Niskhozhdeniye Dushi by the new birth on Earth.

Niskhozhdeniye Dushi by the new birth on Earth.

It already the third subject devoted to the Wheel of life in interrelation with an astrology. However, in the second subject about an ascension to the solar sphere we spoke about an astrology as in the first, but we will try to restore balance in the third not so much.

We tracked posthumous release of soul, it «exposure from attires» memory and feelings to pure grain. And now this grain is ready to fall again to the earth. As the person grain is in fact pure consciousness, it is crystal clearly realizes occurring to it and inevitability of a terrestrial embodiment. Here is how this condition of consciousness is described by R. Shteyner:

«During the life between death and the new birth the present person because of an enormous set of the fulfillments occurring to it because there to it constantly occurs too much that it can take out, – he starts to feel incessant aspiration to return back to terrestrial life, that then is for it otherworldly life. And he during the second half of the life between death and the new birth with big thirst expects the introduction back in terrestrial life by the birth. In terrestrial life of people fears death as it is in uncertainty about that will be after death, after all for ordinary consciousness of the person during his terrestrial existence this uncertainty is dominating. On the contrary, for the person in his life between death and the new birth the confidence of the future terrestrial life is dominating, this too big confidence deafens it, does it simply powerless. Thus, the person then runs into a snovidcheski-powerless condition which is imposed to it by its aspiration again низойти on the earth».

The perfect and pure person in the solar essence then goes down to that sphere which we should designate as the sphere of Venus. Venus plays a key role in love and conception for going-down souls, and we now will see, as well as why? The person seed collects those reflections of feelings and experiences which it sew once in another’s souls and which all remained in this emotional layer of life. So the person has a body of sympathies and antipathies. These sympathies and antipathies induce then us to look for in terrestrial life of those people together with which we should live further, – according to our previous terrestrial lives. It is made, resulting from an internal system of our soul. The more the person raised in the past of antipathies, the more he will meet obstacles in new life from people and unsuccessful close relations.

We carry out our life, enduring first of all sympathies and antipathies. One person has sympathy for a sculpture, and another to music. One takes liking for blondes, and another – for brunettes. It is an essence strong, considerably operating sympathies. But all human life is penetrated by such sympathies and antipathies. They set a vector to our movements and vital aspirations. Here the reason of our happiness or misfortune is latent if to speak not about quantity of money and conveniences, namely about feeling of happiness. Three sorts of emotions create three various numbers of experiences. Our inveterate hatred to someone inevitably will lead us again to a meeting with that whom we hated, but only we will endure feeling of a grief from this meeting and we will become unfortunate. If we do not cope with emotion of hatred and we will pass it once again through a death and life wheel, on the third time we will be not only are unfortunate, but also are stupid and stopped in own development.

Other sort of emotions – the compelled relations, call of duty, norms of society – conducts to that at a new meeting we test indifference and at all we do not understand that we here do, why we contacted someone and that in general should do; we become uncertain people.

The third sort of feelings overtakes us at a meeting with whom we in last terrestrial existence treated with warmth and love. Now at a meeting with these people we endure internal pleasure and if we manage to reflect this pleasure in feelings of people surrounding us, at the third meeting we will have deep feeling of understanding and empathy of people loved by us. No wonder that only the one who is pleasant to us whom we sincerely love, can become our inspirer, our muse, a source of a creative power and understanding of people and circumstances. Any hatred, having an occasion or without having, it is fraught with only unpleasant experiences and an otupleniye, an ugasheniye of our flowering. We speak: well as so? I at all DO NOT UNDERSTAND, how it is so possible to arrive?

So the sphere of Venus forms to us our tastes and preferences that it is pleasant to us and it is not pleasant, and our future relations which will present to us happiness or misfortune. However Venus makes still something. Using our sympathies and antipathies, she looks for to us parents. Spirits of Venus kindle passion in those who should give birth to future child. It begins usually in the winter because all rudiments of future crop, new animals and children, become more active in the terrestrial atmosphere in the winter – before the beginning of spring. Future child, of course, can be conceived during any season of year, but he expects the conception since the Newest year. New people from the thin world sometimes very sharply and cardinally interfere with destinies of already living, adult men and women, provoking the most different stories of conception and birth.

