World of space and time world.

World of space and time world.

Usually astrologers undertake horoscope calculation, without thinking of what moment of time actually is the birth moment. It is possible after all to tell that it is the moment when the child made the first breath and cried; it is possible to tell that the moment of the birth is umbilical cord cutting. And some assume that it is possible to take for the moment of the birth already emergence of the head of the baby. And some German tribes adhered to custom when the newborn, still never kormlenny, brought to the father, and that had full authority to kill the baby or to grant the right to life. And only after this procedure he was considered as the member of society; mother nursed it, than brought into communication with a material world. But even if to take any of these options, all the same it will be not one instant, not any concrete second, and an event having the whole duration.

Astrologers leave this problem behind a consciousness threshold, at once passing to horoscope rectification – to exact definition of a point of Rising "backdating", on already come true events. But having solved for itself the designated problem in practice, they leave it unresolved in the theory. And it suits handicraftsmen, but not astrologers in sense of experts KNOWING the subject.

The science of the physicist tells about an accuracy problem Geyzenberg’s words the following: defining for a particle exact situation in space, it is impossible to calculate, during what moment of time the particle appears in a certain point; and on the contrary, having chosen a certain moment of time, we cannot calculate the most exact spatial characteristics of object.

Isn’t that so, problems with calculations in the world of microparticles are very similar to problems of calculation of the moment of appearance of the person in this world? And претыкаются astrologers because perceive a horoscope as the TEMPORARY characteristic whereas in reality it is the SPACE characteristic. The horoscope (Ascendant) is a line of the horizon, it is the characteristic of space connected besides also with the spatial zenith nadir axis. When the person is born, it appears in terrestrial SPACE. Therefore attempt to calculate dot, instant TIME of the birth is impossible. Having left a womb, the baby takes the first breath and incorporates world around, having started to cooperate with it.

Before the fruit stayed in a womb and submitted not so much to space laws, what is the time. For a fruit vynashivaniye term, maturing is important. Uterine life begins from the moment of conception, in which spatial and issued minimum. At the moment of conception of people crosses the border dividing time and space. That’s it also it is necessary to define conception as the exact moment of time. Also it is necessary to mean that from the point of view of an astrology time is calculated not mathematically, and astronomically: Moon phases, for example, either parades of planets, or their certain groups (connections).

The astrology kept the law of interrelation of time and space for the person born in the world: the provision of the Moon at the moment of conception defines a horizon axis at the moment of the birth. It is possible even to tell that stars it is time worlds in which does not take value a place and a form; and horoscope axes this space of forms. This law is known now in an astrology under "Trutin Hermes’s" name.

Conception also is that moment of time which it is possible – and it is necessary – to define precisely. Then on it the axis of a horoscope of the birth, as the spatial characteristic is put.

"Horoscope" is an hour the births

Such epigraph to article is taken for the reason that today everything who is interested in an astrology, it is necessary to come back by its beginnings, to title page of the book of this doctrine. Otherwise the literal sense and strict methods of an astrology will escape perception, remain not understood. The house of an astrology remains without the base, having assimilated to a house of cards.

The word "horoscope" occurs from Latin horoscopes. Hora for латинян meant «hour of days». This word also entered into the Greek-Roman culture from Egypt in which worshipped to god Chorus/Gore. Egyptians applied the name Chorus to three planets from five. Egyptians taught Greeks to watch risings, the culminations and declines of stars – stars and planets. By means of these supervision days they divided into 12 parts. However during daylight hours to observe stars it is impossible, and use of a water-clock (horarium) became one of ways of counting of time.

Astrologers of Greece and Rome adopted the term "horoscope" for designation of that constellation which appeared over the horizon at appearance of the child on light. It was essential for a prediction of its destiny. At Mark Manily we read:

«So, when the Aries, rising from waves, shows the bent neck before horns, it gives life to the hearts never happy with that they have, eternally thirsting new production: their aspirations are that. So he attacks, having bent down horns and either perishes, or wins. Life in quiet places among peace pleasures not on them: they eternally wander on the unfamiliar cities, cross the unknown seas; they are guests of the world to that bail – an Aries, once it crossed the glass sea, having painted it gold, and on the back delivered lost the sister Friksa to Fasis’s coast and to Colchis.

Given rise with birth of the first stars of the Taurus will be womanly. The reason should not be looked for long if it is allowed to gods to look for the reason of commands of the nature: The Taurus rises back to front and gives an easy star cloud of divine maidens of Galaxies. His children are also gifted by love to the earth and are glad to overturn a plow the soil of fields.

When equal parts of Twins are over the ocean, in its waves the people inclined to sciences and skillful in arts are born. Their hearts are full not of gloom, and sweet charm. They take the most delicate sounds from a zither, and in their song their soul sounds.

