Horoscope for November, 2014.

Horoscope for November, 2014.

November – the last month autumns. The cold wind рыщет on the woods and fields, and in soul appears feeling of fatigue and melancholy. On the street it is cold and uncomfortable. It would be desirable to get quicker to heat of homeliness, to take cover from cold, to escape for fear of loneliness.

Almost always November is a month which is connected with tests. Planets test us "for durability", check our ability to resist to difficulties. It after all time of the Scorpion – the most difficult, mysterious and deep from all zodiac signs which symbolizes death and revival, transformation, transition to new level.

One of symbols of this sign – a bird the Phoenix which revives from ashes. After all not casually Americans celebrate Hellouin at the end of October, as though throwing down to a challenge to own fears and complexes!

After the nature which in November starts to prepare for winter, collecting the hidden forces on the threshold of colds, we will save forces and persistently to struggle with difficult circumstances. Diplomatically benevolent tone in the relations can be replaced with the intensive and passionate. Both in love, and in hatred we will are more passionate and tireless, than usually.

Life will constantly provide us new possibilities both for love and tenderness manifestation, and for fight and opposition. Many of us more usual will be persevering and persistent in achievement of the desirable. But the best line of conduct in November is an internal force and a pressure covered with external tranquillity and reserve. Internal conviction in own correctness and absence of external aggression will bring the greatest success in November.

In an astrology under maintaining the Scorpion and Pluton – his leading planet – there is everything that is connected with the death, unforeseen accidents and incidents which abruptly change our life. In November all of us are in the power of this sign bringing an element of surprise and a stress, collision with troubles.

But first November will not prove completely thanks to favorable aspects of Jupiter and Mercury. It will be fine time for everything that is connected with the intellectual sphere, with education, knowledge acquisition, information use. Very good time for business contacts. It is the good period for business, training and examination, literary and publishing, negotiations and the conclusion of contracts and contracts, for conducting lawsuits and the solution of the confused affairs in any area, for collecting documents and circulation on instances, for travel, long trips.

The situation will sharply be changed on November 9 when Pluton will approach to connection with Mars. There is a danger of various unforeseen events, blow, a stress, collision. At level of the states and the people it can be new flash of intensity and hostilities. It will be very adverse time for large acquisitions, for risk, for financial operations. The most dangerous time – from November 9 to November 13. Avoid any extreme situations and confrontations. Try to solve any questions the world. War, fight, opposition can bring many troubles.

Mars with Pluton is brought by inflow of big force and the energy, creating predisposition to extremely critical moments. There is a real danger of accident. These days it is necessary to leave the house only necessarily. And even at home it is necessary to show care. Fatal blows, life-threatening, disappointments, hostility, losses, nasty plans are possible. Danger of mass accidents raises. It is better to avoid mass congestions of the people at this time. Crowds of people, driving on the high-speed road are dangerous. Transit is characterized by feverish, exciting activity, confusion. The period is from November 9 to November 13 time of an aggravation of all previous problems and karmic payment for the past. Traditionally it is considered that in October we collect fruits of our work within a year. During this period of golden autumn we reap "crop" of our efforts made still in the spring and summer. And here November is a month of karmic payment when we pay for mistakes and misses of year, for all those injust acts that made in the current year.

Danger of negative impact of Pluton will remain all month, but it is the brightest will be expressed in the middle of the month. Will play here a role not only active Mars, but also negative Saturn in connection with Venus. Very important in November to protect money, to save them and to spend only in case you very seriously considered purchase and it is really reasonable. Adventures are very dangerous. It is undesirable to give or borrow. It is also necessary to select business partner very carefully. Participation in business of new people can bring you more losses, than the income. It is best of all to rely on own intuition, instead of on councils of others.

Can exceed the possibilities, assume that to you not under force. It is impossible to visit mass actions, such as meetings or concerts, to go on stadiums, many to go by the car, to exceed speed. It is necessary to avoid crowd, and also long stay in the closed space. Planets create a field of the increased aggression, there can be disputes and quarrels. In the Scorpion subconsciousness especially strongly works. It is necessary to get accustomed to signs and to listen to internal to a voice, not to make any mistake. In order that circumstances did not take us prisoner completely and did not subordinate us to itself, it is necessary to distract and whenever possible to be in the open air much, to visit interesting places, to meet friends, and also to be engaged in that love. The scorpion is a symbol of destruction old and searches new, thus beforehand there is a preparation by the new year, a new cycle when before each of us there will be new tasks. In November by means of problems and failures we partially burn an old karma and we prepare for changes.

From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that in November we will become witnesses of absolutely polar and opposite events. There can be very serious difficulties and obstacles along with unusual pleasure and take-off of emotions. However, there is nothing surprising in these exaggerated feelings. The scorpion is a sign of extremes. It has a pleasure on the verge of pain, and the misfortune is always mixed with pleasure.

In November it will be difficult to find a compromise and common language with partners and relatives. Old friends can show coldness and indifference. It will be very difficult to return an arrangement of those who was inadvertently offended or offended by you. Difficulties in the relations with spouses and spontaneous, fascinating, as hurricane, short-term novels are possible. Pluton sharply strengthens the sphere of feelings, leading up everything to extremes so prepare for tests!

Though November also will appear difficult month, it will bring and a lot of pleasure, and bright impressions. The windfall under Leonida’s name which will pass in the middle of month – on November 16-18 will be one of such remarkable events of November. This meteoric stream – comet fragments Tempelya-Tuttlya – has cyclic character. As well as the majority of meteoric streams, a stream Leonidov usually amplifies after midnight and reaches a maximum before a dawn. In 2014 the decreasing Moon will not disturb too to a "star" rain. The peak of a stream can be observed in the morning on November 17 or, possibly, on November 18. Besides well-known Leonidov we can observe in November meteoric streams under the name Southern and Northern Taurida. Southern Taurida will be shown on November 4-5, and Northern – on November 11-12.

November will bring many difficulties and problems, difficulties and experiences, but at the same time there is a lot of internal force, possibilities, hardness and ability to overcome any obstacles. We will live one more surprising month of the life accompanied by bright windfalls, stubborn Mars in the Capricorn and the powerful Sun in the Scorpion that will help us to overcome everything that will meet on a way!