The moon without a course. When it is not necessary to begin new affairs.

The moon without a course. When it is not necessary to begin new affairs.

You noticed, what sometimes any business is argued, for what undertake? Well and at times you try, try – and any I pound. «And things are right where they started», – as the known author of fables spoke., It seems, everything is already made, all measures are accepted, and business does not move. Or moves, but result at all what you expected. Your work simply do not notice or do not appreciate. It happens with you such? And know why?

The astrology can answer this question. It appears that inefficient and unproductive days coincide with the special provision of the Moon in the sky. The moon, moving on a sky, passes from one sign to another, meets on the way different planets. With one planets shakes hands, as to the good friend, at other planet puts out the tongue, and with the third at all does not wish to communicate. Speaking to astrological language – the Moon does aspects to planets. By aspects of the Moon determine, how there will be these or those affairs.

But there is such day and hour when the Moon solemnly walks on the sky, is proud without paying attention to one planet, without making uniform aspect. And such Moon is called as "single" or the Moon without a course. The Moon during such time has neither forces, nor desires to make any actions. Goes to itself and goes, and where and why, unclear.

Here such periods of life in an astrology are considered empty, unproductive. Any begun business during such period as though fades, does not bring any results, or the date of performance is postponed for an unknown period.

In such days it is not recommended:

  • to begin new affairs;
  • to make crucial decisions;
  • to go to a trip;
  • to sign contracts;
  • to do large monetary investments;
  • to open business;
  • to take the large credit;
  • to begin new projects;
  • to lend money.

Also during the periods of the single Moon it is not necessary to strike up new acquaintances if you count on the long relations as these relations can go "not to that steppe" or to end with full disappointment. It is not necessary to marry and make a declaration of love in such days in such days too not the best option.

If your business is connected with the Internet, in days of the single Moon it is not necessary to open new sites, to register the company, to spread new materials, to write articles or programs.

What to do in such days?

Answer one: NI-ChE-GO. Certainly, not absolutely to hide in the corner at home and to wait, when the Moon will deign to give OK to the conceived business. And it is simple not to undertake anything important that has for you great value that should bring planned result.

Finish earlier begun affairs, be engaged in daily work from which you perfectly consult. And it is very good to be silent, stay more in such days at least let not in external, but in an internal privacy. Clear business that you will not take vacation or the sick-list these days, having specified the reason: «The moon without a course, I in grief». Therefore it is possible both at office, and on production less to speak less to fuss, silently to do the work. Even if your work is connected with contacts, try to postpone all important meetings to other time when the Moon will pass this empty corridor.

But these days you can break off the relations which became obsolete with success, became boring and uninteresting. It is good to throw addictions. Generally, this time when it is possible to finish and finish everything. To finish the personal relations, business connections, to write off the become unfit for use equipment, to refuse everything that long ago any more does not bring any fruits.

As you already understood, houses too it is possible to get rid during this period of unnecessary stuff. And it becomes easier to breathe, and places in the house will be more.

These days you can say goodbye to success with all old thoughts which do not bring in your life anything new and productive but only brake development.

We delete all limiting belief and … we wait the Moon in operation!

The Moon periods without a course for November-December, 2014. November

11/1/2014 10:22 – 11/1/2014 20:37

11/3/2014 13:05 – 11/3/2014 22:53

11/5/2014 17:25 – 11/6/2014 1:33

11/7/2014 20:17 – 11/8/2014 5:45

11/9/2014 20:22 – 11/10/2014 12:38

11/12/2014 13:16 – 11/12/2014 22:44

11/15/2014 6:53 – 11/15/2014 11:08

11/17/2014 15:11 – 11/17/2014 23:30

11/19/2014 18:25 – 11/20/2014 9:31

11/22/2014 9:53 – 11/22/2014 16:19

11/24/2014 7:16 – 11/24/2014 20:31

11/26/2014 19:30 – 11/26/2014 23:23

11/28/2014 21:14 – 11/29/2014 2:03


12/3/2014 6:42 – 12/3/2014 9:15

12/5/2014 10:45 – 12/5/2014 14:28

12/7/2014 13:52 – 12/7/2014 21:34

12/10/2014 4:14 – 12/10/2014 7:14

12/12/2014 16:48 – 12/12/2014 19:19

12/15/2014 6:11 – 12/15/2014 8:05

12/17/2014 9:40 – 12/17/2014 18:52

12/20/2014 1:11 – 12/20/2014 1:55

12/21/2014 16:35 – 12/22/2014 5:25

12/23/2014 7:17 – 12/24/2014 6:52

12/25/2014 19:11 – 12/26/2014 8:07

12/27/2014 19:44 – 12/28/2014 10:35

12/30/2014 4:46 – 12/30/2014 14:56

*Время the Moscow is specified.