When there is the part of the Cancer which has been blacked out by a black cloud as if its fires are exhausted Febom, stars are exhausted and saddened, given rise during this moment will be deprived of light and condemned on double death: they will bury themselves during lifetime.

Been born when the Lion entirely rises over crests of waves and uplifts in the sky the huge mouth, guilty before ancestors and descendants, living only for itself, do not leave in inheritance created by them, but will absorb that is left by it. Such hunger, such thirst of food cruelly rules them spirit that they never can be satisfied and are ready to spend even the funeral ceremony and a grave.

There is Erigona (Maiden) fairly governing in old centuries and running from sinfulness of the world, and endows the children with the highest force and the highest situation, granting governors laws and the sacred right and the divine chastity esteemed in temples of gods.

When together with autumn in the sky there ascend Claws, is blessed been born under a yoke of Scales! As the judge it will solve in favor of life or execution, will subordinate the world of the power of the laws. The cities and kingdoms will tremble before it, and after terrestrial they will create the heavenly right.

Given rise when the Scorpion lifts the stars noting edge of his tail, will fill the world with the cities; a plow harnessed by pair of bulls, it will outline limits of future walls or will begin to turn the cities into fields, razing them to the ground so grain will ripen where there were houses. Their appointment and force are that.

When the upper edge of clothes of the Sagittarius rises, the people giving the light souls to war will be born. The onions will conduct great leaders to great victories, great triumphs in the face of the hometown. They will be will destroy and to erect the cities. But Fate too favorable to them starts to test envy and leaves awful marks on their forehead. So won terrible fights at Trebbia, Cannes and Lake Hannibal even before the defeat paid the awful price (there was an one-eye) for these victories.

The sharp end of a tail of the Capricorn dooms to sea battles and a korablevozhdeniye – affairs severe, always threatening with death.
If you meet the person virtuous, pious, pure, be sure that he was born with the first stars of Aquarius.

That did not remain hidden, what souls are given rise by the beginning of Fishes: spiteful chatter, the poisonous languages, always ready to report to the new listener bad, guilty before the people that always aspire to accuse the people of a dvuyazychiya from there proceeds. Given rise by these stars do not inspire trust, and their desires will force them, having ignited their souls, to pass through fire. Given rise under double Fishes will be not lonely: they become either brothers, or gentle sisters, or mothers of twins».

Let’s remind themselves that the first form of an astrology was lunar. The lunar astrology operated with constellations on a way of the Moon and paid great attention to eclipses. In classical Indian yoga it is considered what to learn constellations it is possible the meditation the Moon will be which object. The ancient astrology was more an astrology of omens, she was interested in destinies of the country, crops, natural disasters, mor, weather. In a lunar astrology of people it was considered as a part of society.

Emergence of an astrology of an individual, the individual, is connected not so much with supervision of the Sun and planets among stars as it can seem, namely with a goroskopiya, i.e. with supervision over risings, the culminations and declines shone – as mobile (The sun, the Moon and planets), and motionless (stars). Experts on the star sky found necessary to divide all circle of constellations in goroskopny system on 12 big fragments because they knew about affinity of a course of vital energy in a body of the person with 12 fragments of days, from 12 o’clock (now we would tell – with 12 dvukhchasye as now we divide days at 24 o’clock). The Goroskopny astrology found at once pertinent to divide a body of the person into 12 parts and to connect them with the Zodiac (see fig.).

It is necessary to mention and that Mark Manily described influence on destiny of 33 more ascending constellations. Egyptians were accustomed to trace in days of not simply 12 "hours", but also to note stars each third of "hour". Therefore their heavenly circle contained 36 parts. These numbers are interesting to that Indian теономика called 33 main deities; and all «the stone sky», i.e. all mineral world forming the basis to these gods, is subdivided into 32 classes of symmetry. Number 36 will appear if to combine 12 zodiac constellations with 27 constellations on the Moon way (the truth, pieces will turn out unequal, not as at Egyptians).

The picture of the sky will be not full if will contain only the Sun, the Moon, planets and zodiac constellations. There is one more very important thing, namely – an arrangement of all stars of rather terrestrial horizon listed by us. Absolutely it is clear that two persons who were born in one day, should differ something from each other if the first was born in the morning when the Sun ascended, and the second was born in the evening when the Sun was gone for the horizon.

