East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.

East horoscope of zodiac signs reports about features of character of the person depending on year of birth and specifics of its interrelations with people. Unlike the Western horoscope which places emphasis on a sobytiyny situation in life of an individual, east lunar astrology is focused on the person as on the social being which destiny in many respects decides by his contacts, relationship on people around.

East horoscope of destiny describes not concrete events of human life, and manifestation in society of these or those sides of its character and the developed social atmosphere. After all nobody will begin to deny the fact of dependence of development of any situation from our behavior and how there are our relations with others. Lack of harmony in communication with native, friends and acquaintances, in the relations with the management and fellow workers or to business, does not allow an individual to find happiness and success.

That is, according to astrologers, the Chinese horoscope, however, as well as western, does not predetermine the future, and allows to understand in general only the sketch or the destiny drawing which image to modify under force to each of us.

We suggest to choose a totemny animal of east Zodiac interesting you below and to learn, how it will develop future his representative.

East horoscope of destiny. Rat

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.

The destiny of the Rat is more safe, if she was born in the summer, when possibilities to extract all necessary for life much more, rather than in the hungry and cold winter. But the summer Rat should remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch: she should be afraid to be caught in a net of swindlers. It is necessary to rely on the developed intuition and congenital intuition of danger which will help to avoid possible failures. The winter Rat is compelled to apply many efforts for the sake of a survival, to it gets nothing for nothing.

The childhood at the Rat passes without any shocks, for it this time is remembered as joyful and happy time in her life when it was under the care of parents and received from them everything that wanted. Youth – the period not less pleasant and easy, sated with positive experiences and impressions which will be remembered by it a set of opening, romantic hobbies and, probably, the first sexual experience.

With maturity approach to the person of this sign the concern for the financial position comes. The rat – the mercantile being, terribly afraid to lose already available or to miss chance to make the life provided. It is the period of moral and psychological withdrawal pains interfaced to fight for own welfare. It can rise before a choice between feeling of love and mamony.

As a rule, the last vital phase cheloveka Krysy quiet and provided. She managed to save up the necessary volume of stocks that in pleasure to live on an old age of years about anything without worrying, except as about the health problems with which can be serious.

East horoscope of destiny. Bull

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.Destiny of the people who were born in a year of the Bull during a winter season, easier and happy, than at given rise in the summer. The summer Bull should work and apply more than efforts, to overcome every possible obstacles, to reach wished and to arrange the life.

The childhood and youth of the Buffalo are serene and rather poor events. A bull – a house being in this connection this age time is not always filled with carefree children’s happiness. The reason for that is persistent study, sports or intensive work in which it is shipped with the head, and different nonsenses it not especially involve, besides to time for entertainments at it remains extremely a little. The regime way of life to them since early years takes root parents, but it is young Buyvolyatam goes only on advantage, does them organized, disciplined and hardy.

The maturity period at cheloveka Byka happens is full of difficulties of the personal plan. It is anxious with search of his worthy hand and candidate heart. But to find the suitable person with whom the Buffalo could divide all pleasures and troubles, happens very not easy. In this direction he to itself(himself) creates difficulties, limiting itself to too narrow and serious criteria of a choice of the partner in life. If he manages to establish a family, the marriage relations can long for the reason of material disagreements, deficiency of romanticism, and also, because of "bull" intolerance to irony and jokes released by others in the address.

In the evening of life some difficulties can expect the Buffalo, but health, forces and other resources that with them to consult will suffice it. Having much worked for the life, cheloveku Byku it is possible to create all necessary conditions for quiet and safe existence in old age.

East horoscope of destiny. Tiger

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.It is considered that the Tiger who was born on night, is happier and successful, than his zodiac colleague, born God’s during daylight hours. Night is elements of «a striped predator». Darkness masks it and helps to hunt. The day Tiger is predisposed to risk and careless acts. It is more difficult to it to be imperceptible in the actions and consequently, it is compelled to conduct active "hunting", at big energy consumption and quantity of accompanying mistakes.

