Solar eclipse on November 13-14, 2012.

Solar eclipse on November 13-14, 2012. Astronomical indicators

On Tuesday November 13, 2012 at 19:38 across Greenwich or at 21:38 in a Kiev way time the total solar eclipse will begin.

At 22:13 across Greenwich or at 0:13 on November 14 in a Kiev way time the eclipse will reach the maximum phase, with coordinates 40 ° юж. widths, 161.3 ° зап. longitudes.

Duration of the maximum phase will make 4 minutes of 2 seconds, and width of a lunar shadow on a terrestrial surface – 179 km. During the moment and in a point of the greatest eclipse the direction on the sun (azimuth) will make 11 °, and the sun height over the horizon will make 68 °. The maximum phase of an eclipse will pass in constellation of Scales, in close proximity with a beta of Scales Zuben’s star Elshemali. According to astrological data, the maximum phase of an eclipse will pass in 22 ° a sign of the Scorpion. The total solar eclipse on November 14 on Wednesday about 0:46 across Greenwich or 2:46 in a Kiev way time will come to the end. Eclipse
it will be possible to observe in Australia and the water area of the Pacific Ocean. Private phases of an eclipse will be visible in the southern part of the water area of the Pacific Ocean, Nova
Zealand, and also partially in Indonesia, Oceania, South America and Antarctica. Northern Australia, the city of Cairns – the unique large city on which will pass the Moon shadow will be the capital of a solar eclipse. This total solar eclipse is the 45th eclipse 133 Sarosa.

Astrological indicators

According to astrological data, the maximum phase of an eclipse will pass in 22 ° a sign of the Scorpion between two stars – a beta of constellation of Scales Zuben’s star Elshemali and a beta of constellation of the Snake a star Unuk Alkhaya.

Zuben Elshemali – a beta of Scales the white-blue dwarf. The star has easy variability, it is possible at it there is an invisible satellite which periodically eclipses it. However ancient astronomers Ptolemaeus and Eratosfen argued that the star was brighter, than the Antares who was in the neighbourhood. Whether there was it actually and why Zuben el Shemali lost brightness, it is not known. Zuben el Shemali’s name occurs from the Arab name al-zuban al-s amaliyyah that «the northern claw» means. Respectively «the southern claw» – an alpha of Scales as the constellation of Scales was considered as "claws" of the Scorpion. Other name of a star of Kiff Borealis
(Kiffa Borealis) is transferred from Latin as «a northern bowl» (scales). Unuk Alkhaya – an alpha of the Snake the orange star consisting of three stars. The name of a star occurs from the Arab word "унук is scarlet-hiyya" – "a neck of a snake". In constellation drawing Unuk is in a forward part of a body of a snake, approximately where there is a heart of a snake. Therefore as a symbol of this star heart of a snake serves.

Such combination specifies that the negative in achievement of the purposes will use the good purposes, ideals of people.

Zuben Elshemali – the Northern Claw of the Scorpion foretells to the most persistent ambitious persons achievement of popularity which will be connected not only with an applause and an applause, but also with scandal and judicial proceedings.

Unuk Alkhaya – Heart of the Snake foretells sudden death, death. At what the death and death traps people,
committed serious spiritual mistakes. That is the death and death traps bad people.

Heart of the Snake will stimulate passion and desire to achieve the object at any cost. Therefore in society the slogan – the end justifies the means will be propagandized.

People can forget known caution – good intentions covered the road to a hell. It will lead some people to immoral acts which can end with accident or poisoning. Besides, together with the Sun as a sign of the Scorpion the planet Saturn will enter. This extraordinary ssylny entry into a sign of the Scorpion of a planet Saturn.

Saturn will strongly affect first of all consciousness of the person, will check depth of his mind, and then on all bodies and all processes occurring in society. If check of consciousness yields negative result, it will be reflected in hormonal system that will cause infertility, impotence and
premature or fast aging. It as will cause violation of nervous system and hearing loss.

Saturn will try to remove out-of-date political parties and public organizations, and also out-of-date ideologies and the purposes from public life. Thus, the planned artful plans will lose expediency as will lose meaning.

