Uranium – the initiator of transformation of a course of life.

Uranium - the initiator of transformation of a course of life. Power points of destiny are drawn by Uranium

Energy of Uranium is very difficult for a physical body, provoking a spasm. To remove a spasm it is possible only movement that blood in the grown dumb muscle started to pulse…

This planet электризует everything, beating out the person from blocking of thinking, bad habits, inert belief and traditions. It is impossible to call these situations unequivocally constructive or destructive. Under the influence of Uranium the emotional and intellectual sphere falls at the same time and shined with inspiration. Finding of freedom positively, means also discharge from the family through scandal and a clap a door too is positive. It is possible to tell and the return, freedom at the price of sleeplessness and stenocardia of parents, a loss in money and safety of the person – it is negative.

The person opens to perception of new experience through the injuring crises which are cutting off the past irrevocably. In similar situations always there is a danger to splash out water from a bath together with the child. In a transition period of transformation it is more useful to build new positions for a survival, to dig entrenchments, to take care of that transports with provisions and cartridges did not lag behind. Otherwise to be at war at new boundaries there will be nothing. Rejecting the relations which are holding down development, it is impossible to transfer problems of your personal growth on the person of the opponent:" I from you leave, because you are a sloven, stupid, the loser, mother’s darling". Actually, you want freedom! As it will turn out to use freedom, in the benefit or in the evil while it is not known. Hanging labels, you involuntarily attempt upon personal values of the partner. Where the guarantee that your future partner will not arrive with you as it is thoughtless and cruel. Let’s remember the fable about the Dragonfly and the Ant. Leaving the house and the person, be grateful for a shelter and caress. After all once to you with them it was good. It is dangerous to burn all the boats – on the ashes of bread you will not ask.

Thanks to the developed intuition people have unique ability to extend from subconsciousness the necessary information in fractions of a second and consequently carefree walk on the brink of a precipice, precisely confident in the safety. Though to be proud of invulnerability and to manage to provide really it – different things.

Active aspects with Uranium always indicate submission of control of the person on Universal Reason, doing nervous system capable to big overloads. Speed of processing of information, at least, a hundred times quicker than the most up-to-date computer. The person an unknown way with storm speed bears to receiving result. Explain stage-by-stage achievement of result it cannot. Absent-mindedness and an inattention to people in this case it is justified by concentration on thought and creative processes.

In destiny of the average inhabitant occupied with physical work, far from torments and the excitements connected with intellectual and creative talent, active aspects of Uranium carry always out a shock therapy, put the person before an external event to which it is necessary to react instantly, without thoughts. The critical analysis will be then, at a leisure. Simply speaking, active aspect of Uranium – a good kick under the back to the person who is resting on laurels of former achievements and practices, got stuck in routine of ordinary life. Such period can coincide with crisis of age 21, 42, 63 years, it can appear a phase or an antiphase of Lunar knots (a cycle Sarosa) with the period of 9,5 years, return of Saturn 29,5 and 59 years, change of a social role on beams of the Star of Magicians (the Hero, the Slogger, the Sly fellow, the Victim, Shkurnik, the Idol, the Pedant) every 10 years.

In elements of Fire

  • With a sign of the Aries – Uranium. Chaos, willfulness, declaration of life-giving idea. (I have a board and a sword)
  • With a sign of the Lion – Uranium. Implementation of creative idea or project.
  • With a sign of the Sagittarius – Uranium. Gain and protection organization. (I will collect a national militia)

In elements of Air

  • With a sign Twins – Uranium. Chaos, primary accumulation of information.
  • With a sign Scales – Uranium. Search of a compromise, way to prove expediency and legitimacy of new idea, project.
  • With the sign Aquarius – Uranium. Freedom of realization in the spirit of.

