Horoscope for April, 2014.

Horoscope for April, 2014.

April – wonderful spring month, month of heat and blossoming. Since the beginning of April with spring warmth the feeling of freedom, freshness, tenderness and love comes usually. But not this year. From the very beginning of 2014 in the sky there were adverse aspects of the most powerful planets. Game entered also unpredictable Uranium – the rebel and a provozvestnik of revolutions, explosive Pluton who brings together people in groups and pushes together them with each other, and heavy Jupiter, aspiring to get the law and an order even if they ceased to acquit themselves. From time to time to Uranium, Pluton and Jupiter Mars joins, and not so simply the tau-square, and the real Cross – a configuration which is considered in an astrology of the most dangerous then is formed.

The cross creates long difficult situations which hardly find permission. It holds on the poles four planets – power charges which are outright directed against each other. The cross divides the world on black and white, on personal and others’, into heroes and traitors, on conquerors and patriots.

Distant planets, especially Uranium and Pluton, always introduce in a situation elements collective unconscious which, according to Jung, starts to involve in the funnel more and more people. It is possible even to imagine visually as the cross starts to be developed and move, influencing all aspects and the parties of our life. To resist to such pressure of planets very difficultly, it is almost impossible.

In a difficult interlacing the law and lawlessness (Floodlight and Uranium), economic burdens (Pluton in the Capricorn) and aspiration to the best life (Floodlight in the Cancer), desire of the world (Mars in Scales) and an inevitable rush to revolution and reforms (Uranium in the Aries) faced.

The cross continues to gather the course, and Uranium will excite minds up to June. But it is possible to designate April solving, culmination month in 2014. It after all month of a resolute and active Aries which aggressive Mars operates. That Mars which in the middle of April again will rise in opposition to Uranium and once again will create a dangerous revolutionary situation.

To problem situations point also two eclipses which will pass on April 15 and 29. At first we should endure a total lunar eclipse in a sign of Scales, and then – a ring-shaped solar eclipse in a zone of the Taurus which is considered in an astrology a zone of Ukraine. It is necessary to notice, such zodiac sign, as Scales is how important for present events. He constantly calls for harmony, peace talks, reasonable decisions and tranquillity preservation while the angered Taurus splashes out the rage and discontent.

Between two eclipses an interval – exactly two weeks, and it means that we once again will appear in a so-called corridor of eclipses. Events of this time become extremely important both for each of us, and for the countries, and the states. One or the other – or we can resolve completely some prolonged problems in the life, thereby having untied karmic knots, or we will even more strongly tighten them, and we will deal then with consequences of the accepted decisions and the undertaken actions. It will be central, very important point.

At once after the first eclipse the tau-square with top on Uranium again will start to form a cross. Mars will come nearer slowly but surely to opposition to a rebellious planet that on April 20 at support of Jupiter and Pluton resolutely to enter with it single combat. The opposition of Mars will keep up to the second eclipse. Only after it tension will begin to weaken.

In general the middle of April and the beginning of May – the special period from the point of view of an astrology. This time of the Whale when the negative strongly becomes more active, manifestations of all black, aggressive and negative are possible that was saved for a long time. Typical spokesmen of a zone of the Whale were Lenin who was born on April 22, and Robespierre, whose birthday fell on May 6. They bore in themselves power of the evil, destruction who eventually destroyed them.

Very important during this moment of the greatest tension not to give in to thirst of fight and opposition, to try to avoid the "Georgian" scenario and to keep sensible mind. We should remain on reconciliation and neighborliness positions in spite of the fact that planets do us open and vulnerable for aggression, charges, disputes and quarrels.

Along with the Big Cross in the sky it will be formed by Big Trin on Jupiter, Chiron and Proserpine – planets of diplomacy, calculation and reason. This трин shows that there is only one exit from the come crisis are negotiations, elections, diplomatic contracts and accurate harmonious actions to bigger democratism. And imperious Jupiter representing the legitimate power, and the prudent Proserpine testifying to a priority of mind over feelings, and the representative of a civilized, nonaggressive way of communication Chiron – all three planets speak about possibility for Ukraine to achieve happy end of crisis by peace talks and civilized elections.

In spite of the fact that all of us without an exception are anyway involved in grandiose opposition of planets, our private life in April will demand the maximum attention. Floodlight in the Cancer shows that we should solve the questions connected with a family, children and parents.

There will be many experiences, especially on the way or concerning the affairs connected with relatives, but finally everything will end safely. Wisest of us will manage to resolve easily any contradictions, to conduct policy of diplomacy. Will be witnesses of various incidents, remaining safe.

Concentration of planets in the Taurus in the second half of month will help to transfer attention from policy on material problems. Many will have a need to change a work place, to look for higher salary. Some will want to leave from unloved work to achieve the dream of private business. The white Moon in the Sagittarius will add to us determination and aspiration to occupy higher positions. And though first these changes will bring small decrease in the income, finally all these changes will be only to the best.

April can bring to terrestrial and water signs the romantic adventures, interesting meetings, trips and love. Fiery and air signs can appear in a situation of the conflict and quarrels, but eventually and for them everything will end with the world.

Astrologer Anna Falileeva

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Main concepts of an astrology. Avessal Podvodny.

Main concepts of an astrology. Avessal Podvodny.

The astrology is the science studying communication between movement of stars and planets on a firmament both internal and external human life. The astrology is an occult science. In its basis idea of reality as operated impersonal will of the Absolute