Despite that watching stars, it is possible to allocate only four (4) phases connected with rising of stars, their top culmination, a decline and the bottom culmination, modern astrologers for some reason work already with 12 «horoscope houses». Here that about it it is possible to read in Wikipedia:

«The origin of the doctrine of houses is one of astrology mysteries of history as it is not revealed any literary, philosophical or logic source of this doctrine. Authentic it is possible to consider only the statement that it appeared somewhere in the first century of our era as to Ptolemaeus living, in the second eyelid of our era, it was already known. At the same time Manilius and Vettius owned a rudimentary form of system of a domifikatsiya. In their works yet it is not told about high-grade houses, and twelve "places" of a horoscope» are mentioned.

From the text ptolemeevsky "Tetrabiblosa" it is really visible that it was a sign with "classical" today system of houses. However, why Claudius Ptolemaeus who has undertaken a detailed, fundamental statement of an astrology, did not begin to state this system in detail? Probably, it raised at it doubts! In the text it is visible that Ptolemaeus considers correct to look for planets at axes of the horizon and behind kulminiruyushchy planets, but any description of planets «in twelve houses from a horoscope» at Ptolemaeus not to find. Probably, Ptolemaeus’s terms which allegedly point to knowledge by it systems of 12 houses, actually are Mark Manily’s "places".

«Be going to learn now lively wit cardinal points. Their four, motionless in the whole world, constellations eternally fly through them. From the first the ascending sky darts the first glance at Earth, crossing its border, the second looks at it from the opposite side where the world falls to depths of Tartare sauce; the third notes sky top where Feb stops tired horses, turns day, rejecting a midday shadow. The base of our world is based upon the fourth; descent there comes to an end and lifting of constellations begins; the decline and rising lie on the different parties from it as equals distances. These places possess exclusive force, their influence on destiny – the greatest, known to our science for integrity of eternal heavens as though is based on them. If they did not take up, did not support from two parties, from above and from below, did not connect the world together staying in eternal spinning, it would scatter and the Universe car would be upset.

However power of cardinal points is various: their properties and a rank depend on situation in space. The major – that that reigns in sky top, on the thinnest line halving the world. Uplifted up, it is the Glory receptacle (truly true lord of top of the world); greatness, it раздаёт honors and awards is subject to it. Here receptacle of favor and differences, and national love; the power from here proceeds to administer justice at the Forum, to give to the world laws, to collect under the знамёна other people, having connected them with each other a fidelity oath, to deserve glory, worthy great causes. Following, though is in the bottom as tree roots, the everlasting peace holds on itself. She owns bright, but more useful things in life: supervises bases of an economy and a property condition results of production of metal however will be desired, how many it is possible to take from hidden in depth. The third, from the end of the earth observing the first movement of stars in the heavenly height, returning day and dividing time for hours, in the Greek world is called a horoscope, but, rejecting an overseas name, rejoices own. She disposes of peripetias of life and builds up character, defines a measure of prosperity and an occupation, events of the first years of life, erudition and future situation depending on joint influence of stars. The last, seeing-off heavens on rest after their way on the top roads, knows an outcome of affairs, completion of works, marriage and an old age, leisure, public life and cult questions.

It is not enough to know only cardinal points; remember, what forces are concluded in parts of space connecting them. The arch going from rising to top, defines the first years after the birth. That that goes down from the top point to a decline, dominates over adolescence and youth. Mature years with their peripetias lie on an arch going from a decline to a bottom of the world. The arch serving as the road to rising on which slowly, lifting as though is with a great effort made, knows an old age, late years, a life outcome.