In elements of Earth

  • With a sign of the Taurus – Uranium. Cult of a sound beautiful body, as soul receptacles.
  • With a sign of the Maiden – Uranium. Service understanding as missions, significant purpose.
  • With the sign Capricorn – Uranium. Providing, granting, chance donation for a survival of other people

In elements of Water

  • With the Cancer sign – Uranium. Love terrestrial to mother, the woman, the small homeland (I accept or I reject)
  • With a sign of the Scorpion – Uranium. Equality or submission in the long-term union (I destroy or I create)
  • With a sign of Fish – Uranium. I trust wisdom of life or I live in a hell (I look for rest or I blow up it).

Active Uranium does the person tempered to stresses. Honey this life you will not call. The inspiration of creativity, indispensable presence of talent, intellectual endowments brightens up difficult destiny. The person can long not guess the brilliant possibilities and extraordinary abilities. That was not realized as a profession, can become a hobby, be shown as a trait of character. Gift can be handed down to the child. Such pearls in a sort are not lost. During the periods of activity of Uranium it will surely be presented to find a case them.

Uranium – the initiator of transformation

In destiny of the certain person aspects 90, 180, 270th hail. transit Uranium to degree of natal Uranium mean four important periods: youth till 21 year, youth till 42 years, a maturity till 63 years, an old age till 84 years. In these points there is a transformation of feeling of freedom, an individual way of development, awareness of own uniqueness.

Youth till 21 year – Shkurnik and the Idol

Here the consumer relation to life is justified by the survival program. The person as the powerful vacuum cleaner grasps food, information. Impressions, feelings. Brightly endures emotional tension and discharges, lives as the actor on a scene, dreaming to play different roles on public and to receive squall of an applause. I "want", "Give" and 14 more base words as at lyudoyedki Ellochki. Contact of the right and left hemisphere works poorly (especially if the kid passed a stage of the toddler, and at once went). The person does not suspect about an internal voice, from external voices the head hoots. Concepts of conscience, shame, good, and the evil are dim and one-sided, in practical life are not identified with real acts (the act at desire or coercion at first comes true, – then the overdue analysis and the compelled repentance or bravado: «yes, here such I am g….») Outlook is shaky, belief change depending on an environment.

The senior generation which has safely forgotten the children’s fears, problems пубертата, youth throwings, is inclined to a public prosecutor’s position: to supervise, convict, threaten, limit, to punish.

Lessons of the first, second and third charkas – study of base requirements of the personality. Should master skills of self-service. "I want to learn соразмерять the desire price. I can reach wished and to wish achievable". The person acquires last experience of a family, society, a classical science and equipment, creates the base for introduction of innovative and creative ideas. Karmic questions: independence, self-sufficiency, the independence supported with real ability this independence to provide at the expense of own resources.

The child receives the first experience of corporal contact to darling through mother. In partnership – "mother child" the person opens and shows the I "want". Mother learns the child to adapt in partnership, to adapt desires for life realities. From mother the personality receives a bag of bad stereotypes, unusable limiting installations from which, in process of a growing, refuses for the sake of acceptance of new positive experience. The stereotypes of the behavior which have not been worked in time, can turn private and intimate life into a real nightmare. «The love boat broke about a life». Perceiving the festive party of the love relations as a dominant, the person hardly reconciles to need to perceive marriage as the long-term project demanding considerable investments of time, energy, appliances, care and mutual readiness for a compromise.

In school education it is possible to fill gaps at any stage of development at any age, there would be an incentive … Gaps of stage-by-stage development of the personality respond more fatal consequences in health, money and destiny.

Youth till 42 years – the Slogger and the Sly fellow

The consumer relation to life gradually changes on need and desire to share, care, sponsor, protect. Matrimonial duties – for a long time, a parental duty – forever: these reins rebuff a caracoling horse. Moral concepts: the duty, honor, conscience are formed under the influence of the correcting conflicts in the outside world. This beginning of big internal work: base concepts about borders legal become stronger, there is a shame for deeds without witnesses, a remorse for excess of the power or necessary defense. The person learns to ask forgiveness with all the heart. Sincerely to repent of a mistake or deliberate action.

