Horoscope for 2015 of the Goat. Part one.

Horoscope for 2015 of the Goat. Part one. There is a goat horned…

New 2015 approaches. And, as always, we with excitement ask questions: «What year future prepares for us? What it will be? What it in a year on east calendar?» The ancient Chinese lunar horoscope was created within long years – since 2637 to 61 g AD. A small, most widespread cycle of the Lunar Calendar – 12 years.

In a legend about this calendar it is said that the Buddha before leaving from Earth called to itself all animals. However to say goodbye to the Buddha twelve of them came only. Leaving them, the Buddha handed over to everyone on one year of board. Years were presented in such order in what animals came running to the Buddha: To a rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Cock, Dog, Wild boar.

Coming New 2015 will be year of the Goat, or the Sheep. Let’s call it year of the Goat not to confuse the Sheep to zodiac constellation of the Aries. Its color – blue-green, elements – a tree. This year will be favorable for all who was born in days of the Horse, the Pig, the Rabbit and especially – Goats (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003). They will feel the real favourites of year. This year can be granted of them the most treasured desires.

Goat – very capacious symbol. It personifies life-giving forces, symbolizes fertility and care of livelihood. So, for example, Amalfey’s possessing "horn of plenty" the goat, was the esteemed wet nurse of the Greek god Zeus. The goat is a synonym of female force, appeal and seducement.

Representatives of this sign along with beauty and brightness possess an insight and mind. They do not like to study, but are very smart and will always find a way out of any situation. Under this sign many inventors who with enthusiasm embodied the revolutionary ideas were born. Among them – Thomas Edison, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Bill Gates.

the female goat has the gift to create a cosiness, likes to sew and do needlework, is able to turn each day into a holiday. And the economic men born in days of the Goat, like to make, do repairs, perfectly play musical instruments, own crafts.

Representatives of this sign easily adapt to changing circumstances, thanks to the sharpness and mind can survive in any conditions, they are very unpretentious, can resignedly transfer deprivations and inconveniences.

The goat patronizes the magnificent holidays, rich parties, beautiful presentations, theatrical and sports shows. It promotes rest, diversifies entertainments and helps love affairs.

In 2015 it will be possible to receive unsurpassed impressions on brightness. Look for any occasion to have fun, participate in holidays and festivals, to visit brilliant shows and large sports meets.

It is possible to expect that coming year will bring many positive changes, and, unlike last year to the Horse when changes occurred suddenly, chaotically and chaotically, they will be thought more over and prepared. Everything that is viable, will yield the results, and everything that could not become stronger, will show the insolvency.

Political situation in 2015 of the Goat

Very important quality of the Goat – her peaceful disposition. It gives all of us hope of the world and tranquillity. In 2015 the tendency to settlement of any conflicts, especially military is really planned. To it point also transition of Saturn from the Scorpion in the Sagittarius who occurred on December 23, 2014.

However it does not mean the immediate termination of the military conflicts and collisions. Unfortunately, in the summer Saturn will be included into a phase of a retrogradnost and will return in the Scorpion that points to temporary deterioration of a situation and aggression and hostility strengthening. Besides in the sky Pluton’s quadrature to Uranium which provokes flashes of mass aggression still proceeds.

In the winter and summer of 2015 the probability of emergence and an aggravation of the conflicts, natural disasters, failures is increased, the criminal situation can worsen. Planets can create intensity and in the international political situation, and in the financial and economic sphere.

Ideological, international, religious contradictions can become aggravated. The quadrature of Saturn to Jupiter which will burst on August 3 will be a peculiar peak of trouble this year. After strengthening of negative impacts in August tension will start to fall down.

Personal problems during this period also can become aggravated. But after all these important negative factors finish the action, and there is a hope of tension easing. There are preconditions to that the conflicts will be steadily resolved thanks to search of compromises and concessions from both parties.

The wooden Goat will promote achievement of a consent in controversial questions, will conduct slowly but surely us to the world, tranquillity and need to find a common language. And to us, and politicians it will be simpler to find decisions and to agree at a resolution of conflicts and oppositions.

In 2015 there will be more possibilities to abstain from aggressive actions. In a year of the Goat stability and balance that will impulse to permission of territorial disputes will gradually come back and will begin many peace processes which will be carried out the next years.

Love and family in 2015 of the Goat

The goat – poetical nature, it loves silence, music, poetry. This not so noisy animal: its native elements – Earth, and a planet manager – Saturn. When it is enamoured, becomes gentle and kind, sometimes even uncomplaining and defenseless. Very much loves a family.

But if she feels danger, starts to show absolutely other properties of the character – obstinacy and inflexibility. It is capable of the real feats for the sake of protection of the family.

Year of the Goat is a year love and feminity kingdoms, so there will be many weddings, happy meetings, love. Us will pull to a home, to a family. Children will be born more than in other years.

There will be many meetings, events, acquaintances, pleasures and entertainments. We are expected by quieter and stable year, than previous. Each of us will have more possibilities to deal with our own, personal problems.

About it say many considerable astrological factors – and first of all that during 2015 will be less than rigid, intense, disputed planetary configurations. A number of harmonious, stabilizing aspects will operate at the same time. Their most part is the share of the second half of year.

It will be exclusively successful year for cheerful parties, picnics, joint campaigns and friendship. The lonely have a chance to meet the soulmate. Sexual and in general love life will be full of the unexpected and unforgettable moments, the relations with partners become more open. The goat will bring love and happiness in private life.

How to meet 2015 of the Goat

Surely get some wooden figurines of a goat and put under a fir-tree, and after a holiday – in a case on East side of the house that it brought prosperity. Or buy a picture with the image of being grazed nanny-goats. It is good to have houses a hand bell which can be hung up on a fir-tree, a door or a chandelier.

When will choose the dress for a meeting of New year, prefer green, yellow and dark blue shades. It is possible to use lime, blue, violet and emerald tone, to combine white and green, beige and blue, golden and green colors. The most successful accessories to your dress, certainly, the wooden. A wooden beads and bracelets will be best of all to look.

The most successful gifts for a year of the Goat are nosochka, a mitten, scarfs, scarfs from sheep or goat wool, wooden figurines. It is possible to present a beautiful carpet, pillows and big shaggy toys. One of the best gifts is the horn symbolizing abundance.

As the Goat loves a vegetative variety, on a New Year’s table there should be many vegetable salads, greens, fruit and vegetables. The more fresh products, the better. For example, it is possible to make an edible fir-tree of vegetables – broccoli, paprika and a pomidorok.

Those to whom are available fashion tops, should be ready to include unostentatiously in the toilets the increased obligatory minimum of gold, brilliants and bellows. In a fashion also there will be holidays and carnivals, beauty contests, festivals and bright representations, and also love, it is a lot of love, all about love, whenever possible, too festive and beautiful.

So, on a threshold – year of a silent and modest Goat which came to us with the World. Let’s meet her generously covered table, beautiful gentle music and with heat in heart. I wish you happy holidays and successful year!

The author – astrologer Anna Falileeva