Horoscope for 2013.

Horoscope for 2013.

It is possible to designate 2012 rightfully year of great transition of Uranium as a sign of the Aries. Whether it is necessary to be surprised to that it there was the difficult year which has become a watershed in many destinies. Very many it was necessary to leave last illusions, to get rid of burdensome communications and the relations, to change work, to move to a new place. Movement of Uranium caused cardinal changes and mentioned not only the countries and the states, but also each of us.

2013 – that period when we will gradually get used and adapt to heavy energiya of Uranium in the Aries. We will learn to live in a constant condition of tension and powerful power energiya which are born by this planet and this sign. We should change a rhythm and rate of our life on faster and vigorous, and to learn joyfully to accept any sharp changes even if they first seem complete accident.

Uranium – a paradoxical planet. It can bring down absolutely unexpected blow on the person and cut the grass from under feet of it. There can be something such for that nobody waited. But passes time – and you start to understand that happened were at all a bolt from the blue, and logic end of a number of actions.

For example, during a festive dinner at restaurant the wife declares to the husband that sued for divorce. At first it seems to the husband that it jokes or is simply drunk, but then it is found out that it already more than a year meets the partner in business and the husband simply preferred not to notice its absence and unwillingness with it to communicate.

For the husband the betrayal of the wife seems present «a knife in a back» – and here the rigid grasp of the Aries is felt, but is in this event and the positive moment. He at last learned the truth and any more does not feed illusions about the family life. Now it can be released by means of divorce (on Uranium) from the woman who does not love it, and to find the true love.

Uranium in the Aries is a prompt advance, abrupt bends and turns, risk, a courageous jump in an abyss and huge ambition, desire to achieve everything and at once. He symbolizes courage, power and ability to make rather man’s acts.

On the social plan it bears reforms, the changes, new laws and changes. Gives an impulse to freedom, independence, updating, realization something non-standard and unusual. If it is correct to use energy of this planet in life, it is possible to remove every possible restrictions, to destroy old and to construct the new.

2013 is favorable for stains and the termination of the relations, which became obsolete to "deal" with the partner or to close business not bringing the income, to start new initiatives, moving to other country, transition to new work. Any changes, changes and new projects are welcomed.

It is fine year for distant travel. Many will open for themselves new areas of interests, will go to have a rest to the unfamiliar countries, will want to travel or move much from place to place. More and more people will join computers and especially – to social networks of the Facebook or VKontakte type. And it is interesting that people will unite not on age or a residence, and on spheres of interests.

Uranium favors to those who looks for novelty, thirsts for knowledge, dreams to get education, aspires to arrive in universities. 2013 very much is suitable for study and additional education. If feel in itself forces, can safely file documents even to those educational institutions of which could not and dream earlier. The same concerns job searches. The you will be more courageous to behave, the quicker to you will carry.

To some extent it is possible to designate 2013 year of individualists which love changes and transformations. For them there are no standard laws and rules – only their own intuition and originality of thinking. From outside such people can seem strange and even ridiculous to what psychic Patrick Jane from the American series "Mentalist" seems, for example, but actually they are the real geniuses who accurately and logically think.

Be not afraid to show originality in coming year. Be such what you are. Declare itself and safely act, without looking back at that others will think of you. The key phrase of 2013 – a freedom of expression. Write, draw, create blogs, communicate more, travel and make unexpected unpredictable acts. This year it is possible to afford that was impossible earlier.

We will meet New year in very favorable day when the Sun will be in royal degree of the Capricorn. Such standing of the Sun on New Year’s Eve repeats from year to year, but this time influence of degree will be strengthened by Pluton’s close neighbourhood. It will leave the mark for all year, doing it very important and considerable for all zodiac signs.

To meet New year it is best of all in the big company. The Sun disposes to it in connection with Pluton. The more people you will surround, the better. Be not too lazy to go out of doors, look at fireworks. Again feel the child who rejoices to a noisy and colourful holiday.

On the Chinese calendar 2013 – year of the Snake. And though the Chinese New year will begin in February, we, meeting New Year in January, already we know that to the Snake of 2013 most of all corresponds black and dark blue colors, but it is better not to dress completely black dress or a suit. At clothes there should be surely any shade yellow or green. Let it will be a small detail, but it should be rather bright and being remembered, in something a snake similar to a figured coloring.

Special value this year gets a material, quality of a fabric. It should be at the same time soft and being poured, for example, the atlas or silk. The fitting dress and high heels most of all will be suitable for women with a slim figure. Fat can dress a black dress, and from above – the bright cape hiding shortcomings of a figure.

Men should not be afraid to get a bright yellow tie and the same accessories. The small small beard and moustaches will look in an original way. The symbol of the Snake is connected with hair therefore it is best of all to women to let hair down and to twirl curling, as a snake, ringlets.

