Sinastriya without sinastriya.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

This article – publication continuation a compatibility Formula. In it I want to tell that, in my opinion, makes base of the sinastrichesky analysis. I called this article «A sinastriya without "sinastriya", but would be more exact to call it «A sinastriya without sinastrichesky aspects». The material which was prepared by me in April, 2000, for astrological transfer on Kiev TV channel is taken for a basis of this article, but practice showed that such approach in the astrological analysis of relationship of justifies. That expired "limitation period" of problems, examples of consultations are taken from this the period, names of participants are not specified.

Analyzing relationship of two people, I first of all, consider a horoscope of everyone separately. After all if the person in a horoscope has an instruction on problems in relationship, on inability to build harmonious interrelations, is will inevitably be shown at any sinastriya. Therefore only at the following stage I consider interaction of two horoscopes, i.e., actually, sinastriya and a composite of cards. Below I provide the approximate scheme of the analysis of compatibility by which I am guided, describing a horoscope of compatibility and doing a forecast of the relations.

Compatibility analysis

1. The analysis of horoscopes of partners on ability to build the stable relations.
Here we consider all horoscope, with emphasis on houses of the relations and role planets, we look interrelations of houses: 1,7, 5,4, 11, Lunar knots;
expectations from marriage and the relations, personal characteristics:

  • 7 house – the marriage and partnership house: ability to cooperation, compromise; the competition in marriage, hostility: we analyze the 7th house, a sign, planets in the house, the manager of the house, Venus – internal installations in relation to cooperation, a key to emotional communications;
  • 4 house – how the person will organize habitat, the relations in a family, in the house: we analyze a sign, planets in the 4th house, the manager of 4 houses, the Moon.
  • 1 house – the main characteristics of the personality that the person bears in itself and каквоспринимает the world: a sign, planets in the house, position of the manager, aspects; communication of 1 and 7 houses – harmonious, disputed, neutral.
  • 5 house – love, the romantic relations: a sign, planets in the house, position of the manager, aspects.
  • In a horoscope of the man we look Venus and the Moon, their situation in a sign, the house, aspects. Venus – beloved type, the romantic relations. The moon – the wife, the relations with the wife, mother.
  • In a horoscope of the woman – Mars, the Sun, Venus – situation in a sign, the house, aspects. Mars – preferable type of the man, the beloved. The sun – the husband, the relations with the husband. Venus – the romantic relations.

2. The analysis of date of acquaintance and if time – an acquaintance horoscope is known.

3. A forecast of the possible serious relations for everyone, at the moment of the analysis and in the foreseeable future: progressions, managements transits.

4. For married couples – the analysis a horoscope of marriage or start date of joint life if marriage is not registered.

5. Sinastrichesky aspects, planets in houses, houses in houses. Mutual expectations from love, marriage: interrelations of 1 and 7 houses of partners, 5th houses.

6. The analysis of the composit card (I look not always, and mostly in the research purposes).

Here I gave only the main points, but in each case something else is always added. The horoscope dictates the analysis scheme, introduces amendments, paying attention to the key moments of the card: стеллиум in any house, a sign, for example; prevalence or absence of any elements in космограмме. As the analysis of 5 houses, 8 houses, 11 houses is important. But further, in this article, sinastrichesky aspects literally, I will not concern, and I will give approximate analysis of relationship on the first point of the provided scheme.

In the autumn of 2001 to me the young woman who regularly had problems with partners in work came to consultation, in private life of the relation too were not got on. It worked at a teleimage and, preparing TV program, should cooperate with many people: partners in a shot, editors, operators. When once again closed the next project with its participation, and in following, similar on subject her did not invite, she addressed to me with desire to learn: it needs to cooperate with what people, that the relations it developed successfully that it could do that wants in the project, without dressing up on intrigues of opponents and opponents.

But business was not in an unsuccessful sinastriya with her former partners, and in her, in its unwillingness to reckon with colleagues – Uranium / Pluton in 1 house in opposition to Venus and Saturn in the 7th; in a habit to solve a problem and contradictions a pressure and direct pressure, – Sun and Mars Connection in the Taurus, in mine; in its suspiciousness and aspiration to spin intrigues and to distort information, – on the Southern knot in the Scorpion in the 3rd house in connection with the Neptune, a dispozitor of planets of the 7th house. As to the last factor, it seemed to it that it compel to such line of action. But it is that case when to start it was necessary to correct a situation from itself, instead of to look for an ideal sinastriya.

I do not want to tell that the person at whom the similar situation in the card, will inevitably arrive just as it, after all a lot of things depends on study of the problems, from a free will, from a choice by what motives to be guided. Speech that existing problems were not realized by my client, did not decide, and, as a result, led to serious crisis in life. I bring below its card.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

Started to study an astrology quite often are fond of compatibility horoscopes, sinastrichesky aspects, in attempt to find the suitable partner with whom the sky will be cloudless, and life joyful. These attempts are doomed to failure if we do not understand as much it depends our ability to listen and hear other person. Certainly, there are sinastrichesky aspects which testify to possibility of good interaction in marriage, just as there are aspects which give difficulties, problems and the conflicts. But they are secondary in relation to the analysis of each card separately on possibility of stable relationship. If we take cards of two people consisting in stable long-term marriage, we can find between ниминемало disputed aspects which that less do not prevent two to remain together to mutual pleasure. As an example I will give the sinastrichesky card of pair which is married 27 years and in the course of time this union became stronger, than at the beginning of their joint way. At once I want to tell that for «purity of experiment» I did not look for most I clash a sinastriya of long-livers in marriage, and took the first pair remembered to me which lives together long ago and happily. Here their sinastrichesky card.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