Influence of a solar eclipse on November 13-14 on zodiac signs the Aries

Uranium in the Aries on one longitude with a star Difda a beta of the Whale foretells destructive fate in human life – the serious illnesses, the constrained material circumstances, business destructions, the conflicts. That it did not occur to the Aries it is impossible to accept passively strokes of bad luck and to leave from the solution of problems. In decisions and actions it is impossible to show impatience, improvidence, impulsiveness and aspiration to insist on own opinion which can appear erroneous. It is necessary for Aries to fight against tactlessness and an inattention to another. At the same time the Aries cannot be arranged under other people and to adapt to circumstances. To cope with adverse circumstances to the Aries persistent work, creativity and kindness to people will help.


In life the Taurus there will be unexpected changes because of which it can appear in an extreme situation. To leave these circumstances to the Taurus his intuition and the God’s pro-image will help. It the uncontrollable desire to be at war, fight for the truth, for justice can seize. It can lead it to success, respect and glory if it shows a principled stand. Otherwise it will show arrogance, impudence, rudeness to other people, to part forcibly all elbows. As a result, it can expel from collective, break off with it business relations. From it darling, a family and relatives will turn away. In order to avoid such turn of events it is necessary for Taurus to fight against egoism and to concede, make a compromise for the sake of common cause.


Floodlight in Twins allocates the person of this sign with enormous energy and working capacity thanks to what he will achieve prestige and recognition. The success can cause envy that will make them the dangerous hidden opponents in other people. Though Twins can by the own words and actions to create to itself enemies. In the aspiration to reach desirable result, Twins can lose sense of proportion, control over feelings and to make scandal. The success of Twins can draw attention to them of dangerous people and structures who will wish to involve them in the game. Not to allow negative succession of events, Twins should show commitment that will not allow them to descend from the correct way and will open their talent.


It is necessary for cancer to develop the strategic plan of action on the future as tactical a course can not help with exit search from a difficult situation. For this purpose it is necessary to define once again the priorities and the direction, to connect to the solution of the necessary questions of new experts. Carelessness and self-confidence can cost much. Everything will fall as a result that was earlier created, business, career, study, a family, the relations with darling. The desire not to allow such turn of events will push the Cancer to fight. But, without having the strategic plan, fight will bring to the Cancer serious problems which lives can even threaten. That will cope with such turn of events to the Cancer it is necessary to recognize that tactics its born quality, and he needs to learn strategic thinking. For this purpose it is necessary to address to experts of such direction, to find the necessary information.


The lion will feel need for recognition of his talent, for attention to the person. It will cause in it desire to be allocated, prove to an environment that it the best in the business chosen by it. If at the Lion it will not turn out to show the talents, he will try to dominate over others. As a result the Lion will start to achieve everything not by means of the abilities and
work, and by means of force and the power. Young and vigorous Lions can get to a difficult dangerous situation with violation of the law that threatens to end with hospital or prison not only for them. Without thinking of others and without seeing further prospect, the Lion can appear in a difficult situation to which other people through his fault will get. Passive Lions also are lazy can to test a dissatisfaction with own situation, spiritual torments and a depression. To leave a difficult situation, it is necessary for Lion to compare and analyse the purpose chosen by it with his ideals and possibilities. But the most important the Lion needs to think of those people whom it will carry away on realization of the purpose chosen by it.


During this period there will be an assessment of achievements of the Maiden on which her future destiny and situation will depend. The maiden the success in business, career and a social standing if it much more surpassed that in the development of consciousness Wednesday which left waits. Those Maidens who on the contrary could not rise over Wednesday which left, and even fell, the serious problems connected with scandals, deadly diseases, loss of good luck, welfare, authority and a family wait. To stop adverse succession of events to the Maiden it is desirable to be engaged the in self-improvement and to leave Wednesday in which there is no its growth. Probably, for this purpose it needs to undertake cardinal Mary, for example, to be discharged from office, to change a residence and a kind of activity. Only that cannot be done, it to refuse a family,
darling and friends.


It is necessary for scales to follow sense of proportion not to turn aside purely material interests and own benefit. As disharmony in a choice of priorities, will cause disharmony of feelings and judgments. Because of what Scales can forget about world around and everything «to judge from the own
belltowers». Bias in judgment will affect decision-making, statements and acts. They will cease to reckon with opinion of others. As a result from them people surrounding them that will make them somewhat the derelict can turn away. Scales can become the black sheep in society if will introduce the new ideas, with which else well did not prepare people. If Scales do not show egoism and unscrupulousness, they are expected by abundance, the fine relation of people around and love.


