Horoscope for December, 2014.

Horoscope for December, 2014.

December is called in the people gate of winter. This time of severe frosts, the shortest days in a year, deep immersion in a kingdom of Saturn which personifies winter, cold and tests. At the same time December – month festive: On December 10-17 the Jewish Hanukkah, on December 25 – Catholic Christmas, on December 31 – New Year. New Year’s holidays – two Christmases and two New years, and then also east New year come nearer.

The end of the year always obliges to complete, finish all affairs, to sum up, to repay debts. Generally, it is necessary to hurry to make all most important this month that, God forbid, did not remain any incomplete affairs for holidays and on new life in new 2015. Saturn in many respects will define character of those events which wait for us in December.

Saturn was in the Scorpion more than two years, creating the atmosphere of threat and troubles. From all possible options finding of a planet in the Scorpion – one of the heaviest. Since October, 2012, we endured long tests, various difficult situations, overcame a negative. Saturn in the Scorpion brought aggression, hostility, alienation, quarrels, separations and stains.

Many of us because of negative influence of a planet appeared on the verge of serious losses including financial, and could even face death and dangerous diseases. The planet brings cruel tests, checks us on firmness and a fortress and forces to operate contrary to circumstances, to fight for the life.

Two long years to us were necessary to temper the will and to struggle with the fears and complexes, to leave illusions and to learn to look soberly at life. Many endured the periods of a depression and pessimism, offense on others and terrible despair. Though world financial crisis lasts about six years, it is possible to designate the last two years the most difficult and unpredictable financially.

The conflict of Russia to Ukraine which earlier anybody from us could not present itself(himself) even in the most bad dream appeared the most deafening event which occurred in standing of Saturn in the Scorpion, certainly. Saturn in a tandem with the manager of the Scorpion Pluton opened and bared that was hidden and decayed inside, put all of us before need of a choice and actions. The planet in this case provoked an extreme form of destruction, death and war which will inevitably have consequences and will influence all spheres of our life, and especially – on economy and welfare.

But there is also a good news. Standing of Saturn in the Scorpion approaches this time in the end! Next time Saturn will return to this sign only in 2041, in 27 years. On the threshold of New year, on December 23 the planet will pass in the Sagittarius, and gloomy influence of the Scorpion at last will end. Unfortunately, it does not mean the immediate termination of the military conflict. In the sky Pluton’s quadrature to Uranium which provokes flashes of mass aggression still proceeds. But after all this important factor finishes the action, and there is a hope of tension easing.

Influence of a sign of the Sagittarius, namely will be in this sign the majority of planets in December, at last will bring in our life long ago desired activity, will present a set of possibilities, big vital force and great mood. We are expected by a train of holidays and cheerful feasts, the life full of events and pleasant surprises.

With this planet it is connected also very important situation from the astrological point of view – updating of the Sagittarius because of transition of Saturn from the Scorpion in this fiery sign. The Sun will carry out the most part of December in a sign of the Sagittarius, whose symbol – an arrow directed to stars. And to December as to month of the Sagittarius, big vital force and high ideal rushes are peculiar.

This year December is optimum month. This month the Fate gives us the arrangement. In the first half of month especially it will be successful concerning finance. At many their material expectations will be carried out. Successfully will pass planning of next fiscal year. The first week is harmonious, especially in private life. Planets patronize lovers. The successful period for travel.

In the second half of month there will be many obshcheniye, meetings, it is a lot of positive events. At the end of the month of a star will sponsor travelers. On December 30 and 31 – fine days for the termination of current affairs and New Year’s holidays. This period is favorable and for creativity. New year is necessary for celebrating it is noisy, it is joyful and cheerful in a circle of the darlings close, native and friends, having put these a basis of the wellbeing and the family in new 2015.

The beginning of December – suitable time for active actions, for planning of any affairs – holidays or operations, lawsuit or interesting travel. Can appoint to this time the most important issues and operate, without being afraid of a failure or failure. This also favorable time to begin something new, to fight for itself and to defend the rights.

It is connected also by that a leading role will assume at this time Jupiter which forms positive aspects for all month. We will see some positive changes in financial life, in any case Jupiter will hold a situation, and it becomes hardly much worse. Floodlight will make also positive impact and on our private life.

The whole last month Mars, as well as many other planets, was under pressing and constraining influence of Saturn as was in a sign of the Capricorn. But at the very beginning of a month, namely – on December 5, it passes from the Capricorn in Aquarius, and it will open before us absolutely new and dizzy prospects. If earlier we were held down in the actions and compelled to work and strain much, without receiving for it worthy payment, now obviously there comes time of a relaxation and new possibilities for earnings and obtaining the income.

December – fine time for new ideas, the purposes and plans. Now you can already plan and plan the actions for 2015. Being engaged in this fascinating business, do not forget to agree about consultation of the astrologer and in advance learn about what periods of next year are optimum for your undertakings.

Thanks to finding of Mars in Aquarius, we have a possibility to make breakthrough in achievement something earlier unattainable. You can even decide on adventurous acts and receive from it enormous pleasure! At this time it is good to go in for sports, change everything that will wish, and to get rid of everything that it seems to you out-of-date and long ago became boring, especially from old things and furniture.

At the beginning of December Mars not only will pass in Aquarius, but also it will appear in connection with Tarazed – a fixed double star from constellation of the Eagle. Greeks saw in it an eagle sent by Zeus to kidnap Ganymede, become cupbearer on the Olympus. This is the orange bright giant who is at distance of 460 light years from the Sun, and Tarazed a hundred times is more than Sun and in 2500 of times is brighter. If this star settled down on the Sun place, would reach an orbit of Venus.

Tarazed gives brilliant intelligence, aspiration to knowledge, promotes success in literature and art. But warns that extremely big self-conceit and self-confidence can create difficulties in communication. It gives commitment and thirst of activity and self-affirmation, huge energy and true enthusiasm. Influence Tarazed strengthens connection of Mercury with the Sun which speaks about possibility of the successful training, interesting trips and pleasant communication.

Try to use also all advantages of a favorable arrangement of Mercury till December 17. In the second half of month it will pass from the Sagittarius in the Capricorn that limits his possibilities. The most important trips, negotiations, performances and discussions are better for planning for the first half of month.

In the first half of month, on December 12-14, it will be possible to observe one of the most beautiful meteoric heavy rain – a multi-colored stream Geminidov dispersing from bright stars Kastor and Polluks in constellation of Twins. Geminida are numerous and by quantity can create the competition August Perseidam, reaching during the peak of 50-100 meteors in hour.

Geminida will be well visible even under the bright Moon. They can be observed as evening, and since midnight to a dawn. This year the Moon in the last quarter will disturb a few meteoric stream therefore try to see it in the evening before moonrise. Though its peak falls on December 12-14, meteors can be observed during the period from December 6 to December 19.