Compatibility formula.

Compatibility formula.

Observing as wait started to study an astrology from a compatibility horoscope much, in attempts to pick up a good sinastriya and to find ideal pair, I decided to state the opinions of this account, leaning on examples from practice. I called this approach «A sinastriya without a sinastriya» and about it speech in the second, practical part of article will go. And now first part.

In the world there is all – both ugly and perfect – in all gradation. Esoterics argues – ourselves draw from the outside world those situations and those people, which as a mirror, reflect our internal reality. And the astrology visually illustrates it. Any negative situation with which we face is a projection of our internal problem. And as the person – the being social, our problems outside is personified by our partners and simply people who meet on our course of life. The person receives that bears in itself from the outside world. So, on our life how many will be happy, depends on relationship which we managed or did not manage to build with people surrounding us.

Each person to aspire to personal happiness, but not everyone knows as it to reach. Throughout centuries people tried to solve a happiness formula. Also can be closest Zhemchuzhnikova’s brothers – Kozma Prutkov’s authors approached to its solution: «If you want to be happy – be it». We, at times, demand from life and people surrounding us too much. We look for perfection in others, at times forgetting, it is necessary what to begin with myself. Communication – process bilateral and mutual. If us do not understand, means something we do not understand also.

Along with psychology and sotsioniky the astrology takes an important place among the disciplines studying problems of relationship. Its tools allow to get into psychology of the person deeply. The astrology can help to clear problems of relationship and to help to resolve them. But the main thing that the astrology, unlike other psychological disciplines, can predict development only the beginning or already developed relations.

Compatibility formula.From what the astrology proceeds, considering horoscopes of two people and solving questions of relationship? At the moment of the birth of the person, in his thin body all planetary influences, power and character of the moment "are printed". The person is Space at the moment of its birth. When two persons meet – two Spaces meet. People act at each other as transits of planets. But planets move all the time, the transit situation in the sky constantly changes, and in itself, and in relation to our horoscope. And in the person his Space is constant. Influence of people at each other is the fixed transit situation to which conditions we are compelled to adapt. Such interference in an astrology is called as a sinastriya.

If this influence is harmonious – presence of such person helps us to reveal more brightly and more completely, we feel it as support. When influence of other person disharmoniously is a sign of that life demands from us change of any internal installation disturbing to our development. Such interaction for us is a call and a spiritual lesson. The partner is envoy Nebes. I will repeat, we draw those people who accent our internal problems. To realize sources of these problems, to find ways of their decision – one of problems of an astrology, and if to speak is its main objective more precisely.

Quite often women ask a question: «Whether my future spouse is reliable? Whether it is possible to learn it on a horoscope?» The answer – it is possible. The astrologer can tell than the love for your elect is and than for it the relations with you are. Whether this person the giddy person at whom periodically I arise flirtations on the party; whether once at it to appear one beloved and your marriage it can appear under the threat; whether this person the one-woman man also will be true to you all life. The matter is that than more serious and deep feeling, subjects less often it meets in life and by that is more distinctly looked through in a horoscope.

Having considered horoscopes of two people marrying, whether the astrologer can tell there will be this union durable. There are people who can pass through some marriages, such predisposition is visible in a horoscope. If private life is not got on, the astrologer will help to find the reason. There are people, whose destiny to marry already at mature age and on it too is reflected in their horoscope. Whether will meet marriage with this partner our expectations, what problems in relationship we can face, what line of conduct in marriage can soften the conflicts and save from a rupture of the relations, – all this questions on which can answer an astrology.

At the same time, I do not want, that at the readers, started to study an astrology, there was an impression what enough to learn indicators of marriage, celibacies, a polygamy and everything will be as clear as day. In an astrology there are no unequivocal, one-alternative decisions. On each classical indicator, the practician will give any exception. Analyzing the card of the person which did not designate the problems about which we in general know nothing, we can speak only about a tendency, categorical statements need to be avoided, because categorical indicators in an astrology do not exist.

That is why to the astrologer correctly to see a situation in a horoscope and to make a forecast, it is necessary to know a context, our history, to understand as the person lives the horoscope and as he disposes of those qualities and possibilities which are given it. If the problem is designated, we can see its reasons, having found indicators corresponding to it, but the same indicators in other horoscope, can not give this problem or be shown at nesobytiyny level.

The law of logic says: the conclusion in one party, does not mean a conclusion in return: if from And follows In, it does not mean that from In A.Pri a marriage delay follows, for example, Saturn in the 7th house, its intense aspects to the manager 7дома, to marriage signifikator, will explain this fact. But it is not necessary to think that Saturn in the 7th house and its disputed aspects always and unequivocally will give very late marriage, a delay of marriage or a celibacy. Thinking thus, we make a logic and astrological mistake.

Therefore it is not necessary to run into despair if in the horoscope you saw depressing to show in the marriage house. The person – essence developing, a lot of things depends on our rationality, from spiritual dynamics, from internal force, how we will dispose of the qualities. The astrology can make recommendations, specify solutions, designate the direction of a way and the periods but as we will use it, in many respects, depends on us. Someone told the remarkable phrase which I would call a compatibility formula: «That love which we receive, equals that love which we give».

Continuation follows…