Horoscope for August, 2014 for all zodiac signs.

Horoscope for August, 2014 for all zodiac signs. Aries

The beginning of month favorably for creativity and sports, love, family and household chores. You will have many new ideas, creative plans, hopes, the feeling of unusual ease, pleasures will open before you many possibilities. But after the first joyful and extensive plans it is necessary while to be limited to especially concrete affairs and to start routine work. Elation and hazardous enthusiasm will be replaced by laborious work. Documents, trips and civil servants can complicate your life. There can be conflicts to colleagues, but they will last not for long. In the middle of the month, probably, to you deliver to trouble your children. Vanity or an illness can prevent an important meeting or a trip. The end of month will open «the green street» to your plans and projects.


The beginning of August – favorable time for romantic acquaintances and a marriage. You are waited by also pleasant meetings, gifts, monetary receipts. You easily will manage to make the concrete plan of the actions for achievement of success in your affairs. And circumstances so will develop that your plans become feasible and your wellbeing is achievable. The conflicts and troubles pass you the party. For you this month will be quiet and safe. The sense of equilibrium, an insight, loyalty and tolerance to people around will help you to reach the desirable.


For Twins August – difficult month. Especially it concerns work. The course of affairs can be braked. House problems should be considered well at first before to undertake their permission, haste is now inappropriate. Start of new projects is better for postponing for September. At the same time you during this period will manage to have a rest well, having made travel to the distant countries. But the relations with people will not develop too smoothly. But try not to give in to irritation, better properly understand, than it is caused. The period from the middle till the end of August will bring you rest and will return self-confidence.


August – the most successful month for Cancers this year. It is not excluded that many Cancers will decide to continue the education, or to get one more profession. During the same period it is paid much attention to household and family chores, and a food and health become the main care. The beginning of month is not so favorable for you, especially in the communication sphere. The probability innocently is great to suffer from another’s mistakes that can worsen your mood and will work on health. But you will quickly cope with this situation. And she will not prevent you to achieve in life of the real results.


In August you can appear in the thick of things, as pleasant, not very much. This month the set of favorable possibilities will be presented to Lions. Care and discretion will provide to Lions good health. By the end of month it is better to Lions not to go to far-away countries. Special discretion with official structures is necessary for you. Hold a purse that you did not plunder more strong, anything essential do not buy – will be disappointed. The lottery and gamblings during this period will not bring you anything, except disappointment.


In August Maidens will have many events of the negative plan. Do not spend now force – wait more favorable period better. It is the most reasonable to devote of you this month to restoration of the forces and health. In the second half of August possibility to solve some financial problems will be presented and to have a rest. Transition of the Sun to your sign will add to you forces, energy and will make your vital position of much more active. You will surely feel inflow of forces and cheerfulness. At the end of the month the joyful meeting with your fellow countrymen is probable.


The first week of August disposes to travel. Many of you are waited at this time by success and recognition. At the end of August we urgently recommend to you to define the main goal. You should do that you very well are able: to watch a situation and to look for balance. From this month lifting of your business and blossoming of your creativity will begin. Floodlight will promote that the reached level of your social achievements is ready to rise. But the situation should be operated personally to you.


At the beginning of August at Scorpions the problems connected with career and with their public life are probable. Your new creative ideas will allow you to promote in career and to strengthen the social positions. You can make good money, receive the sponsor’s help or simply it is very good to have a rest, spend time with relatives, to buy something useful. In the professional sphere of achievement of Scorpions will be noticed and estimated by promotion and increase in compensation. Romantic feelings receive a new impulse. The end of month is best of all for carrying out in a circle of the family, being engaged in business interesting you and creativity.


In August at Sagittariuses there are a lot of forces and enthusiasm. But from excess of enterprise and an initiative you can overestimate the possibilities too. Your daredevil acts will lead in the beginning of month to the intense relations with the spouse and partners, and the next days and to a critical intense situation on work. Try to be self-controlled, differently to your affairs it will be harmed also losses. If it is possible to you, you will manage to carry out risky operations and to get a large sum.


Hardly you are expected by serious problems, despite adverse for you as a whole a situation in August. To goats the destiny is intended to overcome obstacles as they will be short-term though their overcoming from you will need persistence and high degree of self-organization. Your prudence and open ambition will bring you successes in your professional life and will well be reflected in your career. For you it is very important to improve the normal relations with people around. Be especially careful with permission of your financial problems.


On August 1 avoid the conflicts to colleagues and business partners. August is especially successful for stockjobbings and financial operations. Thus categorically it is not recommended to look in a casino – the temptation will push luck is great, the disappointment from loss will be also great. August will demand from Aquarius of heavy financial expenses who will sharply increase by the end of month. Too free relation to personal and others’ money can be the reason for that. But on your horizon there will be a partner who will help you to resolve your problems. It is necessary to be careful also at the use of drugs, alcohol drinks as the probability of poisonings with serious consequences is great.


At the beginning of a month at you problems with health are possible. This month for Fishes will be connected with love, possibility to have a good time and combine work with pleasure, with creative satisfaction, earning thus popularity and popularity. Many Fishes in August can receive wealth or social success through communications. In partnership the change which will change to the best your plans and the status is planned. In August, probably, free Fishes will decide to charge at last themselves with "family burden». By the end of month the period of effective cooperation will begin, when you should work strenuously not to miss possibilities opening before you.