Retrogradny Mercury from July 15 to August 8.

Retrogradny Mercury from July 15 to August 8.

On July 15, 2012 there comes the period of a retrogradnost of Mercury which more than three weeks will last slightly and will end on August 8. In an astrology the concept "retrogradnost" means change of the direction of movement of a planet.

Certainly, literally planets do not move back and if not to press in astrological details, it is possible to give the following example. When in a train you look at other train which follows in the passing direction, but with smaller speed, there is a feeling that the train goes back. The mechanism of formation of retrogradny movement of planets operates in this way.

It is considered that in a retrogradnost Mercury makes harmful impact on people, however if it is correct to use this situation, and this period can be used to itself in the benefit. As action of Mercury is directed opposite time axis, reasonably to be engaged in that is not completed at present.

If you begin something opening of new business new, for example, writing of the book or the conclusion of the contract, failures and complications can arise on your way. Even there is such expression which the person says when does not know, than to explain this or that act, the reason, action: «So stars developed». And so, if in advance the nobility as these stars will develop, it is possible very even to use this knowledge productively.

Outwardly the failures trapping during this period, can be shown as strange and inexplicable mistakes in acts, absence of attention and understanding among people, impossibility to agree with colleagues and the partners, all important issues will not have under themselves any basis and at any time can collapse. The equipment acquired in it the period, most likely, will break or will often fail.

And here as to an interior, here on the contrary. The number of the people who are looking for a new view on the world, aspiring to find answers to important questions for itself will increase.

So, we will sum up, that after all cannot be done during this period to avoid troubles.

  • To buy equipment. It will not bring advantage in the future, it will appear unnecessary or will break.
  • To borrow money or to borrow them most. To return them it will be almost impossible.
  • To get new job. It will not justify your expectations, and career will not be successful.
  • To open new business. Affairs will not go uphill.
  • To strike up new acquaintances, the serious relations. They will not be long and do not become serious.
  • To begin study. The received knowledge will not be useful to you in practical activities.
  • To move, buy the apartment, to lease. There will be delays, obstacles.

But it is favorable:

  • To solve «old problems»;
  • To copy, edit begun earlier;
  • To renew old acquaintances;
  • To put things in order in already begun affairs;
  • To sum up, to write reports;
  • To reconsider the past and to be released from it;
  • To be engaged in the spiritual development.

In all these affairs good luck will accompany, and you can finish them how planned, – with pleasure and content. And after end of this period start with pleasure all postponed affairs, and let stars will be favorable to you!

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