The senior generation flaunts a knowledge of life, complains of destiny. The distance of lawyers with maturing children increases sometimes till the sizes of an abyss. It is necessary to remind that energy of a sort is always directed towards descendants. To blackmail children with reproaches in an ingratitude it is silly and cruel.

In 21 years there is a disposal of total control of parents and there is a need to adopt function of the controler over own child. In questions of education, a mode and an order of people sometimes unconsciously copies an image of a blood family. As the spouse, the member of other sort, too wants to copy an image of a blood family, there is a mass of the inharmonious moments. Especially, if a young pair, establishing a family on sexual motives, did not reflect on distinctions of race, cash desk and a caste; to name the child Aslanbek or Boris, in what faith to christen the child how to adapt to cultural and family traditions of relatives of the spouse? On hot kitchen fights energy to the detriment of harmonious development of descendants leaves. And it is already future problem of a patrimonial karma. Especially if at the relation to children there are negative moments which offended the parent and humiliated in a blood family. That the person it is critical apprehended defects of the function of the parent and the tutor, by 42 years it has grandsons. They will revenge his harmful children for a headache and sleepless nights.

In 42 years, observing as children as they address with his juvenile grandsons build the private life, the person tests overdue repentance and understands that made not to correct. Tests sense of guilt and, of course, becomes the trouble-free donor for growing-up grandsons. Crisis of middle age is caused by aspiration of the person to use authority as the expert in a profession, to invest energy in descendants, and … to return youth. And men and women after 42 years start to direct a lustre at a body, change image, show readiness to meet new love or toil with memories of the first love. That is try to move equally actively in three directions. As result the first serious failures on health. Our body, a suit of immortal soul, starts to creep away on seams. Emergency dumping of energy on power sheaves in favor of the relative – the recipient being in danger, can bring such person on a hospital bed with a heart attack, a stroke or owing to accident. Mars governs will and desires, it and punishes sudden frustration of health for a barbarous overexpenditure of energy.

Maturity till 63 years – the Hero and the Victim

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched, here also came it is time to bring the first results: on what the energy of implementation granted by Gods and is spent it comes. What made, whom became? The hero is focused on the outside world, there its stadium. Armed with the experience, tempered in fights for a place in the sun reaps the fruits of victories: recognition of merits, good material level, rather strong physical form. But also cold parent, formal spouse.

The victim is focused on the world internal: its achievements in the passable lessons of mercy, service.

In maturity there is a focus to change of priorities. The hero is tired to rest on laurels and wants to address to a new subject – to research of processes of an inner world. Contact of hemispheres of a brain the ideal. The person is ready to make use of personal and others’ experience of the rational world for judgment in other plane. Having released from the solution of karmic problems of service, the Victim comes to need to realize as identity. With habitual eagerness and patience it opens for herself: except duties also the rights exist!!! There is a right to have the right, the right to refuse a request, the right to ask, take, the right to success. But also freedom to feel, think, feel and choose.

The maturity – is time, when it is time to refuse from perishable for the sake of the imperishable. The person can pass this age for transformation, continuing a way on a nayezzhenny track. Having retired, he risks to feel unnecessary, uninteresting, unclaimed, possibly, it will have many claims and reproaches. Social, friendly, friendly relations disappeared by itself, means, native are doomed to angry grumble and spiteful criticism every other day and every day. It also is the most reliable way by a lonely old age, a hospital bed and a suitcase of drugs in kitchen.

