Horoscope for June, 2014.

Horoscope for June, 2014.

After heavy long winter and short rainy spring at last there comes long-awaited summer. Together with flowers, trees, birds and all live we rejoice to the warm Sun and nature blossoming. With approach of summer the first half of year comes to an end, and it is already possible to bring certain results.

The blue-green Horse already completely proved, having shown the wild habit and unpredictable behavior. She got the bit between the teeth, since January of this year when it was created dangerous тауквадрат Uranium, Pluton and Jupiter. Every month tension grew and accrued more and more while in April to тауквадрату Mars which played a role of the trigger did not approach and literally blew up a situation.

April and the beginning of May, 2014 were significant, first of all, because planets operated through destruction, through destructive tendencies. It affected and tragic events in Odessa, and on attacks of fighters in Nigeria, and on ferry crash at the southwest coast of South Korea, and on an avalanche descent in Nepal, and on flood in Afghanistan.

To some extent it was the special, unique astrological situation which will be given still for a long time by an echo in events and in our hearts. Influence of a Trinity of planets and Mars which has adjoined them will affect many levels – both on political, and on social, and on personal.

It was one of those focal points in the history as a whole and in destiny of individuals in particular when the person faces a choice. And from what choice it will make, its future depends. Actually the first half of year was choice time, and since June, the period of karmic payment and consequences of our choice begins.

Not casually, since June 7 till the end of a month, Mercury will renew the retrophase. We will be once again given opportunity to return to the past, to make a certain audit, to reflect on where we go, and to analyse the mistakes. This year Mercury moved back back in February and here in June it goes again a retro.

In June tension considerably falls down, but it is worth to remember that all of us still rush on full скаку on a blue-green Horse as it is impossible to stop her impetuous run at once. For this reason the retrophase of Mercury will be as it is impossible by the way for those who wants to brake on turns and to think of where after all it rushes …

While Uranium, Pluton and Mars were engaged in destruction and destruktsiya process, Jupiter, Proserpine and Chiron started in April absolutely other mechanism – harmony and reconciliation, common sense and wisdom which will gradually prevail. In May these tendencies became more accurate and clear, and every month they all will be more clear and stronger.

Saturn in трине to Chiron will help us to keep endurance and firmness, to find a way out of the confused dual situations, to resolve old contradictions. The most important – to keep common sense and not to give in to emotions so, to make mistakes and to get to unpleasant situations. It is desirable to exclude risk.

The first half of June will be the most favorable, and is more true – the first 10 days of this month. The growing Moon will help new undertakings, will create favorable conditions for implementation of any plans. It will be very favorable time for communication, the contacts, new acquaintances.

Do not miss the chances, use this time to meet both acquaintances, and with strangers! Try to plan for these first days of June important meetings, and also – training, examination, visit of educational institutions, purchase of the car and other important actions.

Interesting information will arrive at the right time. Strong Mercury will provide with everything and to everyone clarity and clearness of thought, success in contacts, good mutual understanding. On June 1-10 – successful time for discussion of important issues, meetings with relatives and negotiations on business.

From June 11 to June 18 Mars will return again to the 12th degree of Scales and will repeat a quadrature to Pluton which started bloody events in April. After a short respite us again will return to a difficult situation of opposition and confrontation. It will be very dangerous time when it is possible to expect provocations, mass riots and new blood.

Aggravates a situation a full moon on June 13, and also passing of the Black Moon on the Lion. The quadrature between Scales and the Capricorn is a collision of the right and lawlessness, injustice of the power and people indignation. There is also a danger of natural cataclysms, especially in mountain areas.

After an intense quadrature it is possible to designate a relative discharge day of a summer solstice on June 21 which traditionally connect with clarification, release from a negative, and also – with love games. The longest day in a year really possesses special power and gives a fine charge of cheerfulness and fun. It is very important to carry out on June 21 rather festively. Surely make walk, sit in a garden, take a walk in park, be filled with the Sun, greet it at a dawn and see off him at sunset. Try this day with anybody not to quarrel, accept everything and all and be benevolent and kind.

Already next day – on June 22, we again should test negative influence of planets. Mars will appear in opposition to Uranium that besides is repetition of April aspect. However, in April, 2014 Mars attacked at the same time both Pluton, and Uranium, and in June it will return to them serially that essentially reduces danger. But after all the period from June 22 to June 30 in any way you will not call favorable. The greatest danger is represented by unexpected events which fall, suddenly. At the end of May it is undesirable to fly, do long flights. In general it is necessary to be afraid of all unforeseen. It is necessary to weigh all steps carefully. If in your personal horoscope there is a strong activity of Mars and Uranium, it is necessary for you to show the increased care. Not for all these the period will be connected with catastrophic danger, but after all in order to avoid troubles cancel distant trips and especially important issues.

In spite of the fact that it is possible to designate June rightfully critical month, it will be favorable for love, the personal relations and financial affairs. Especially it concerns on June 1-10 and the end of month. Try all attention from trips, flights and confrontations in any kind to transfer to your private life, work or business.

Venus in the Taurus strengthens the relations, adjusts on love, a family, the harmonious relations with children and relatives. It also promotes earnings, gives increase of the income, helps to make the correct decisions concerning finance. It will be good time for rest, the entertainments, pleasant pastime and fun.

Consecutive quadratures of Mars can be neutralized good mood, belief in the best and the correct actions. Once again I will repeat – keep common sense, do not give in to influence of emotions, especially emotions of fear, offense and revenge. With 11 on 18 and from June 22 to June 30 do not assume big physical activities, watch pressure, a state of health, have more a rest and keep optimism. Retrogradny Mercury will brake many affairs therefore do not try to achieve everything at once. Act carefully and it is thought over. But you will have time to have a rest, do household chores, to plant flowers, to sit in a garden with the book, to relax and be prepared for active July.