What is the personal horoscope? An astrology – article.

What is the personal horoscope? An astrology - article.

Any person who lives on the earth – is individual, and all this realize. In this article speech will not go about Tauruses, Arieses and other zodiac signs. Each of us has the unique and unique horoscope, and this concept we will define, how «a personal horoscope of the person». Remember, how often you complained about horoscopes which read in any newspaper or the magazine. Why they not always come true? On the Internet too there are a lot of sites which dazzle with the involving names «A horoscope for today» or «A horoscope for a week», but all of them are the general horoscopes.

And for an exact astrological forecast, the personal horoscope, and it already interpretation of a natal chart is necessary.

What is the natal chart? It is the star chart while the specific person was born, and it is constructed on the geographical birthplace. It as the unique astrological diary in which birth time is specified, and it is very important, as the earth quickly enough rotates, and respectively the picture of the star sky too quickly changes. Not less important and a place of your birth, on скольку a type of the star sky as depends on a longitude and width. And even if people were born in one day, for frequent they have quite different, and at times and absolutely opposite horoscopes. Why so? For example, one was born in the afternoon, and on it the sun is in its horoscope above the horizon, and here the second person was born at night, and in this case the sun will be in its horoscope under the horizon.

Every second the type of the star sky, and for the analysis of a personal horoscope of the person changes, time with accuracy from 1 to 2 minutes is necessary, after all for this period there are considerable shifts of planets. Often people do not remember exact time of the birth, or in maternity hospital were mistaken for some minutes, and it influences a personal horoscope.

Before beginning the analysis of a personal horoscope, the astrologer should be confident in exact time of your birth. And if you do not own such information, the main task of the astrologer is a specification of data.

As we know, the astrology is a practical science which is applied to the characteristic of the person, and for drawing up of a personal forecast. And so, if it is possible to make the characteristic of the person to behavior and character, it is possible to go from the return and to learn exact time of its birth. Professional astrologers in forces it to make, and for today this process was included into practice, and carries the name "rectification". By means of such technique, it is made not only «a horoscope for today» or «a horoscope for a week», but also lunar calendars with detailed interpretation of your destiny. The lunar calendar is a horoscope which is connected with moon phases, but it already other history. Therefore, if you went to the astrologer, keep in mind that from accuracy of your data, accuracy of an astrological forecast depends also.

Venus. Breaking covers.

Venus. Breaking covers.

It is conventional that the true love is unconditional. And the love of Venus demands various conditions and registration. It always consumes more, than gives, and is capable to fill the partner with spirituality, but also and to exhaust it. The moon,

Horoscope. Horoscope houses. That it is possible to see in a horoscope.

Horoscope. Horoscope houses. That it is possible to see in a horoscope.

The horoscope is as though «the instant photo» the heavenly sphere, made in that minute when you were born. In it everything is written symbolically down that you expects in life.

But it is impossible to consider that everything is rigidly predetermined.