Horoscope for June, 2014 for all Zodiac signs.

Horoscope for June, 2014 for all Zodiac signs.

Aries. It is good, if at this time you can have a rest outdoors together with a family, work in a garden, on a kitchen garden. In the third decade you are capable to reach quite good results in sports. Any serious changes are improbable. General power of this period rather positive. All June you should work over new projects. The begun problems in own house (it is possible, it only repair) will be stretched till the end of June. At the same time Venus will add to you shine and the charm, inexplicable charm will involve an opposite sex. Work with documents, signing of contracts in June, probably, will present to you success.

Taurus. Good month for work in the sphere of finance, for search of new business partners. However, results of your efforts will be appreciable only next month. At the beginning of June avoid the conflicts, in particular because of money. The arrangement of planets has a kind feeling to you, your ability to be pleasant and make money create worthy image which in June will amplify. If you yet did not establish a family, all June – excellent time for the device of your private life. This favorable time for romantic acquaintances and a marriage.

Twins. June – the month favorable for love and manifestation of your abilities. At the beginning of June there can be a disputed period. In the middle of the month you will communicate much. These contacts can grow in the long relations which become very expensive to you. The third decade can appear very successful. During this period all attention give to business and personal contacts. June provides to Twins many new possibilities. From the middle till the end of June you will manage to have a rest well, having made travel to the distant countries.

Cancer. In the first half of month try to conduct quiet, measured life, have more a rest, do not aspire to high achievements. Till June 18 we do not recommend to begin new affairs. The third decade can be used both for work and trips, and for rest. In June Cancers will manage to earn not bad, however all acquired means can be spent for the health amendment. During the same period pay much attention to household and family chores.

Lion. At the beginning of a month of a planet will help you with spiritual occupations, in creativity. The outdoor recreation, especially at water, will force you to forget about infinite problems. At the end of the first and the beginning of the second decade not everything at you will smoothly be in business. In the middle of June the circle of your partners can change. In sense of earnings for you it is unsuccessful month. The condition of a stress develops of material problems, judicial failures and the unimportant relations in a family and with business partners. Houses expect you change in the form of repair or shift.

Maiden. The beginning of month will be difficult concerning work and trips. You will face unexpected obstacles. In the second decade of a problem it is better to solve in turn. In the third decade at you everything will start to turn out, affairs will actively go forward, and communication with friends will appear both pleasant, and useful. June is very favorable for you, despite some misunderstanding with friends. At the end of this month reference points will be displaced towards career.

Scales. At the beginning of a month study and public work will move ahead hardly. The trip can be spoiled by long delays in a way and annoying accidents. The beginning of the second decade favorably for love. In the third decade Scales are inclined to realize the decisions without thinking about external circumstances. In June of a star will be entirely on your party, and your charm without effort will allow you to achieve reciprocity in any case. With arrival of a summer heat the time of formation of career will come, that is many Scales will rise by a step above on a glory ladder. In June you can meet the man from whom trouble will follow. Therefore be vigilant and careful.

Scorpion. In the first half of month you are expected by difficulty in financial affairs, negotiations, relationship with influential people, in private life. At the same time this time remarkably is suitable for unbusinesslike trips, especially distant, and scientific work. The third decade is favorable for any kinds of activity. At the end of June there will be a desire to go abroad. This month it is good to finish the important issues connected with business, real estate, construction, heavy capital long-term investments. You are waited by good changes in the career, a new high position, proximity to the administration and the authorities, respect from subordinates. You will improve good relations with friends.

Sagittarius. In the first two decades of June you will have problems. They will be represented to you very serious though actually they are not that. Some partners can abandon you, their place will be occupied by others. The third decade is successful for trips. It is time to go on leave. You will have very saturated private life. For young Sagittariuses is time of passions. You during this period are very attractive, your relations will have development and will be connected with distant travel. On June 4 you can have very large purchase. At the end of the month there can be also an execution of your most undercover desire.

Goat. The intensive planetary influences connected with your sign, it is not observed. It is possible to devote the first two decades to improving actions. The third decade is optimum for communication, strengthening of relationship, both with partners in business, and with darlings. At the end of June wait for good news. Practically all June small affairs will engross attention of Capricorns. But at the end of the month they will have a desire to relax and leave somewhere to mountains. And in general the luck and good luck this month will be your faithful companions. Everything in your life moves by the correct and very accurately constructed plan.

Aquarius. At the beginning of June obstacles in affairs are possible. Avoid the conflicts to children and darlings. Generally month is favorable for private life, family and household chores, rest and sports occupations. All June at Aquarius it will be good with money. This month is especially successful for stockjobbings and financial operations. Thus categorically it is not recommended to look in a casino – the temptation will push luck is great, as the disappointment from loss will be great. In the middle of June it is necessary to be careful at the use of drugs, alcohol drinks as the probability of poisonings with serious consequences is great. In the negative period of June Aquarius will be subject to chronic illnesses, pressure differences that will affect the lowered tone. Therefore give more attention to the health.

Fishes. June is very favorable for you. In the first half of month you will meet interesting people. There will be new creative plans. The end of month spend quietly, have a rest from important issues. In June you have all preconditions for career growth; successes in professional activity will be promoted by self-reliance. You have every chance to succeed, it is necessary to show backbone only. This month you can have the unexpected earnings, the repaid debts, pleasant gifts. There is a success in business, especially with support of friends. You are waited unexpected, but by pleasant events in private life.

The author – astrologer Anna Falileeva