Horoscope for February, 2015 for all zodiac signs.

Horoscope for February, 2015 for all zodiac signs. Aries

In February you can count on successful financial partnership. But do not hope for success in gamblings, speculation, show business. Some concern can deliver children. There will be a fine possibility to express, to be noticed.

Many Arieses will feel emotional disharmony and deep discontent with that can badly be reflected not only in the relations with people around, but also on work capacity and, as a result, on results of work.

In the first half of February Arieses should reduce a little the business and social activity and more time give to the internal state. Try to put in order your thoughts and feelings, and only after that be engaged in important issues, differently under the influence of negative emotions you can make many short-sighted acts.

In the second half of February Arieses can put things in order in the affairs and was able to turn succession of events to the course wished for. In private life of Arieses new romance novels are improbable. This time is suitable for a little flirtation and courtings, than to start the new, serious relations more. But the family relations of Arieses during this period will develop exclusively safely.


In February you will have new prospects. New acquaintances on affairs and on love are possible. Creation of a family or the strong business union is possible. In the real estate sphere you should solve difficult questions. Surely check legal purity of the transaction and do not contact the doubtful companies.

Planets will demand from Tauruses of persistence and persistence at achievement of goals. In the first half of month nothing will be given to Tauruses simply so, even for the most insignificant success it is necessary to fight. Probably, during this period of February the love relations will demand from Tauruses of the increased emotional return and will develop too roughly whereas Tauruses are more inclined to quiet and predictable succession of events.

The second half of February – quiet and in every respect the favorable period for Tauruses. They can take a vital position which will help to find big confidence of tomorrow and to cease to worry for the future. Try to give more attention to the children and a family.


Twins can receive more perspective position or more comfortable working conditions. But to buy or change the car to them in February it is undesirable. Twins should observe the increased care at a wheel. At the end of the month they can meet the interesting partner, the colleague or the spiritual instructor.

You will be adjusted on new, to thirst for changes, but the first half of February – not so suitable time for sweeping changes. At this time you will be inclined to unreasonable optimism, your business intuition can bring you therefore do not plan for this period of very important issues.

In the second half of February you will manage to get acquainted with interesting people, to expand a circle of contacts. You will manage to put things in order and in the private life. To you the correct understanding of a situation which developed in private life will come, and you without effort will find ways and the methods, necessary to adjust and improve the relation with darling.


February is suitable Cancers for expansion of a family, the birth of children and grandsons. Successful month for love, occupations by art and sports, any creative activity. In the second half of February of Cancers wait for success in intermediary operations, information business.

In February the Cancer can find successful application of the intuition which will be of use kind service in affairs and in the personal relations. This month your sixth sense will unmistakably prompt, properly to lead under these or those circumstances, to turn them to itself on advantage, having avoided thus problems and troubles.

The second half of February will be very successful for Cancers. Wellbeing expects both in work, and in the relations with close people. They will manage to consult with all planned affairs successfully.


Lions in February can successfully prosecute subjects of real estate and finance. However small financial losses because of absent-mindedness and a carelessness are not excluded. Therefore words should be the motto of month: "Seven times measure – one cut off".

This month your behavior can appear insufficiently flexible in order that you could adapt to new circumstances which expect you quickly. Try not to insist on the in situations when it will be more favorable to you to concede and show flexibility. Try to approach to itself only those people who are always ready to support, well you treat and do not hide a stone in the bosom.

The second half of month – the success and prosperity period. At this time planets will present to you many happy possibilities. This suitable time for public statements, active participation in public affairs, studies, private life and work.


The first half of February does not foretell to Maidens of special problems. This period will pass in any special creative lifting, but from the 20th there will come power recession. It is a high time to have a rest. Till the end of a month it is better to Maidens to refrain from any undertakings and changes, be attentive at a wheel.

The maiden can reach everything that conceived, if keeps self-confidence and will not be receded from the planned plans even during those moments when all surrounding people will doubt success. Representatives of this sign can achieve good results in all affairs which success will depend on eloquence and sociability.

