Astrology: 4 phases of spiritual knowledge.

Astrology: 4 phases of spiritual knowledge.

Astrology – a science, art or religion? Both that, and another, both the third – and Knowledge all as a unit of the consciousness nature. Thus the scientist-astrologer will tell that the astrology is a science about Time cycles. And it will be the truth. The astrologer – the religious adherent will tell that the astrology is a ritual of communication good luck. And it too will be the truth. The astrologer – the adherent of art («искус» – from other glories. "experience") can argue that the astrology is a self-expression of soul and craft. And too it will be right. And it everything occurs because an astrology actually – high-grade system, the methodology conducting the person by the way of improvement and development.

Therefore to receive complete idea of true astrological knowledge, it is necessary to study, at least, history of an astrology and, as at most, to comprehend nuances astrological the technician to catch variety of syntax of various traditions (formulas and algorithms), but most important – to leave on synthesis of their semantic (semantic) contents.

The astrological knowledge works at several levels – actually, as well as consciousness of the person. These are 4 main phases of an enlightenment, which there passes a matter before getting out of a rough shape and to put energy on an exit altar out of conditionality limits. These 4 phases are similar to Moon phases – "arriving" and "decreasing" Light of a matter.

  • It is possible to call the first phase conditionally external – it reflects external level of work over time.

For this phase development of logic thinking and division of space of consciousness into object subject is characteristic. At the best, this realized immersion in polarity of thinking on the one hand to direct to the Shower on a practice way (finding of spiritual experience), and on the other hand, to comprehend karma laws. For a karma – let fulfillments of actions and generation of certain consequences. A karma – the press of the illusion which has grasped consciousness of the person. Illusions of that for the sake of Life it is necessary to do something. This illusion is shown thanks to split of consciousness of that observes, and that is observed. Between these two polyarnost right there is an attraction, but their merge is impossible, because then the object will be dissolved in the subject and on the contrary that will disprove primary installation on polarity of thinking. A karma – as run around (sansaras): desire – action – dissatisfaction and again desire. The satisfaction is impossible, for restoration of integrity of space of consciousness without loss of the importance of a point of supervision is impossible. But at the same time, at this level karmic experience of perishability of all material is found and the aspiration to true values of life – spiritual is formed. If astrological consultation goes at external level, the client receives simply an illustration of the destiny – its sobytiyny row, a forecast of future situations and tendencies, and also recommendations about competent planning of terrestrial life.

  • It is possible to call the second phase conditionally internal – it reflects internal level of work over time.

For this phase comprehension of a misterialnost of life is characteristic. Life of archetypes of consciousness here develops and there is a possibility to leave on generalizations that unite people and their destinies in a uniform field of Game. The karma still governs, but it is already limited to a Dharma – the supreme law of development of subject lines and drawings of a role of this or that hero. Consultation at this level is similar to initiation – the astrologer sees an arkhetipichesky plot within which outlined tendencies of succession of events are studied in destiny of the person. In this case it is possible and it is necessary to deduce safely on a game field of a figure of misterialny heroes for only they can open sense of the events and, if necessary, affect the play ending.

  • It is possible to call the third phase conditionally sacral – it reflects sacral level of work over time.

Sacral level is nice that the practician when the astrologer really sees the heavenly card not at level of symbols and images, and at level of energiya is reached by long and wearisome astrological. And noting changes of the space in the course of contact to a field advised, it has an opportunity to answer arising questions. It is possible to tell that at this level work сиддхи – perfection which are reached as a result of limiting and constant concentration on astrological садхане.

Consultation at this level the safest as assumes comprehension by the master of an astrology of Great Emptiness that allows to foretell, i.e. to see all options of development of destiny, to allocate optimum and to direct advised in the true party. The way to healing, achievement of integrity and unity of consciousness is called as the true party. At this level sprouts of unipolar thinking when the astrologer and the client become a whole for the first time are shown. To be fair, it is necessary to tell that such abilities open only as a result of long ascetic the practician.

  • It is possible to call the fourth phase conditionally true – it reflects true nature of Time.

This phase opens great secret before the astrologer: that actually Time is not present. Ibozemnoye Vremya – only the indicator of changes. And if the Truth is invariable by definition, approach to it stops Time. Does not slow down, does not accelerate – and stops. Understanding of comes that all changes are illusory. And as actually occurs nothing – therefore, it is possible to win back any situation – everything rests only against a question of the energy spent for its performance. Thus on this phase we face true magic – magic of a choice of destiny which is started when run around is possible to stop.

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