. The zodiac symbol of the Scorpion where all three sticks – spirit, the body and soul – are incorporated and tied by an arrow directed down testifies to it also. But an arrow, having fallen quite low, then rises up – after death there comes new life. And again there is a possibility to change life in Zmeenostsa. Or to move further on the same circle …

People who were born under this sign: Nostradamus, Item Vyazemsky, V.Dal, Charles de Gol, A.Fet, A.Suvorov, B. Spinosa, N. Vavilov, Lope de Vega, Paganini.

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