Astrology and karma. Types of a karma. The mature karma, the arising karma, the hidden karma.

Astrology and karma. Types of a karma. The mature karma, the arising karma, the hidden karma.

Astrology – a science ancient. The concept of a karma which not less than 5000 years exist in the Indian philosophy is not less more ancient also. The karma and destiny about which the astrology speaks, are closely connected among themselves. The karmic astrology analyzes, first of all, inheritance of last embodiments.

The relation of the person to many things in this life is defined by his experience of these embodiments. A karma – the law of the nature, such as, for example, the law of universal gravitation. To it is useless to appeal – it is relentless. The law of the Karma supports the balance existing in the world. Any violation of balance involves its inevitable restoration, such is a principle of work of this law. "One must reap as one has sown", – such is the bible formulation of the law of a karma. The world lives under the Karma law which essence the is as follows: each reason involves the corresponding consequences. The person himself creates everything that to it occurs.

Hindu doctrines distinguish three types of a human Karma: The mature Karma, the Hidden Karma, the Arising Karma.

Mature Karma

The mature Karma is already ready for a harvest, and therefore is inevitable. The freedom of choice was in the past; the Choice was made, it is necessary to pay the duty only. One of manifestations of a mature Karma is represented by acts which it is possible to call inevitable. It follows from this that our hidden thoughts direct absolutely definitely our will, and the moment of their performance no more, as a matter of time. In all this for the person there is no choice; its Choice was made in the past when it sowed, now it is necessary to collect a harvest.

Hidden Karma

The hidden Karma is based on the reasons which are continuously generated by our thoughts, desires and acts which happen often are so inconsistent that they cannot be carried out at the same time. There can be also karmic obligations of rather known nation or a certain public group. The "hidden" Karma can be transferred from one embodiment to another and long remain buried, to revive and bear fruit – like the grains found in the Egyptian sarcophagi – as soon as will appear it is available all necessary conditions.

Arising karma

The third look – the arising karma shows that all our destiny develops of our acts. It is worth to remember that our manifestations are infinitely various. If to sum up to everything that we changed the mind, experienced and altered during the day, in the sum of our day Karma will be much both bad, and good: putting on a bowl of scales of our general Karma that and another, it will appear that the part of our bad manifestations will be counterbalanced good, and only that additional weight which will draw this or that bowl of scales for us or against us, will remain in the chronicle of our destiny, all the rest will appear already extinguished. That is why the active person who any minute can add on a bowl of scales something in own favor, has much more chances to change the Karma, than the person inactive.

There are cases when in the past a lot of bad Karma accumulated that all efforts of the person to get out of a strip of disasters seem in appearance ineffectual. But it only seems. Each effort directed on overcoming the bad Karma, weakens force of its resistance. Let’s take, for example, monetary failures: The karma of this person demands for it poverty and deprivations; it does efforts, achieves by intense works of favorable results, but again loses everything transformed and again starts to achieve the objective. Visible failures of this person can proceed to the death, but in that invisible laboratory where our future is created, its efforts made the, they weakened force of resistance of its bad Karma and if he did not win this embodiment, he will win the future and it becomes obligatory rich.

The same with defects fight with which seems unsuccessful. The knowledge of the Karma finds out that in this fight a principal value not so much in a visible victory, how many in easing of the bad force going from the past. That is why never it is necessary to lay down arms and speak: I cannot overcome the weakness, it is necessary without ceasing to struggle, because with each new effort directed against bad habit, force it is undermined, and in future embodiment it will be already easy to cope with it. It is necessary to remember that any kind effort of the person is not in vain, everyone repays a particle of his karmic evil.

Other undesirable conclusion to which the people who have badly acquired the law of the Karma come, is expressed in thought that "it is not necessary to help suffering, time is its Karma and he is guilty in it". Such conclusion can result in dryness and callousness, and it in a root is incorrect. Quite right that we are surrounded with the evil and any sufferings which are natural result of a bad Karma of people, but it not the reason that we did not do efforts for counteraction to this evil. Evil thoughts and acts create sufferings, but good thoughts and acts replace suffering with happiness.