From jewels the pearls will be the most suitable for a meeting of New year. If you think of what gift to make favourite on its birthday in 2013, do not doubt. It is best of all to present pearls or such jewel which represents a snake framed with pearls.

Power engineering specialist Pluton it is very close to a Zarathustric symbol of year – to a mystical black Raven. It is a symbol of a riddle, secret, profound occult knowledge, familiarizing to something hidden. It is necessary to listen more attentively to the intuition and to operate being coordinated with an internal voice and a presentiment.

In 2013 many will open for themselves an astrology, the world of horoscopes and predictions, will become interested in studying of an astrology, tarot cards and in general esoterics. Even those who conducts habitual life of the inhabitant and the playboy, at least will for a while reflect about Eternal, on God, about meaning of the life.

Some of very important concepts are connected with the Raven. It first of all mysticism, secret and hidden. And also message, news, news. And more often sad or sad. The raven warns and damns, reports about bad and frightens. It causes horror and fear in many.

But it does not mean at all that during 2013 we are waited by awful events. It will be simple this year solving for further events in life of each person. It is year of a choice, adoption of very important decisions. It is necessary to try to make only the wise, weighed decisions not to regret then that you will not return.

That you will make or make in 2013, it will surely be reflected in all your further life. Anyway you should deal with consequences of your choice and your actions. And in this case the Raven warns that you simply have this time no right to a mistake.

On east calendar new year comes not in January as it is accepted at us and in Europe, and a little later – in February or even March. This time date of approach of New year dropped out for February 10 that even more emphasizes importance of month of Aquarius and his manager – Uranium.

Pluton in a horoscope of east New year will appear in magnificent royal degree of the Scorpion, and the majority of other planets – in a freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. There is a set of instructions that coming year will be connected with a karma, with ancestors. It is necessary to solve the problems concerning parents, families, relatives. It will be possible to strengthen links, to restore the lost relations, but at new level, limiting the freedom and independence.

In 2013 it will be possible to combine contrasts, to try visit bridges even in hopeless situations thanks to wisdom, insight and adaptive ability of a symbol of year – Snakes. In fact the power of the Snake is very close to power of the Dragon who is a symbol leaving, 2012. But it possesses a bigger mystic force and in something is stronger than the Dragon on the qualities.

If the Dragon on a lunar calendar – a happiness and luck sign, the Snake embodies itself duality, a duality. She is full of contrasts, bears both good, and bad, embodies itself both beginnings – the yin and янь, and can turn back as a result as a beneficial symbol or as something cunning, false and even life-threatening.

Snake in mythology – one of the most difficult, multiple-valued and universal symbols. Its image is connected at the same time with all elements, but Earth and Water are most brightly allocated. In ancient legends she always was the keeper of water, sources and reservoirs, then having become an embodiment of the terrestrial carnal beginning which evolved in a snake tempter, tempted Eve.

For many people, especially for Egyptians, the snake was a sacred and esteemed animal. Not casually Pharaohs were always represented with a snake over the head. The snake at them associated intelligently, wisdom, spiritual revival and revival. Egyptians attributed it ability to die and revive again.

The similar characteristic very much pulls together a symbol of a snake with Pluton’s planet and a sign of the Scorpion. In 2013 Pluton will play a special role and becomes the reason of many events and incidents. All its aspects will be especially significant and will affect big masses of people.

Together with Pluton, the Neptune and Uranium of the Dragon embodies itself power and force, gives improbable surge in emotions and experiences. Events of coming year will be remembered to you on all life and will be very bright. The snake can present to you true love, the unforgettable novel, fine travel, it is a lot of pleasure and impressions.

As htonichesky, that is the ancient being, the Snake symbolizes primary fertile power of the wild nature that gives the chance to those who waited for such case, to receive replenishment in family. The snake is connected with vital force, with creativity and creation. 2013 is very favorable for the conclusion of marriages and the birth of children.

In addition, the snake is a most powerful esoteric symbol. It is a synonym of vital force (кундалини) the person, intimate wisdom and great secrets. If you dreamed to practice yoga or begin astrology studying, to go to travel on temples of India or to read Blavatskaya’s Secret doctrine, coming year can give you such opportunity.

The snake can dump and change skin, happens absolutely harmless and mortally poisonous. Can turn back happiness or a damnation, – depending on your horoscope and karmic cargo which you bear. It makes very strong impact on health so next year it will be necessary to watch closely any changes in your condition and in time to address for the help to good experts.

Owing to that the symbol of year is so difficult and дуален, 2013 will not be unequivocally bad or good. He will be full of contrasts and contradictions, unexpected turns, sudden incidents. But will be definitely bright and being remembered.

