Astrological forecast for May, 2014.

Astrological forecast for May, 2014.

Here we also worried heavy April. All month were strewed on our unfortunate heads one negative event behind another: On April 15 there was a total lunar eclipse while Mars as much as possible came nearer to the earth and stood in opposition to Mercury and three large planets – to Jupiter, Uranium and Pluton. In the sky it was possible to observe so-called «the bloody Moon», that is the Moon painted in blood-red color that is a harbinger of wars and cataclysms.

From the point of view of a science, bloody the Moon becomes because it, even entering into Earth shadow, continues to be shined with sunshine. As the terrestrial atmosphere is most transparent for beams of a red-orange part of a range, they are brighter than others shine the Moon surface that creates such unusual and visually ominous effect.

After a lunar eclipse we could endure a ring-shaped solar eclipse which occurred quite recently, on April 29. From all types of eclipses ring-shaped eclipses – the most interesting and the most important. They awaken a karmic resonance and are indicators of karmic events, influencing destinies not only people, but also the countries, and the states. The eclipse is connected on April 29 with a zone of the Taurus that points to difficulties in the economic sphere, deprives of us confidence and durability in financial affairs.

During the period between April 15th and 29th the Sun was in Sohn Keith – in so-called "underworld" of the Zodiac. This small site between the Aries and the Taurus often brings destruction and problems, serves as a peculiar power funnel which sucks in and does not give an exit. The whale awakens aggression and irreconcilability in people, raises the most low feelings, leads to disorders and quarrels.

The April endured by us was really unique on astrological indicators. It is enough to tell that planets this month made the Big cross in cardinal signs that influences masses of people, leads to big social shocks and natural cataclysms. We as early as will feel more many years influence of this April cross and eclipses.

  • But now, when the Taurus completely came into the own, it is possible to breathe at last sigh of relief and to be delighted to that the worst – already behind. Now we should deal only with consequences endured and to solve our current problems. The next similar period will come this year only in October. But October after all will not be such fatal and powerful on impact on our life and a karma, as April.

In the first days of May our life will be still influenced by just last eclipse. But already on May 5-6 the situation will change. At this time over Earth will pass a windfall of Eta-Akvaridy or May Akvarida (from 70 meteors at an o’clock), connected with the well-known comet Gallia.

This the most known among periodic comets comes back to the Sun each 76 years. The first authentic supervision of this heavenly page called in honor of Edmund Galleya, its emergence which has opened periodicity, belongs to 240 BC.

Since the most ancient supervision fixed in historical sources of China and Babylon, at least 30 emergence of a comet was noted. Very many saw this comet with open years in its last arrival in 1986. Now it moves to external borders of Solar system. Its following passing through perigely is expected in 2061.

  • The radiant of a meteoric rain will be on May 5-6 in the region of constellation Aquarius that will help us to be released from the collected problems. In any sense it will be a cleaning and fertile rain which will help us to make transition from gloomy April by joyful and optimistical May.

Very interesting astronomical event of May – Sun opposition to Saturn. This time any more Mars, and Saturn will be in the most short distance from Earth that will make it well visible in the sky.

  • Since May 10 Saturn will start to bring an order and regularity in our life, promoting the reasonable, thought-over decisions and a victory of reason over emotions.

May – time of the Taurus and Venus therefore no wonder that to us will want pleasures, fun, wellbeing and rest that planets to us and will provide. For all month Jupiter will do favorable aspects at first to Proserpine, and then to Chiron and Saturn that will help much to amend financial situation, to get the income and profit, to reach certain results in the material sphere. It also will be successful time for rest, travel and sports, communication with the nature.

In May favorably to open the new enterprises, seriously to be engaged in business, to ask salary increases. Generally month will pass very smoothly, many people can achieve the purposes. Favorably to embody your long born plans, even adventures this month can successfully end, but only in case you will apply for this effort.

Thanks to active Venus in the Aries, May, 2014 is very favorable for personal relations. Very well them somehow to order, be defined, make the most clear and certain for both parties.

  • This suitable time for the hand and heart offer, for wedding, to start joint life, for creation of the long-term relations. The middle of month – is especially favorable from May 10 to May 20 for this purpose.

If you planned large purchases for May, it is necessary to consider that they should be considered. It is not necessary to be fond of expenditure for small pleasures too. It is better to save and make necessary purchases, for example, for the house or a garden site. It is important to be engaged in also own health, a healthy food and diets.

May, 2014 – time of political and economic reforms, when considerable fluctuation in prices of the world market (and as a result – regional), first of all because of fluctuation in prices of raw material resources is probable. In political sense May, 2014 can appear quite rough. Anything surprising – the April storm cannot instantly cease.

  • But in private life everything will successfully develop. In May we are waited by new sudden acquaintances and the relations, intimacies and contacts.

It will be good month for scientists and art, ability of creativity increases, the world of feelings and passions is raised, impulsiveness amplifies. Many can achieve external success and shine, popularity and popularity, public success and social lifting.

Coming month is suitable for spiritual occupations and mental work, for a science and equipment, art and creativity, for researches, opening, for all harmonious, connected with culture, music and painting. There can be new unexpected communications, the world of feelings and passions that is good for spiritual occupations and for mental work is updated.

  • Many, but especially – Arieses, Aquarius and Tauruses – will test emotional freedom and pleasure of life.

Thanks to active Mars in May the ambition and aspiration to the new raises. At this time it is possible to be engaged in new affairs and the enterprises. At the best planets excite, force to include will, actively to prove, cause requirement to fight for itself and the interests.

Enjoy advantages of this month and move directly to the purpose!

Astrologer Anna Falileeva