Uranium transits, or the Demon in an edge.

Uranium transits, or the Demon in an edge. Who such "a demon in an edge"?

Interesting piece life, and pretty unpredictable. You live to yourself, you live, you go on a nakatanny track, and then suddenly – a bang, Bach, and everything somewhere swept. Whether in Depths of hell, whether in a black hole or the Bermuda Triangle. Why so occurs? Instead of whether to threaten to us on William Shakespeare for the answer to this question? Having threatened, we receive such answer from the great classic: "The morning sun never lasts a day". Here it is so simple. Nothing is eternal. And all here. Resistance is useless, hands up! Not, I joke, to be given here just it is absolutely not necessary. It is best of all to accept changes and to rejoice them as the child to a new toy rejoices. Certainly, changes happen also very painful. But after the lapse of some time we start to understand suddenly that not too it was and it is bad.

Give already closer, as they say, to a body. Oh, to a subject. And a subject at us today the such: who such this demon in an edge which creeps so suddenly to the person and causes in it strong thirst of changes?

There is such planet – Uranium, and it rotates, unlike other "normal" planets, lying on one side. Here such it capricious. Well, wants to rotate to itself not how others, and rotates. What here to do!

Therefore people in which horoscopes Uranium – in particular is strongly shown, it is Aquarius, – such freedom-loving, independent, big originals and inventors. More, than another, the feeling when it would be desirable to throw everything is familiar to them and to rush off on searches of new adventures. In their ears the wind of change whistles – and here they already prepare the ship for departure. Also the storm, nor hurricane is not terrible them neither. And often without any regret they leave those who waves it a kerchief at parting there, on become to the boring and sad I protect, because ahead of them the real adventures wait! Full speed!

Here it, a demon in an edge. It is that Uranium which visits our horoscopes and at times comes when for it at all you do not wait. And all for what? And in order that we did not forget taste of the real adventures. Comes to itself and boldly destroys everything that was constructed for many years and, apparently, already so strongly and is not subject to any destruction. And here it has such impudence – to come and disorganize. Yes who is he such in general? How he dared?

In an astrology the Sun is a King. And Uranium is a clown at the King, witty, wise and acute. As you remember from fairy tales and stories, to the clown is permitted very much and a lot of things. It the tricks bares that in the kingdom diligent hides for years. Here took and at one stroke – бац! – also pulled out outside all sins. Remains that? To do a semi-curve ulybochka, type, it very much everything is pleasant to us. Well, or to be indignant: yes as you dared, a parshivets! But after all we know that it is Uranium, – and to it to a bulb, you want changes or do not want. Here you are. Turn out and undersign! Well, can not undersign at all. For you for a long time undersigned. To put it briefly, enjoy!

So, what the planet of changes can bring in our life Uranium?

Passing on different houses of a horoscope, it a master’s look throws local life and decides that it is time to alter here something, and that somehow dullishly everything looks. It is gray, boringly, long ago bothered and it is uninteresting. If it seems to you it is interesting, your opinion at all does not excite him. At it rotating on one side, a view of things the.

So, passing on the 7th house of a horoscope which, as we know, is responsible for the relations, it can bring changes in your private life. Moreover what! Up to «take away the toys and do not touch my pot». Still yesterday there were well any expensively look, and today all – in offices. But such it happens, of course, not with all at whom Uranium walks on the 7th house, but in any case its arrival there says that from now on will not be boring for you. He is the master of different tricks. The inventor, I will tell to you, still that!

In each house of a horoscope he is late no more not less, and for 7 years. The whole 7 years it introduces there an order on the discretion.

But actually, it only check on durability. Uranium – is like a bolt from the blue declared, as the Gogol auditor. Also asks you: «Energy industry – with how affairs are at you here?»

It is valid time of changes. And this time, when sometimes there is no time to reflect. This time when the person acts, and is spontaneous more often. About such time speak: «How I could to arrive so? What was it with me?»

Passing on the 10th house, it can change your career, will come to the 5th house – you can suddenly fall in love, and it will look as an electric discharge – only one look, and you are already enamoured! Or it can be unexpected pregnancy, unexpected-negadannoye hobby. Different houses of the horoscope, different situations. The only thing that unites Uranium passing on different houses of a horoscope is a surprise, a snogsshibatelnost, a maximum of an extreme and impressions exciting blood.

