Sense and value of lunar phases.

Sense and value of lunar phases. New moon phase (1-7 lunar days)

(it is connected with elements of Earth)

Stage of a seed, infancy. Last experience of the Sagittarius, the Capricorn, Aquarius and Fishes gives persons chance to change of old conditions through sorting of seeds, as creation fruits. It is necessary to make the decision, what seeds to take for crops on the following cycle of development. What to sow, – weed, poisonous young growth or grain grain for a survival, or a fruit kernel for pleasure and pleasure. Healthy grain should get to the earth to create a root. To what earth we will drop grain: on the burned ashes, in sand of the heated desert, in steadfast clay or the fat chernozem? The prickly cactus does not grow on the chernozem, and a noble fir-tree in the desert.

The idea, plan, command of an instinct chooses a place, a point in space, the realization sphere. All other stages of development of a fruit of creation and that good intentions did not begin to pave the road to a hell depend on the weighed choice, the analysis of the reason and a consequence forecast is required. False preconditions give rise to fallacies. The idea arising in a new moon is continuation of an old story which 9 months ago, in a stage of the defective Moon, yielded fruits in the form of positive or negative experience. Subconscious motivations are difficult for the analysis to the uninitiated person therefore enough to know an origin of seeds and to remember circumstances at which they appeared in our hands.

In the first phase of the Moon of a shower of the person gathers only the first external impressions, willingly accepting everything. «Eyes in eyes – faces not увидать». The moon and the Sun are so close that prevent to see each other details and a detal of a question lateral sight, still there is not enough light for objective vision of prospect. Any active invasion into the outside world, action, can be risky because of a lack of information. Enthusiasm and passion of a phase of a new moon – great provokers on promises and assurances which can be broken subsequently owing to insuperable circumstances, destructive factors, and elementary levity.

The person has control over the vital positions and consequently easily and easy feels as the creator and the idea man. Such person takes emotional balance from Earth: to it happens easier when it is outdoors or simply adjoins to Earth. At a stage of crops of a new plan yet late to plan work in some stages as it is done by the skilled truck farmer, growing up sprouts.

At the moment of change of the phases Moon receives the first stressful blow from the Sun – quadrature time – the number of saved-up information passes to new quality that is always painful. Infantile egoism of the first phase needs to be estimated from height of bird’s flight to see a deep meaning of a problem of satisfaction of first-born instincts and primitive emotional reactions. If people of the first phase manage to be gathered nothing to satiety, to save up with a stock, about what spiritual development it is possible to ask on the verge of a survival and starvation? If the spring did not sow, the summer will not blossom…

Phase of the first quarter (8-15 lunar days)

(it is connected with elements of Water)

The stage of the sprout, sprouting seed is raised by energy of the Aries, the Taurus and Twins. From cold of the earth (little bodies) the sprout reaches for heat (aries) and to light (twins). The stress awakens the world of emotions which, however, do not advance consciousness, do not escape outside, do not boil, because the Moon yet so departed from the Sun to become independent. People are washed, shake from itself any dirt (to it all like water off a duck’s back), but they at first accumulate it, they are yet free in the susceptibility.

If to people of a new moon the comfort as guarantee of durability of existence, for people of the growing Moon on the first place leaves need for emotional contact on which they are very dependent owing to the sensitivity is important, first of all. They perceive a lot of things intuitively, through suggestion, intercept an emotional impulse and can develop it. Sincere cold perceive very painfully. They be properties of the awakened soul.

As the Moon keeps away from the Sun, ability of the personality to supervise process weakens, the person is involved in the relations where it is compelled to show trust to a source of essentially important information. Impulses of the outside world stimulate development, forcing to adapt to conditions. Improbable power of the growing Moon helps to break through to a sprout from under a stone. Even painful experience of negative contact to information or other person only helps to bypass acute angles, but does not break commitment of the plan.

There are possibilities, they need to be used, even if it is necessary to introduce amendments. To affirm as the directed search, the person actively accumulates information and collects data on other people, capable to help qualified as information source. The idea at a stage of a sprout is extremely vulnerable, and needs protection against extraneous intervention. Still not clearly, as the plant or a plan will be created, whether the idea will be viable and fruitful. Sprout is not ready to take ice shower of criticism, emotional, prejudiced opinion.

The person these days endures emotional turns, continuously feels the same emotional feelings, as in the childhood, comes back to primary emotional conditions, that already once felt, felt, understood, of that was afraid, from what happened is happy or sad. People of the second phase are inclined to show youthful carelessness and passion, want to have fun.

Feasted, had fun, counted, shed a few tears. In a phase of the first quarter the person deals with circumstances and the events predicted by a solar eclipse on nine months before. The parting word of a solar eclipse in Northern knot anyway is growth crisis, gives persons chance or information on compliance of a plan to problems of development and improvement. Crisis of the hunter is connected with finding of experience in upholding of the rights to a freedom of expression, attempt to show independence, to achieve independence and autonomy.

The solar eclipse in the Southern knot severely collects debts of a patrimonial karma. Thoughtless waste of energy, time, money for fruitless projects, not constructive relations, useless communications is a subject for serious study. To repay a filial, parental, professional debt, it is necessary, at least though something to have in a stock, in a reserve for the future. The person should responsibly and treat social growth, professional improvement, preservation of own health carefully. Health and education – here fixed capital of a phase of the first quarter. If the summer does not blossom, the autumn will not collect.