In effect, as soon as the human spirit leaves the Solar sphere, it appears in Lunar in which causality and a corporality bosses. Here Spirits of the people communicate with souls of people and vital bonds in a broad sense are defined. Spirits of the Lunar sphere aspire to give stability to adverse conditions and influences from the outside. There are others of a community of the people, too connected by sympathies and antipathies. From there is a mutual hatred of big groups of the people, bringing to wars.

Conception of the child – the moment of exclusive importance. Nine months of pre-natal development belong at the same time to two spheres: To mercury and Earth. Here initial corporal inclinations, structure of a liver, lungs, a brain and other are formed; and powers of destiny too participate in this process. As it is strange, our general physical health is influenced strongly by our interest and curiosity of last embodiment. Interest not superficial, but deep, zadeystvuyushchy will: such that forces to operate, travel, undertake that or.

«If the person was attentive to things of the environment, it always should go to these things, should actuate the extremities, operate with them. All body started moving. Here it in what all body when the person is attentive participates, and passes to formation of the head of the next terrestrial life; and it attracts absolutely certain consequence. The head of the person in the next terrestrial life becomes then such that it has very strong aspiration to send certain forces in other organism which причленяется then to the head in the next terrestrial life, – so forces of Earth very strongly affect this organism. Forces of Earth become very much, very strongly supported from the head, and a consequence of it appears that such person receives especially developed everything that depends on forces of Earth. It means that he receives large bones; he receives, for example, especially wide shovels, well created edges. Everything bears character of the well created. At the person hair very quickly grow. At the negokrepky bones, fine developed muscles, – at such person we will notice that it courageously strides through life. Thanks to it it at the same time acquired to itself(himself) natural force of courageous life».

For example, it is difficult to combine a beautiful face to that fruit which never was interested in beauty of the nature, art art, etc. The less people test interest to life, the weaker he feels itself(himself). Lack of interest to music puts predisposition to diseases of lungs. Sometimes the person has no other possibility to correct the character, except how to live with an illness which brings up it.

Spirits in the sphere of Mercury aspire to impart to people feeling of speech and kindness that the person could surpass the egoism. They have affinity with the Neptune, and therefore with qualities of the highest Souls of all people. It helps in terrestrial life to affect by heavenly principles, the benefit of the highest Souls.

Certainly, we speak about consequences. However the person lives to CREATE the REASONS, and in it it is always absolutely free. But also in relation to powers of destiny about which we spoke very much, it should be loyal, accepting them already as an inevitable reality which should pass. If someone tests in thoughts or feelings the conflict between predetermination and license, this conflict is false, because all reasons in the person, but it does not like consequences of the forces caused by it and an image of feelings. The situation of such persons is aggravated with that dullness, loss of understanding of people which they in themselves developed from the antipathies. Ah as it is dangerous to despise people around and emotionally to condemn. Someone should assume a role of the patient psychologist to help the person to recover from the inveterate conflict when the person will come to despair from walls with which it surrounded itself(himself). Whereas freedom always nearby, it where we allow people around to be free.

During pregnancy to the being embodied child show all his new life in those details which it made for itself(himself) inevitable. Some souls receive from it shock and impulsively try to evade from the birth. Then pregnancy can interrupt, or communications of soul with a body will seriously be broken and the person will be born defective, crippled.

But if the soul is rather courageous, in the term it is born and shows this communication of conception with a horizon axis at an o’clock of the birth. This hour the births also is called as the word "horoscope" – «to consider hour». The real astrology considers together both the astrological card at o’clock of the birth, and the astrocard of time of conception in which spiritual, otherworldly experience of our immortal being is reflected. How it becomes, becomes a subject of continuation of these articles.

Alekseev Vladimir

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