At any moment signs settle down in parts of the world. Situation dominates over stars, defining their clemency or injuriousness. Constantly rotating, stars mix the properties with properties of different parts of the sky, but the last prevail and govern under the laws stars passing on their possession, endowing with every possible honors, punishing infertility. A part directly over a horoscope (the third from top) – overflowed a malicious receptacle of troubles and future enemies; the part shining by stars directly under a decline point is same. Equal each other in destructive force, these both places it is equal отринуты cardinal points and both bear the burdens, one – lifting, another – descent. Are not less harmful a part of the world over the West and opposite to it, located under the East. Having hung, one down the person, another – a back, they fear, one – a cardinal point, another – falling as a result of treachery. Not for nothing these places call Typhon’s terrible dwelling which, having begun war against the sky, furious Earth – mother of children surpassing in her sizes brought into the world. But the lightning stroke sent them back in a parent belly, having filled up with huge mountains, both the chaos of war and Tifey’s life stopped, but itself mat Zemlya shivers, when he vomits heat in depths of Etna. The place, near top of the sky does not concede to light stars adjoining it, hope of the best, by thirst of the highest victories surpassing that lies above it. Reached top reached a way limit. He has nothing to aspire more, it can go only down, to the worst share. It is not surprising that this place near top, and finer consider as Fortuna Schastlivoy’s place (so our language reaches wealth Greek and replaces his word the with the). Jupiter here lives, as the tsarstvennost approving advantage of this place. Similar to it, the place opposite, under sky border, adjoins the base of the world shining in the opposite side; tired with fight, it is ready to new works: it should take up weight of the Universe and, yet without feeling it, it already prepares for this fate. Greeks call this part of the sky of Demony (53), our speech demands other name. Postpone carefully in the mind a place, force and a name of a mighty deity for further all this is useful to you. Here the condition of our health, the war, being conducted by the hidden weapon of an illness, double force of a case and a deity, in that, in other party, changing a situation is concentrated. A part of the sky following after midday where day goes down, having passed top of a way, Feb fills with the light. The measure of the evil and the good luck, received from it by our bodies there is defined. Greeks call this place God. The place sparkling opposite, the first towering over the bottom point in the direction of top of the sky, owns the relations and destiny of brothers and is subject to the Moon looking through all sky at a shining kingdom of the brother and predicting our destiny by fading of the face. This place in the Roman limits call the Goddess, among Greeks – their word of the same value. Under a vault of heaven where lifting comes to an end and descent begins, from where it is possible to take a view of the whole world, in the middle between rising and a decline, there is the star dwelling Tsiterei, wished at the head of the world to place the face with which it governs people. This place is fairly given to weddings, conjugal ties; a matrimony and a matrimonial bed governs from there as and it is necessary to it, Venus with a staff. This place bears the Destiny name that you should remember at once: the brevity is preferable in long сказе. In the bottom cardinal point, the Universe base, seeing moved heaven and earth where night lies, Saturn reigns. Having left once the power over the world, the throne, father Bogov operates paternity and an old age. Greeks call this place Demonium, and its properties are worthy names. Look now at the sky at the first cardinal point, from where signs again start to rise up where the pale Sun comes up from calm waves, slowly kindling a gold flame, from where the Aries begins procession at the head of stars. It is your temple, Mercury born by the Maya, noted by light – men of science call you by this word. Here the double power is concentrated: the nature placed here destiny of children and a prayer of parents. There was a decline point. There the world fails under the earth, stars there leave. She faces the falling Febu, watches leave him a back. It is not surprising that it consider as a door of gloomy god, the owner of the end of life and a death gate. The daylight taken away by earth from the sky and locked in a dungeon of night here dies away. This point also governs fidelity and warm constancy. Such is force of the place which is meeting and seeing off the Sun, calling it and saying goodbye to it. Laws of influence of temples are that, and you should remember them: through them signs fly by a harmonous train, whose force will be organized by their force. Planets pass them in the order established by the nature and mix the influence with their influence, captivate another’s kingdoms, obey laws of another’s camps, on what I will tell, when I will speak about planets. Now it is enough to call parts of the sky, their force and gods ruling them".

From this text it is visible that astrologers of the Mediterranean allocated four main points and arches which adjoin them. From here the system октотопов (by octotopos – Greek consisting of eight parts) which was used up to the XVII century was developed! Certainly, if to values of eight arches to add independent values of four main points, twelve values will turn out. However it does not mean that the heavenly arch should share on 12 equal pieces as modern astrologers began to do it. Nevertheless, in the III century there was an astrologer, Porfiry who offered division into 12 equal parts, and popular this "technique" became in the V-VII centuries. What made it popular? That many astrologers rethought communication of a horoscope with the dvenadtsatichlenny Zodiac as identity between arches of terrestrial space and zodiac constellations. To twelve to "horoscope houses» transferred values of zodiac signs. However compare today’s treatments of houses that Manily wrote, and you will see huge discrepancy.

Even the Indian astrologers gave in to these errors. They placed all «the First House» in borders of all ascending constellation, on the following zodiac constellation they imposed «the Second House» and so on. For India located in tropic latitudes, the zenith really coincides with «the Tenth House». However for higher widths such system will cease to "work". Therefore astrologers of Europe attended to learn to divide "correctly" arches between points of the horizon and points of the culminations. And in this occupation they finally got confused. Whereas they should return from «twelve Houses» to four corners of the sky having real value, and also to present an axis of the horizon and an axis of the culminations in the form of the hands specifying at true "o’clock" and "minute" of the birth in the Zodiac.

Horoscope for September, 2014.

Horoscope for September, 2014.

After August full by various events at last there comes month when one event will follow another at normal speed. In August we led very active life, set to myself the new purposes and climbed up tops, "turning aside" from strokes of bad

Solar symphony of August. A horoscope for August, 2014.

Solar symphony of August. A horoscope for August, 2014.

Heart is lit by the sun.
The sun – to eternal precipitancy.
The sun – an eternal window
in a gold oslepitelnost.

Rose in gold of curls.
Rose gently колыхается.
In roses gold of beams
red heat spreads.

In heart of the poor a lot of evil
it is