Horoscope for June, 2013.

Horoscope for June, 2013.

June, 2013 perfectly is suitable for trips, communication, negotiations and business. It is not excluded that because of a train of eclipses in May many affairs should be postponed in «a long box». In June just there comes time to carry out everything that you conceived and wanted to make earlier.

This month Jupiter will be done by benevolent aspects to Venus, Mercury and the Sun that will give the chance to raise the income, to enjoy trips, cheerfully to spend time, make many country trips. It will be the period of balance, harmony, happiness, comfort and welfare.

Harmony comes not only in family, but also in the public relations, balance, tranquillity in contacts is established, all difficulties are softened, all easily is possible, you can receive a lot of things from life. It is also good period for love and marriage, in a family the world and harmony are established. Can do a set of purchases, receive gifts.

The main attention should be given this month of love and to marriage, friendship, excitement of sexual feelings. This also fine time for "hobby" and private work, for opening of new business. Around pleasure and pleasures, wellbeing, friendliness, useful relations, gifts, art impressions.

June – the fine period also for wedding, purchase of art products and ornaments. Planets this month bring all love, money, generosity, pleasure. In June can ask from the administration of increase of a salary or if you the businessman, it is courageous to rise in the price for the goods.

I advise to use a good situation of this month and to try to show activity both in business, and in entertainments. In June for many new possibilities for earnings will open. Simply be not lazy – act! This month you should aspire to independence, to look for any possibilities for action.

It is possible even to show extravagance. It is necessary to join actively in all new, to make light of any difficult situations. You can draw to yourselves unusual situations and acquaintances, and to limit the initiative during this period it is undesirable. There is a desire to join in all new, unexpected, exciting, instantly to change any confused situation. It is impossible to limit nobody’s freedom or an initiative at this time.

June is also favorable for foreign trips and rest. Especially it will be good for those who is going to immigrate, go abroad forever or for long time. Plan for June all most important issues, everything will pass successfully. The first half of month is more favorable for moving and trips, than the second.

Thanks to Uranium transit by the sun in June well will pass the affairs connected with the house, – repair, moving, house purchase. The intuition amplifies, new sudden thoughts and the ideas, the new purposes and plans are born. This transit of Uranium causes sincere excitements and experiences.

The majority of changes and changes should be looked for in those areas of life which are symbolized by the Moon: soul, world of feelings, organism condition, and also trips and travel. All of us are waited by sudden excitements of happy character, successful trips and interesting travel abroad. Uranium adds draft for all new.

June, 2013 – very good period for love, for family creation. Happy love affairs, good luck and exciting happy experiences, successful creative work are possible. Planets will bring artistic triumphs and inspirations, opening and inventions.

It is the period when we much can achieve the mind as mind becomes more free also nezavisimy, thought – bright and perfected, there is an ability to capture a past event, to analyse and fix necessary experience. Hoping for the mind and ability to the analysis, it is possible to solve many problems. This also fine time for study.

For all month all of us will be influenced by such favorable astrological configuration, as тригон. It will unite the Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Positive interaction of these planets will positively influence all spheres of our life, but especially – on the sphere of feelings and emotions, on love and relationship. In June it is necessary to resolve all problems connected with the relations.

At the very beginning of a month thanks to strong influence of the Neptune influence of subconsciousness on an emotional condition that is shown in presentiments, the prophetic dreams, the aggravated imagination, including imagination creative, artistic as talent flashes, strengthens telepathic and meditative abilities amplifies.

Many signs, but especially representatives of Water and Air, will better understand feelings and moods of other people. Planets will strengthen abilities to suggestion, inspiration. Telepathy manifestations, prophetic dreams, a meditative condition, a trance, feeling of presence of other people are possible. The most sensitive can dream about events of the next day.

The happiest days of month – the period from June 13 to June 25. At this time the Sun will be in connection with Jupiter, and it will bring a lot of pleasure and happiness. This best time for wedding, a distant trip, signing of important documents, for conception and all important issues. Floodlight strengthens the general state of health, strengthens physical endurance and resilience to various diseases.

In the spiritual relation it is necessary to aspire to optimism, to sincere clarity and a prosvetlennost. Vital energy raises and power of desire wakens to create and create. These transits note the periods of personal growth, development of confidence and positive hopes.

In June of a planet create very easy, cheerful and carefree period. All is possible and everything is adjusted much easier, than in the rest of the time. Do not miss the chance, use this time for the most difficult affairs. For the majority of us June will be unusually successful month.

But there will be some days when good luck will turn away from us for a while. First of all it on June 7-8. At this time at many signs such qualities as irritability, irascibility, anger, sensitivity on trifles that conducts to family quarrels and complicates business contacts will be shown.

The small chagrin can cause an anger condition. It is necessary to observe extra care not to be traumatized (a burn, a bruise, a change, a cut). On June 7-8 – very adverse period for surgeries. Emotional frustration can cause diseases of a stomach both other psychosomatic violations and diseases, sleeplessness. Show care these days as at this time planets are in intense aspects. But in the rest of the time in June can use planetary energy to the maximum – both in business, and in entertainments, and in private life.

Horoscope for July, 2014.

Horoscope for July, 2014.

In the last days of June we live a quadrature of Mars to Uranium and retrogradny Mercury. The greatest danger is represented by unexpected events which fall, suddenly. It is undesirable to fly, do long flights and especially important issues. In general

In search of Itself. Astrology. Part 3.

In search of Itself. Astrology. Part 3. In this subject in the short review we will disassemble three main components of an astrology:

  1. Zodiac.
  2. Planets.
  3. Aspects.


By the zodiac we will mean an imagined space round Earth which geometrically and is psychologically described