Full moon phase (16-22 lunar days)

(it is connected with Air)

The stage of flowering has exhaustive information: completely created blossoming plant is easy to identify, estimate, classify, predict a crop. As the idea passes to a maturity phase when it can be presented on society court. The full moon during which the Moon is as much as possible released from Sun influence, becomes the most independent. The descending Moon lives energiya of Twins, the Cancer and the Lion. Fruitfulness of a phase of a full moon is connected with intuitive perception of the Cancer and inspiration of the Lion.

Identity is shown brightly, but should obey to conditions of the sphere of realization, to be useful to and another. People are mystical, superstitious, often give in to mood. Mentality their thin, plastic, they carry out through themselves different influences – both the most vile, and the best. Thus can wash away from itself all bad influences at stronger influence of any light spirit or the light person. Here this freedom also will be freedom from dependence.

From active confrontation when all secrets emerged on a surface, and skeletons fell out of cases to great amazement of an inner circle, the person quickly carries out transition to an effective position, the Moon is adjusted on a philosophical harmony After a full moon goes on a damage – sharply, its energy, its influence completely changes.

In a full moon the Moon and the Sun are in a phase of the greatest confrontation – a rupture of soul and spirit. From here duality, maximum unbalance and unpredictability of behavior. People during the third phase at worst painfully react to each word, cannot quietly perceive anything; skirmishes, emotional fussiness, restlessness, garrulity, instability, superficiality begin verbal abuse; the person needs social contacts for compensation of the emotional unbalance. Painful reaction to criticism is impregnated with fear. The person perceives opinion of other people as attempt at a personal liberty and the rights, transfers criticism of the project, idea on itself and consequently perceives as a personal insult.

The lunar eclipse coinciding with a full moon, introduces amendments in ethical principles, belief of the person, forcing to reject the tested and unusable receptions, to take advantage of what never earlier used, to overcome the weakness at the expense of development of innovative approaches to the solution of the chronic, hardened, bothered questions.

The phase of a full moon corresponds with a maturity. If the new moon cares of own stomach, the phase of the first quarter is anxious, than to feed children, the phase of a full moon is urged to accept responsibility for all children and members of household, wellbeing of a work collective, creative group and life processes in general. Heat, emotional loading of a full moon it is connected with control loss, transfer of function of control of the imperious personality or structure, haste at which it is necessary to introduce the last amendments in the project, to correct the mistakes allowed at a stage of collection of information.

The person should reconcile to that the idea generated by it starts to lead own life and now forces the person to obey to the requirements. Precisely so there is a control loss over life of maturing children. It is possible to be anxious, endure, drink a valerian, or to help, support, give a good advice. Releasing children and projects in the outside world it is possible to experience emotional crisis, but also it is necessary to cope with this crisis as soon as possible and to become ready to the constructive dialogue, the weighed approach, responsible acts, unbiassed judgments.

Fixed capital of a phase of a full moon – observance of ethical principles, moral health, the honor code, social success. In thirty years of health is not present – do not wait, will not be; in forty years of mind is not present, do not wait, will not be; in fifty money is not present, do not wait, will not be. If the autumn does not collect, the winter with hunger will die.

Phase of the last quarter (23-29, 30 lunar days)

(it is connected with elements of Fire)

The stage of formation of a fruit is energetically charged by the Maiden, Scales, the Scorpion and the Sagittarius, activity of a created karma where the result of efforts of the person in short cycles is visible. A small harvest in a garden kitchen garden, unsatisfactory fruits of creativity and creation, problem children – such is a whip which the person punishes itself for infantile egoism, recklessness of youth, the boorish relation to questions of control and a personal authority.

In a full moon us criticize and another’s people judge, in a phase of the last quarter we with variable success are ready to eat ourselves the poyedy. The fourth phase begins with the last, western quadrature of the Moon and the Sun – meeting when the Moon draws to the Sun and it uncontrollably loses in the light of. The person passed a lot of things in the susceptibility earlier therefore emotions its mature, sharply shown, appear flashes and surges in subconscious activity, rough as the flame which saw on the Moon, is the soul of the person filled in with blood.

People are capable of an emotional overstrain, on failures, unrestrained impulses. From time to time they unable to operate the internal nature, do not know, on what are capable, because emotional boiling and emotional depression, an ushcherbnost (The moon is compelled to submit to the Sun) at the same time work. That is why any trifle can be apprehended as a stress.

The people esoteric connected by birthday with a phase of the last quarter, bear global responsibility for personal and others’ life initially. Goats, Aquarius, Fishes have this embodiment for transfer of experience of a survival, overcoming of extreme situations, fight against a dark side of human nature. Mature souls are embodied in these signs to become a moral support of significant group, the instructor, the preacher, the scientist, the doctor, the formal or informal leader. They are at all steps of social and spiritual hierarchy to be closer to the flock needing orderliness, intelligence and responsibility of the purposes, and also in observance of ethical principles at a choice of means for implementation of plans.

They agree on modest and even beggarly conditions of terrestrial life for the sake of missionary execution of spiritual tasks. Their fixed capital is experience of deprivations, a hardship, severe tests for durability of spirit. The deserved gingerbread, and awards the phase of 4 quarters gives out honors to the person who has actively worked the weaknesses and shortcomings, specified by a lunar eclipse nine months before. This time of critical evaluation and revision of last experience, completion of business, the project to which a lot of time and efforts is directed.

Completion stage of the relations which have developed the resource. Divorce or widowhood, completion of business through bankruptcy or sale, an exit from the parental house and twisting of the nest, obtaining the diploma, the certificate, the license. All these moments are an award in the sense that a certain stage, the period is passed, conclusions are made, the environment is brought into accord with new problems of the forthcoming cycle, seeds of the future are ready. If the winter with hunger dies, the spring will not sow.