Vedic astrology and reincarnation.

Vedic astrology and reincarnation.

The concept "astrology" means consideration of influence of stars on human life in time and space. The Vedic knowledge covers all range of existence of soul, both in a material world, and in the spiritual. Thus, the Vedic astrology should furnish the clue to understanding of passing by a live being of different forms of life, up to spiritual release therefore it is closely connected with such concept, as reincarnation, soul transformation. Certainly, this question is deep and extensive, and this article only begins a subject demanding more detailed consideration.

The simplest proof not accidents of an embodiment of the person in a certain body is a unique natal horoscope (the provision of planets at the moment of the birth of the person), Even at the twins who were born with a difference some minutes, it will have the essential differences testifying to a difference of characters and, respectively, of destinies. That is represented accident, actually – the hidden regularity. What means the astrology possesses to slightly open a veil of secrecy of last and possible future embodiments?

The concept "destiny" habitual for us is connected with such Vedic concept, as a guna-karma. The material world is under the influence of three energiya, or qualities – on a Sanskrit they are called Huns: тамас – inertness, ignorance; раджас – activity, passion; саттва – knowledge, clemency. Respectively, all objects considered by astrologers, and it – грахи (planets), and накшатры (stars), broadcast on the person the pure or mixed influence the Hun. The sun, the Moon and Jupiter initially possess the sattvichny nature and stimulate optimism, knowledge finding, spirituality increase. With qualities раджаса Venus giving aspiration to satisfaction of feelings, and Mercury which is responsible for mental and intellectual activity allocates. The Tamasichny nature at Saturn and to the Rakh, mixed – at Mars (activity, but ignorance), and the Siberian salmon, the shadow planet, in itself does not possess material guny and is karaky (index) of spiritual release.

All these planets by all means are present and are considered by the astrologer in any horoscope, but the main thing is the their unique configuration creating an exchange of energiya. It can be compared to a cloth of the artist, where at the heart of everything a mnogotsvetiya – three base colors: yellow, red and dark blue (саттва, раджас and тамас). Reincarnation means evolution, expansion and enrichment of experience of the live being receiving a body, corresponding to consciousness level. (Darwin was not mistaken at least in the fact of existence of evolution). And here the correct analysis is important, what Huns prevail in this birth that will point to an evolutionary step, a guna-karma of the individual rising from lowest Hun to highest. Usually congenital Huns are shown in spontaneous behavior of the person, in his unconscious reactions.

The system also is based on it варн (estates) in the Vedic society, regenerated under the influence of Cali-yugi (this century, an era of spiritual degradation) in caste. Was considered that, having reached a human form of life, the live being evolves through everything Varna, meeting the desires under the influence of different the Hun and is so gradually released from them. During Vedic times such evolution was guaranteed by a reasonable society organization, rules for estates, and the Vedic knowledge approving cultural wealth and esteemed by all. On us, people of Cali-yugi, these guarantees do not extend and consequently to speak about Varna it is possible rather conditionally. Nevertheless, that people and now are born with different qualities and possibilities, anybody will not deny. And the Vedic astrology has a big reserve of means of definition of bents of the person: force of planets (grakha-ball), their relationship (aspects, yogas), and also additional cards (варги), giving information on a karma of a sort, activity in the past. A lot of interesting information gives studying накшатр (groups of stars in which horoscope planets), which settled down not only specify on the Hun, Varna, but also bear information on the experience received in lives of the unearthly plan.

In Vedic texts, such as "Mahabharata", "Shrimad-Bkhagavatam" we will find the description of such forms of life. Among them – demonic (ракшасы, cannibals), divine (гандхарвы, чараны – the advanced beings allocated with a set of talents), etc. In total 27 existing накшатр possess the specific energiya indicating developed abilities and qualities, received as a result of worship and activity in last embodiments.

Vedic astrology and reincarnation.

One more important point which is considered by the Vedic astrologer, is three types of a karma (relationship of cause and effect or the activity yielding result in time). Sanchita – the general karma which has been saved up as a result of all lives. Prarabdkh – "fruits": events, a kind of activity, quantity of happiness and the sufferings, received in this embodiment. And анами – a karma created by the person directly during this period of time. All types of a karma are closely bound among themselves, nevertheless, there are the certain astrological technicians, allowing to detail them. For example, the main natal horoscope – the index прарабдхи, that waits for the person in this life, and the card навамса deals with more hidden, subconscious plan and contacts more deep essence of the individual remaining to future embodiment, – here we deal with the sanchity.

Certainly, to undertake to predict the past, the present and the future – the extremely responsible business and it makes very high demands to the astrologer. Future karma of the person who has received consultation, in particular, can depend on it, and decided to operate in a certain direction, i.e. to put new "grains" of a karma.

Whether the astrologer is so capable to describe completely your antecedents how it is done by different "clairvoyants"? If we address to experience of known, dear Vedic astrologers, such as To. N of Russian joint stock company, Sandzhay Ratkh, perhaps, we will not meet such "revelations". But there were cases when the astrologer found in a horoscope confirmation to knowledge of the past, the opened person. Usually astrologers analyze the different planetary combinations, allowing to understand the power prime cause of problems and events, and this scientific information can be trusted completely since it contains in the most ancient astrological treatises ("Brikhad Parashara Hora Shastra", etc.) and is checked for eyelids. Here the simplest examples.

Floodlight being under the influence of two-three adverse planets (to Rakh, Mars, Saturn) indicates rejection or insults the person in the past of true carriers of spiritual knowledge therefore in this life it can be deprived of posterity or will make big efforts for achievement of internal harmony. (Such combination in Gautama Buddy’s horoscope. His life is a protest against religious foundations of society in which he could be born, and long search of the world in itself. Certainly, the Buddha is Vishnu embodiment, Supreme and consequently his dependence on a horoscope is some kind of game.)

Adverse aspects to Venus – a sign of violations of personal relationship with an opposite sex, then the person suffers as a result of an unstable matrimonial karma. The struck Moon – result of karmic problems with mother, the Sun – with the father. On the contrary, strong planets and horoscope houses – a place of "congestion" of the pious karma yielding positive result. The interested can address to work of the doctor To. To the N of RJSC Karma i perevoploshcheniye who has left and in Russian where concrete cases from life are described.

In hands of the Vedic astrologer – possibility to diagnose a state of affairs to help council, but in your own forces the main thing – desire spiritually to develop and by that to stop material relationship of cause and effect (наишкарма) and a chain of embodiments. Remember: «Whatever condition of life was remembered by the person, leaving a body, it and will reach that condition in the following life». ("Bkhagavad-gita", 8. 6.) For this purpose the Vedic writing is recommended by the spiritual practicians corresponding to different eras (South). In our century of Cali-yugi ordered the South Dharmas is a repetition of the sacred name, capable to clear the caused consciousness of a live being and to return it to primary spiritual life. I also wish spiritual happiness to all readers of a site "Golden Age"!