We do not need to care of performance of the highest Justice. It will make the faultless court and without us; we need to remember the duty, and it orders to help all who enters the sphere of our influence. Time of people becomes on our way, and we can help it, this possibility shows a karmic duty, but any more to it, and us. It will pay the sufferings, and we will pay our duty to that we will help it. Even from the egoistical point of view it is necessary to help suffering and being in need because, passing possibilities to alleviate suffering, it is possible to create to itself such Karma which structure will include absence of the help at heavy o’clock when ourselves will need participation. The karma does not disturb any kind action. Its laws allow improvement of our own fate, and furthermore improvement of destiny of our near.

The karmic astrology just also is engaged in definition of the main task of an embodiment of the person. All information given in a horoscope, are practices, that is everything that the person saved up for many embodiments on the earth. The horoscope opens also the potential, all variety of possibilities and a variety of options of life which can be lived.

Here interesting examples. Damage to a horoscope of the ascending Lunar knot the Neptune, speaks about negative religious experience, the person in antecedents could suffer from church. And when we analyze horoscopes, we see that many atheists and many critics of church suffered in due time from it. Lenin has such aspect. It is known that he fiercely hated churchmen. It had a martyr end in antecedents from inquisition.

It is possible to determine by astrological methods a former embodiment. It is possible to define, when the person was last time embodied, where and than was engaged. If the Ascending Knot is damaged by the Moon, – the person was lost from accident, is damaged by Mars – him could kill, Uranium – could be outcast or committed suicide. At Hitler the Ascending Knot is damaged by Uranium. There are bases to believe that in antecedents as well as in this, it committed suicide.

Here examples of a positive karma is the same knot in harmonious aspect with the Sun – the person occupied a high social standing. He could be the tsar or the governor. But everything who was a governor in antecedents, become those and in the subsequent. Karmic memory prompts to them how effectively to operate and dominate. And such people very quickly rise on a social ladder – they become large heads, presidents. Presidents in the past were emperors or tsars. Who was anybody in antecedents, in current does not become great at once. It is simply impossible – it needs to pass a way, to be gathered karmic experience. Advance is certainly possible, but instant take-off is excluded. For example, to the artist to become ingenious, one embodiment is necessary for development of the skill not.

There are 12 karmic tasks of number of Zodiac signs. They are defined by the provision of Lunar knot in zodiac signs. The knot moves in everyone new embodiments to the following sign, but in the opposite direction. And the karmic task all the time changes, than and activity change speaks. So, naturally, we pass all tasks.

The horoscope is interpreted depending on a karma, from social conditions, from culture level. As to free will, how the person can correctly use free will if it has no idea of own future? It all the same what to go on the dark road with the switched-off headlights. The astrologer as a searchlight, shines a way to the person. And already in the shined space of life of people it is capable to use free will.

Adoption of this or that decision by the person too is in many respects predetermined, and the astrology sees it. Space, influencing an astral body, causes in the person certain desires, intentions, interests, bents, a love condition, eventually. The astrology can predict, when the person will have a romance novel as far as it will be deep. Present a situation: the astrologer predicts to the family person love in the future. The person knows in advance and the situation does not take by surprise it unawares. Then there is a possibility of a choice, the person understands that it is the program that, maybe, there is no need to destroy an old family to create the new. And he solves itself. The astrologer can expect and the decision which will be accepted by the person. If, for example, there are astrological instructions on divorce – them should be three is means that the person, most likely, will divorce.

The astrology warns the person about possible dangers, diseases, accidents. She speaks and about favorable possibilities to which it is possible to be prepared and use them most. Such situations arises much, but because of unavailability we do not use them fully. For example, the person creative will know, when it has a favorable period for creative achievements. It, of course, creates constantly, but realization of his creativity will be maximum if there will be certain space conditions. Knowing it, during the specified period he can receive good result.

Often happens so that the person, having received a forecast at the astrologer, passively waits, when it will come true. Naturally, everything depends on a level of development concrete persons. As the astrology will enter into human life, he will realize more and more that there is any programmed part of destiny, but there is also a possibility to rise over it.