The second half of February will bring to Maidens of a problem and complication in love affairs. Planets can push to the wrong decisions and acts. The mood will be unstable. At this time it is better to have a rest and be engaged in commonplaces, not to undertake new affairs.


February is favorable for Scales in the material relation. It is possible to shop, including large. New acquaintances, participation in the organization of public actions, near trips are probable. The end of month will bring a lot of useful information. Try to give more attention to relatives, especially children and old men.

In the first half of month there will be many affairs that can cause nervous and physical overfatigue. There will be many possibilities for communication. You are expected by successes in all business undertakings. For February it is possible to plan such actions, as interview for receipt for work, public statements, transition to new work.

In the second half of month try to relax and have a rest more. This time can appear difficult in respect of the personal relations. People around will criticize you and to show discontent that will be reflected in your self-image.


In February of a planet promise the Scorpion success. Expansion of possibilities and a field of activity is possible. It is good month for travel, studies, scientific activity, teaching. By the end of month you are waited by the material successes connected with real estate, profit on earlier signed contracts and contracts.

It is the period of promising undertakings in all spheres of life. Life of Scorpions will start to change for the better. This month the success and good luck will depend not on surrounding people and circumstances but only only from you – from your endurance, patience and ability everything to count beforehand.

The second half of February promises Scorpions successes on the love front. Favorable aspects of Venus will help lonely Scorpions to draw to themselves attention of an opposite sex and to strike up romantic acquaintance to the pleasant person. At family Scorpions of the relation will become stronger that becomes the reason of great mood and pleasure.


In February the Sagittarius will open for itself absolutely new prospects. It will be possible to it in a new way, more seriously and objectively, to look at many things which seem settled and habitual, and to start realization of favorable vital prospects. Sagittariuses will receive a lot of interesting and important information, learn a lot of the new.

In the first half of February Sagittariuses should pay attention to close people. It is necessary to try to solve all problems connected with private life. Try to keep tranquillity and judiciousness quicker to finish necessary affairs.

The second half of February is suitable for any affairs, but most of all – for rest and cheerful pastime. It is the best period for a trip to the sea or in those places which will help you to restore energy.


February at Capricorns can be connected from the beginning of the romantic relations. Lonely Capricorns the first among signs will feel approach of spring. This month will be favorable also for business.

It will be time of new achievements, both in the work sphere, and in the sphere of the personal relations. But thus Capricorns should worry and worry much in the most different occasions. Try to develop the easy and optimistical relation to life. It will help you to endure all unpredictable zigzags of destiny which expect you for February without special work.

In the second half of February it is very dangerous to participate in risky financial adventures. It is best of all to sum at this time up to what managed to be reached lately, and to plan plans for the near future.


In February at Aquarius career growth is possible, they can promote, direct people. This month they should put into practice actively the ideas and creative projects. However it is not necessary to expect stability in monetary affairs. It is necessary to spend and not to plan for this time large purchases less.

The first half of February is suitable for affairs, work and career more. At this time private life will fade into the background. You will be absorbed by new interesting ideas.

The second half of February will be very successful in every respect. You can successfully solve many problems. Aquarius will have new acquaintances communication with which will bring a variety their life. Pay attention to relatives and especially – to children and grandsons.


February will pass for Fishes as in the fairy tale. Celebrating the birthdays, you will feel huge inflow of forces. February – the quite good period for the solution of questions with real estate, purchases for the house. Not bad there are trading operations. Many favorable offers on business are expected.

You will manage to finish the affairs to the bitter end begun in this month. Planets will give you force and courage, will promote good luck. Call to itself to the aid your remarkable intuition and common sense – they will help you quickly with everything to understand.

In private life Fishes will have many joyful moments, especially in the second half of month. You are expected by many pleasant surprises, elation and creative inspiration thanks to which you can reach considerable successes in the work, especially if in it there is a place for creativity.

Author: astrologer Anna Falileeva