Snake – a being independent therefore its year is optimum for businessmen and businessmen, for people who make independent decisions. In 2013 can successfully pass important negotiations, heavy transactions will end with big success, it will be possible to conclude very favorable contracts.

The snake patronizes trade and the industry, settlement of the conflicts and search of decisions, it is closely connected with love, an emotionality and sensuality, patronizes love and the birth of children. Even very quiet people will test excitement and tenderness, and loveful cannot precisely resist passion temptations.

The most significant astrological aspect of year will be Pluton’s counteraction and Uranium which will begin on March 10 and will proceed until the end of the year. It is considered very difficult and potentially explosive, can be connected with heavy experiences.

Can give sharp destructive revolutions, a regeneration in all spheres of life. For many signs, especially for the Taurus and the Aries, danger from an electricity and explosions increases. To some signs can be dangerous to fly. At worst the whole group of people, especially on work can resist to you.

The growing concern proceeding from Uranium and Pluton, can push on searches of new career, explosive reactions can lead to dismissal from the current place of work. This year it is very dangerous to make rash acts, especially to put the large sums of the new enterprises, previously without having consulted to the astrologer and with knowing people.

Pluton in a quadrature to Uranium is a symbol of the general political and financial trouble. Alas, but financial crisis this year not only will not end, and will go deep further. Especially hard it is necessary to the countries located under Aquarius, that is Russia and Canada.

Pluton symbolizing the power and force, specifies that us people who are completely corrupted and interested only in the benefit operate. Also that long ago it is time to us to reflect on how to be released from people who are not interested absolutely not in wellbeing of citizens of the country.

In political arena Uranium with Pluton will be caused by revolts and discontent explosions, the people will oppose, and the top, as usual, to suppress this discontent. However this year it is not necessary to expect a resolution of conflict. Planets can provoke the military conflicts, but we will hope for the best and to count on wisdom and care of the Snake as symbol of year.

Pluton’s aspects with Uranium "blow up" life in all directions. They pull out from the past, force to reflect on the present and the future. Habitual vital stereotypes somewhere evaporate, and life already never will be former. Extraordinary force is gained by self-determination, independence and own will, and together with them – obstinacy and mutinousness.

New control over life is based on conscious adoption of new obligations. Can make the decision to change the life, work, a profession. Change of a circle of friends, updating of activity, a circle of occupations at the best is expected, there are new unique situations, prizes, big money.

The first half of year the Black Moon will be in Twins, and then will pass to the Cancer, thus paying our attention to the sphere of communication and private life. This year your feelings and emotions will be the most vulnerable. There can be periods of leaving in themselves, depressions, deep experiences. There can be heavy relations with relatives and relatives.

Will dream of something left and irrevocably lost. This year it is impossible to give in to dark thoughts. False information can come. Drive away from itself bad gloomy thoughts. Try to stay at home less this year alone.

The white Moon, on the contrary, shows on those spheres of life which will bring good luck. These are spheres of the Scorpion and the Sagittarius which are connected with the higher education, risk, interest to philosophy, religion and esoterics. They introduce romanticism in life, broaden horizons, promote successful travel.

For many will favorably prosecute training and teaching subjects. This fine time to look for protection of influential relatives. Those who aspires to popularity, can receive at last popularity thanks to participation in public statements or mass actions.

Floodlight favors to trips, business trips, training and information assimilation. The relations with friends improve. And though similar contacts take away many forces and time, after all as a result they appear also interesting, and even useful. The planet promotes social wellbeing, helps education expansion.

Even the constraining and reticent can win the indecision and communicate without complexes that as a result can lead to improvement of prospects on work and to increase in possibilities of earnings. Especially will carry that who by the nature of the professional activity is connected with teaching, trade, traveling, telecommunications, a telemakreting, information networks and printing editions.

All year the Head of the Dragon continues the way on degrees of the Scorpion. It means that in business and affairs it is possible to run risks and adventures, are not afraid of dangerous situations. This time of risk when it is impossible to miss being provided possibilities. At this time it is impossible to save money, they should be put.

However the main focus of attention should be not on enhancement of material benefits, and on an embodiment in life of new ideas and interesting projects. Money will come then, as a result of successful investments and risk. Small decrease in level of earnings first can follow. But then you a storitsa will be rewarded for the courage.

To money it is necessary to treat at this time not as a worthiness, but as to a material which can serve for definite purposes. If you dreamed to carry out any project or conceived business expansion, but you were stopped by need to earn on a daily bread, right now there came time when you can stop, live on saved and to be engaged in something new and interesting.

Even if you should save a little, it is not necessary to miss new possibilities only for the sake of stable financial position. Probably, you dreamed to go long ago to India or to practice yoga. Do not postpone – plan your travel or courses for 2013. Concentrate this year on spiritual, wonder – That you would want to do most of all? – also be not afraid to carry out the most treasured desires.

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