But we will return to a direct subject of our conversation. Here one more example. In the summer of 1999 to me the woman at whom the relations were not got on with the husband addressed. But one old acquaintance periodically appeared on its horizon and called in marriage. In communication with it she received everything for that so waited from the husband. It was attentive, kind and tender. And once, after a long train of quarrels with the husband, she seriously reflected – instead of whether to accept the proposal of the admirer, but decided to consult to the astrologer. From a horoscope of her admirer it was visible that it, rather a hero lover, than the devoted husband. It is lovely and good in courting while in the relations there are no obligations and duties. But family life with it, can become a problem still bigger, than it already had before.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

Аsc, i.e. external "I" this man in Scales. Means, this person can be charming and courteous. The hostess of a horoscope Venus in the 5th house of love and entertainments. In the same place Northern knot of the Moon. In the relations noncommittal it is pleasant and lovely. It is good to spend a free time, flirt with it. The period of romantic courtings with it can be unforgettable. But to live with it under one roof, in a family, in daily close communication, it will be very difficult.

For the partner relations in its card, besides Venus, the symbolical manager, disharmonious Mars, the manager of the house of partnership and marriage which shows answers that the person looks for in relationship. The cardinal sign of the Aries here does not give stability. But we look further. Mars, the manager of marriage – a planet of the conflicts. In its card it is disharmonious and is in the 4th house describing the relations in a family. Plus to that, Mars is at the corner of a krestovy situation in quadratures to Uranium in Scales and to the Sun in the Aries, and as in opposition to the Moon. The opposition of Mars to the Moon once again emphasizes a conflictness of the man in the family relations, speaks about problems in the relations with the wife, mother. The Uranium quadrature to the Moon testifies about inability to build the stable relations with women, and together with Uranium opposition to the Sun in the 7th house, speaks about aspiration to independence, to novelty.

On the one hand, by the sun in the 7th house, at it need for the partner relations, but, at the same time, on aspects of Uranium to the Sun and the Moon, – requirement to live in constantly changing world. As soon as the situation becomes steady, defined, it ceases to satisfy it, it has a desire cardinally to change a state of affairs, to "blow up" the settled situation. If the person does not go on the conflict directly, he creates it gradually, provokes. I will not begin to assort the card in detail in all nuances not to overload the reader with details, differently it is article becomes simply dimensionless. I point to the main, solving and indicative moments.

It is necessary to tell that the husband of my client the Aries. And it is not surprising that the new alleged partner of the same sign. We already spoke, – we draw people who pedal our internal problems. In a horoscope of this woman the main problems go on the marriage and partnership house.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

Here it has an opposition – aspect of relationship. Across Saturn in Fishes, in 1 house at the woman subconscious desire to protect, the settled principles to be fenced off from the outside world. And on opposition to the marriage house where compound of Uranium and Pluton in the Maiden, – the leader position of her husband, his independent decisions, bring an unpredictability element in a daily rhythm of her life, it is difficult to it to understand the partner in marriage. The woman has a feeling that her world, so carefully it built and, in her opinion, only correct falls. Actually, in communication with the husband, that wall which it built between herself and the outside world, between herself and the partner collapses. Pluton’s connection and Uranium in her 7th house is and her desire to alter the partner.

But that is especially interesting. In the card of her husband, a problem in a family are not directly provoked of It is not an initiator, and more likely the respondent. Its task on Northern Moon knots in the Lion – to be the leader in a family and it well consulted with this task, assuming providing a family and the solution of important practical questions. However, the last, quite suited the wife. It did not accept daily style of his life and insufficient attention to it. Being a mature Aries (The sun in анарете a sign), it, certainly, is not an example of complaisance, but, in about lshy degree, the initiator of the conflicts, the unwillingness or inability of the wife to understand and accept it was. One more aspect from the card of the wife, – her Moon in the Lion, is in opposition to Mars, and it as I already mentioned, aspect конфликтёров.

Sinastriya without sinastriya.

We see that the problem consisted not so much in the husband, how many in the woman. She was not able to build the harmonious relations in a family. Change of the partner would not change anything but only would worsen a situation. It was necessary to begin changes with itself. I advised to it to change style of communication in a family. Told that the reason of the conflicts in its prejudiced relation to the husband that naturally causes in it a protest and leads to the conflicts. The woman kept a family about what, in a consequence as I know, did not regret. So, we disassembled relationship without resorting to sinastrichesky aspects, but only on the basis of cards of participants. And for the solution of a situation as a whole, it it appeared enough. Sinastrichesky aspects would give more detailed understanding of nuances in all spheres relationship, but would not solve a situation as a whole. Because starting exact in a sinastriya are a natal chart of the person.

If in the relations something is not got on, the reason as a rule in us. And the astrology is urged to help to understand this reason. It is necessary to remember that in many respects responsibility for how there will be our relations in marriage, ourselves bear. Whether we are not able to show a reasonable and necessary compromise, insisting on the representations, whether, subconsciously being in a victim position, we draw those who will obviously cause us pain and by that to learn us not to lose ourselves and to find internal force, – speaking in Castaneda’s terminology – small tyrants. From such relations, as a rule, we "grow" over time as the child from a shirt and we dump them, having found internal freedom and a stamp about divorce. But it is other and difficult subject. In summary I want to tell that meetings do not happen casual. The partner is not that person whom we choose, the partner is the that person who to us is sent by Destiny. We will be attentive to each other!

Elena Zimovets