Because of a solar eclipse in the Scorpion negative tendencies will especially brightly be shown at people of this sign. The biggest adventurers will rise by a crest of a wave, searching a big dissatisfaction with the situation that will be similar to poison of a snake to make the life miserable. Such advance up will create circumstances which like a falling wave will cause crash, falling, death and even imprisonment. Fortunately such people will be a little. Not to become on a false way and not to use the abilities not for the designated purpose, it is necessary for Scorpion to begin with something small both to develop, and to expand it in process of the possibilities. It is desirable for scorpion to find partners and to get support of friends, operating by a principle – have no hundred rubles, and have hundred friends. Such people are waited by success and recognition.


Sagittarius will overcome strong passion, desire to receive money at any cost to occupy situation, endowing destiny of other person. The Sagittarius will appear before a choice on which the destiny of darling, families, business and the organization with which it is connected will depend first of all. He should endow something. If it offers feelings of other people, a family and collective, will spoil them destiny and will charge with heavy cargo the conscience for the choice. If the Sagittarius overcomes passion and egoism, becomes free and over time will feel again itself happy.


The desire will be allocated to push the Capricorn to hasty actions, risky operations. It can brag to other ideas and projects, and they can bring what benefit. It the Capricorn will cause in dangerous people envy and desire to steal his idea or itself will want to involve in the idea of people which will manipulate. Thus, the Capricorn will get to a situation in which either to it others will manipulate or it will manipulate others. But in any case it will not lead the Capricorn to success. For achievement of success it is necessary for it most to appreciate idea more material benefit, then it will find the arguments for realization of idea of the adherents. They will find for this idea of means and will help the Capricorn to realize it. And this
the idea becomes then the general idea, and the Capricorn will strengthen the authority which is necessary to it more than any benefit.


Thanks to the ingenuity, Aquarius it will be good to feel, "where the wind blows", and can benefit from this. But Aquarius will interest not only benefit, and and his situation in a family, collective and society. He will want, that it praised and it admired. Therefore will assume many functions from which not all will be to it on teeth. As a result Aquarius cannot execute the business charged to it in time. On the
ways he will meet many obstacles, but the most difficult will be is its character. The contradiction in thoughts will cause changeability of mood, frequent change of ideas, decisions and plans in Aquarius. Owing to what its relation to people and opinion on them will change. That will hide it it to play the hypocrite, will put on a mask hiding his other face. But the eclipse will cause strong tension which will unmask it and outside his other person will break. This change of an appearance will cardinally change to it the relation of relatives to it people, and it can lose suddenly trust, friendship, love and to appear in a camp of enemies. Not to get off from the correct way to Aquarius it is necessary to show in everything an integral nature and commitment.


Negative influence on the sensual nature of Fishes will cause in them egoism and narcissism manifestation. Fishes will want to leave the real world in the world of imaginations. They will try to surround themselves comfort, an ideal world owing to what will lose ability to create and it is vain растранжиривает the abilities and forces. Being in rest and comfortable conditions, Fishes can lose vigilance, the desire to take up the problems of close people to support to friends and partners. They will not notice, how there will be a tension in the relations with close people and partners. If not to eliminate misunderstanding in the relations, it to end with scandal, a gap and judicial proceedings. That save situation of Fish can to rush to other extreme, will address for the help to the influential person. As a result they can get under the power of the rigid and pragmatical person or even structure that in a consequence will lead to personality disintegration.

Dovbnya Natalia Andreevna

Horoscope for March, 2014.

Horoscope for March, 2014.

Watching movement of planets in 2014, I am more and more convinced that from the astrological point of view it really unique year. Nearly an every month we will have a possibility to see and test on «own skin» difficult and rare planetary aspects.

Saturn in the Sagittarius. That for us prepare the future three years.

Saturn in the Sagittarius. That for us prepare the future three years.

Here also came true – on December 24, 2014 Saturn from the Scorpion removed to a sign of the Sagittarius. It will stay here till December, 2017.

Being in the Scorpion, Saturn was the most real examiner sending serious crises and tests. Checking