Three types of behavior of people. Cardinal type.

Three types of behavior of people. Cardinal type.

Our everyday life such is that daily we should play a set of the most different roles. And it is frequent, when we are in any relations with our assistants, partners or children, we have situations when the assumed role dictates us rules of our behavior. A certain paradox turns out: we want to express most fully ourselves, the "I", but are constantly compelled to spend many forces and energy for realization only its any parts, and even roles not so peculiar to us.

Therefore it is not casual that many of those who is engaged in self-realization, addressed today to an astrology to receive additional useful information about themselves and about the relations which the person enters throughout all the life. We will manage to realize better the potentials if we will understand, than we differ from the friends or other persons with whom pushes together us life.

Let’s try to explain one of the reasons of our dissimilarity on others.

It is most easier to try to understand it, using three models of behavior known in an astrology. It is cardinal, fixed and mutabelny (or variable) behavior types – such terms are applied in an astrology, and it is easy to define them in any card because all zodiac signs (a basis of bases of an astrology) share on these three groups.

Cardinal zodiac signs – the Aries, the Cancer, Scales and the Capricorn; the fixed – the Taurus, the Lion, the Scorpion and Aquarius; mutabelny are Twins, the Maiden, the Sagittarius and Fishes.

To find out, what of these types prevails in your character, it is necessary to count simply what signs of type are more often than others are involved in yours (or in someone’s another) the birth chart. If one of these three types has much higher number, than others two, it defines style of your behavior more often.

It is very simple!

Let’s consider such example.

Let’s say you were born on January 2, 1974. эфемерид (if you have them) or according to available appropriate computer programs you determine by tables, in what zodiac signs there were that day planets, and write out these data.

Here that at us it turned out:

The sun is in the Capricorn is the first cardinal point;

The moon in a sign of the Aries – one more cardinal point;

Mercury in the Capricorn – again a cardinal sign;

Venus in Aquarius is the fixed sign;

Mars in the Taurus – the fixed sign;

Floodlight in Aquarius – the fixed sign;

Saturn in the Cancer – a cardinal sign;

Uranium in Scales – a cardinal sign;

The Neptune in the Sagittarius – a mutabelny sign;

Pluton in Scales – a cardinal sign.

Now it is easy to define prevailing type. In this case cardinal signs (6 of 10) more often met. And if you were born this day, then your traits of character, most likely, are inherent in cardinal type. The lines corresponding to fixed type of behavior, are shown more poorly, but the traits of character corresponding to mutabelny type worst of all are shown.

Here it is necessary to remind that at each person there are the lines corresponding to all three types of behavior, and the pure type meets extremely seldom. Usually any of types prevails over others, but it is supplemented with lines inherent in them.

Let’s try understand, how people at whom this or that type of behavior prevails behave.

Cardinal type of behavior

Three types of behavior of people. Cardinal type.If at you, your partner in life or your children cardinal signs are most of all involved, such people are held apart literally by desire right there to start to operate. Movement, active actions and a mobile way of life are simply necessary for them, differently they quickly start to test boredom and their creative potential can simply fuse.

People of cardinal type of behavior personify fearlessness, and as an incentive factor to start implementation of any projects for them action serves. As they are ready to take the lead, they often become leaders. The biggest shortcoming in the presence of many planets of the birth chart in cardinal signs is that on their fire too much iron at the same time melts. Such persons which begin one thousand affairs are familiar to all of us, but extremely seldom finish them.

If you deal with strong cardinal identity, then direct confrontation – the best way to bring all problems to naught, and to make it it will be necessary so quickly, as far as possible! Best of all in this situation resistant, but benevolent defense as they are not capable to wait long, and besides it is easy to discourage them. To help the person of cardinal type to finish its undertakings, he should establish short terms of performance all the time. If the purpose is rather huge, it is better to break it into a row small which can be executed quickly enough.

As you already understood, the patience is not their main advantage! If you gather somewhere with the person of strong cardinal type, irrespective of, the adult it or the child, take care of taking with yourself enough toys, books, pictures, etc., or be convinced that you have many subjects for discussion, because they need to have something to occupy themselves.