In 63 years transformation of feeling of freedom is connected with release from desires of a body. The passion is replaced by warm tenderness, delicate care. Energy for contemplation, the analysis, judgments is released. There is time for creativity, a hobby, communication with the nature. The person addresses to spiritual and philosophical questions. Communication with descendants passes to a new step. The grandmother and the grandfather in vanity paid off earlier with gifts, now they want to give attention, caress, understanding, a consolation. At this age grandfathers and grandsons really start to be on friendly terms. Children too managed to get rid of youthful maximalism and with big understanding and patience treat criticism of seniors. Growing gray sons and daughters start to ask for suggestions, discuss important questions. The person, honest fulfilling karmic debts, by 63 years becomes the center of gravity for descendants. In the worst option – loneliness as a way to motivate the person on critical judgment of the passable way, to forgive and repent.

Old age – the Pedant

Happy it is time for those who moved a good course, honestly learned the lessons of life corresponding to a sex, age and situation. Long-awaited freedom for contemplation, judgments of processes of life, for communication pleasing heart, a hobby, travel. What pleasure to cease to rush about the become stupid sheep in a burning shed, to cease to live reflection of another’s life and to take care of the own life!

Much more modestly living conditions for those who for various reasons missed transformation time look. These persons painfully endure a condition of emptiness, information vacuum. Focused on the outside world, they appear in perplexity, having faced need to solve problems of the world internal. Having lost a support in people, without having found in itself rest, they cannot decide to step over a church threshold. Refusal of permission of spiritual problems and sincere sufferings shortens a century. They and on the deathbed are perplexed: «For what?»

In an old age of desire of a body are transformed towards restrictions and an ascesis. Feelings, feelings thus become aggravated, there is an ability to play over time (to stretch or compress time.) Also the center of gravity down is displaced, big energy is thus liberated. Physically weakened person can make work quicker and more qualitatively, than young, radiating with health. The intuition prevails over logic. Memory, we will notice, random access memory – the servant of rational thinking, weakens. But ability to hear and perceive body signals becomes more active сенсорика. After 80 years ability to absorb impression becomes again same powerful and active as at the baby who by five years from the silly little chap turns into the personality and acquires for short term information chasm.

Why the wise nature so arranged: to the person in the twilight of life to accept in subconsciousness huge archive of images and impressions? The great-grandfather creates information stock, without challenging its quality and quantity, not with a protest, and with philosophical tranquillity, with gratitude for each lived day. This archive of the great-grandfather is transferred to descendants as patrimonial memory through a genetic code. It is improbably important, that the great-grandfather was in a composure condition, looked at the world as a full lazy cat, having blinked an eye. Such way of perception of impressions tells to descendants feeling of safety and trust to life process.

The great-grandmother to this age can badly see and hear, even at our rational look, hardly think, but in archive banal conversation about that, about this, and its feelings and feeling in the presence of the loved one, and that she thus thinks lays down not. Bring to the old woman tasty, take by a hand, brush hair, stroke the grown dumb back, here then for sincere health of descendants it is possible to be quiet.

In 84 years Uranium grants to the person the second breath, updating of vital forces. The highest hierarches return to the person pleasure of young curiosity to world knowledge. The person sees habitual things and the relations in New harmonious World, relationships of cause and effect of events become clear as the multiplication table. Wisdom comes not the every years, and with the passable lessons. If the person did not shirk responsibility for the accepted decisions, he will bless the old age. The scratch of a worn-out body does not muffle pleasure of life. That flew by off-screen on the autopilot, starts to bring pleasure: smell of fresh morning, taste of warm bread, voice of the loved one, touch of convenient linen. The person starts to understand value and wisdom of the Universe. His life becomes really intelligent and fertile as soon as he managed to jump off from a damned squirrel wheel.

At the burdened karmic responsibility long life is given to the person for repentance and forgiveness. It loses possibility to switch off painful memoirs: does not want to live, and cannot die. It is possible to live and die only in the present, and it is compelled to be in the past. As a rule, its power communications with ancestors are already lost, and the dope for permission of a difficult situation a family egregor give it cannot. At the expense of own resources of people should reconcile with itself and people. His biological lineal descendants can turn away from it in old age, having charged care of the aged parent to someone to another, and to forget about his existence.