Aspects of transit Uranium to planets of a horoscope is time of surprises. Aspiration to freedom, original ideas, sudden love or acquaintances. In each horoscope Uranium proves individually, depending on on what house of a horoscope he makes the slow seven-year walk, and from to what planets he decided to communicate – that is does aspect.

How many nonsenses people make at this time – leave a family, give up work. But there is a lot of new and interesting brings with itself Uranium – many on such transits find the love, find itself in new role, open business of which earlier and did not think even in the most courageous dreams, storm heights of mountains or jump with a parachute.

At the age of about 40 years there is an opposition of transit Uranium to Uranium in a birth horoscope. This time of that crisis of middle age. This time when the person is offered to begin all over again to draw the picture of the life with new paints, to make to it changes. Old belief «it is possible, and it is impossible» during this period collapse and do not work. The period of forty-year crisis can be very interesting. This time of release from old habits, from everything that became obsolete itself and it is a pity to you to throw out from the life. Crisis of Uranium excites the person and suggests it to change the life, to start to do what it never did. Certainly, if the person resists to changes and does not want anything to change, this crisis can bring irritation and huge disappointment.

Uranium pushes on changes, but very often the person simply does not see that it needs to change in itself and the life, and starts to break everything that under a hand will get, operating, as an elephant in a crockery bench – the main thing that it was cheerful and unusual! Families fall, successful career – and all in a pursuit of new feelings and adventures breaks. And it was only possible to introduce small amendments in the life, to change itself, without changing another, without breaking thus personal and others’ life.

I on consultation had the married couple which has lived together of 20 years. Got married at institute, the friend without the friend anywhere, though there were quarrels and the conflicts. Everything, as at all. But when time of check of the relation came, here all and became clear. There came day when and Uranium crisis (and they are coevals and consequently this crisis came at once to it and to it at the same time) came to life of this pair. And they suddenly understood that it is necessary urgently to change something.

The wife left work, on which worked years 15 and achieved considerable heights. Work by it seemed intolerable routine. Here simply took, wrote the application and left. Now she is the diplomaed housewife with the higher chemical education. Well anything, but their little son it is good – mother always at home. Realizes the talents in the organization of kindergarten holidays and family celebrations.

And the husband thought up even more interestingly an entertainment how to "note" Uranium arrival. He thought-thought, and decided that this family rather bored it and it would be time also honor to know. Around there are a lot of young and nice girls, and he takes a steam bath in stuffy family, at which eternal problems. And with the little girl it is possible to remember former young years, to shake, so to speak, old times. And so. Not only that it decided and wound in the head struck with Uranium, he decided to have a talk about it with the spouse. Frankly, frankly. Collected a family council how to be. And even behind a cup of tea together – it and it – assorted candidates in his ex-mistress. Even such version as the girlfriend of the wife, was considered on the agenda.

Now they remember this time with a smile, all as enjoying society of each other. It about what speaks? That people have a big trust to each other. And this history at all did not alienate them from each other but only rallied. She apprehended its "calling" absolutely quietly and adequately, having allowed it to dream. It dreamed, dreamed and, having found out that the wife at all does not resist, and even helps it as to the best friend and the loved one to carry out his idea, decided that it is better than it on light there is nobody. And instead of going on searches of the mistress, he threw all the forces into career, was engaged in an efficiency work (after all it just the Uranium subject – new ideas) on production and was highly noted by the administration. Rose on a career ladder, began to go in for sports actively, participates in all sports meets of the enterprise. The wife now for it – the best support and a support. As was to be shown. That is transit of Uranium follows a principle: it is torn where it is thin. And that is strong, becomes stronger even more strongly. Here such happy end, friends.

As a result the majority of people remain are grateful to transits of Uranium which allows to look at the life from other point. To become for a while not such, as usual, and absolutely another, with new desires, ideas, aspirations – unless it not a miracle? Not to be afraid, and to accept itself new, to open in itself that hid guarded day and night, to get out outside the talents, emotions is that the demon in an edge – Uranium will allow to make to you. But, of course, at any deal do not lose the roof which aims to move down at this time from mad ideas. Be open to all new, but do not spit in a well from which perhaps and will be finished to enjoy again voditsa when Uranium will be softened and will sail away on a new station of destination.