The first third of life of the Tiger usually is more saturated the pleasant moments, rather than negative. The childhood and youth of a playful Tiger cub are full of children’s adventures and youthful entertainments. The person born in a year of the Tiger, – the experimenter, the leader and the rebel who is not conceiving of the existence without fight and emotional impressions. Bent for to risk and an extreme at it in blood. Therefore children’s and youthful years can be rather rough and dashing. In a family he often is the spoiled child and the favourite native.

Life at mature age, as they say, will "be in full swing", and at some representatives of this sign – "fountain". Perhaps, this most active and restless phase of its destiny full of unexpected turns, accidents, passions and overcoming of obstacles of various sense. This period can be compared to a trip on an attraction "Roller coaster" – that take-off grasping spirit on top, sharp falling down. Similar кульбиты in destiny of the Tiger can occur in any vital spheres.

Consequences of rough youth and maturity fully will prove in the evening of life. Tigers do not love an old age. Awareness of the feebleness and weakness, loss of former daring discomposes them, and also provokes to prove to itself and surrounding the force. It is difficult to it to reconcile to the situation but if it nevertheless can balance the life and be calmed down, that is chance to live till the end of days in the world and tranquillity.

East horoscope of destiny. Rabbit

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.The destiny of the Rabbit strongly depends on external influences, from an era and social factors. Many events in his life cause factors from the outside, instead of his free will. The reason for that is that chelovek Krolik – not the fighter and not the soldier on spirit, and any instability frightens it and discomposes. He does not create a situation, and adapts to its conditions, develops safety tactics. And at it it not bad turns out; for everything excellent ability of the Rabbit (Cat) is known when falling always to land on four paws.

The rabbit who was born during a summer time, is considered the big lucky, than his colleagues given rise in other seasons. In life of a summer Rabbit there are less shocks and disappointments.

The first third of life of the representative of this sign usually proceeds without special shocks and splashes though on coloring of events of this period makes serious impact people surrounding the Rabbit. A bad environment – the bad childhood.

The maturity of the Rabbit abounds with events, sometimes drama, cardinally changing his life, outlook and destiny as a whole. This age period passes in rabbit attempts to find rest and a reliable support. It, as can, tries to avoid destabilizing situations, but it not always is possible to it. Changes can pursue it to old age.

The old age of the Rabbit happens also quiet but provided that in mature years for this purpose it created the necessary base: comfortable conditions were created, the right decision during the key moment of destiny is made, especially, if it concerns a choice of the second half. If the Rabbit goes not that darling that the rest of the days can carry out in grief and oblivion. Leaving in belief can become an outlet for it.

East horoscope of destiny. Dragon

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.The person born in a year of the Dragon, always aspires to the ideals and wants to possess all best. Already at early age its system of values which cannot for someone be shaken is formed. It is very independent and allows to put to nobody upon itself pressure. He can test constantly a dissatisfaction because its sublime ideals and dreams break about reality inappropriate to them. In the east consider this sign as a symbol of good luck, force and wisdom. The destiny of the Dragon abounds with pleasant surprises and gifts.

Children’s and youthful years cheloveka Drakona are usually safe. It is surrounded with care and love of dear people, but characteristic for it adherence to principles, extravagance and love of freedom deliver it some problems in relationship with others. A dragon – the brilliant and self-confident nature, liking to parade the advantages in this connection it can have conflicts to the contemporaries, wishing to bring it down a peg.

The second third of life of the Dragon differs bigger stability and tranquillity. It already proved to all goodness knows, the solvency and to mature age in the opinion of people around looks quite authoritatively and representatively. Nevertheless, its dissatisfaction with the reached does not cease, and he on the former thirsts to embrace immense and to find an imagined ideal.

In old age Dragons find satisfaction and long-awaited rest. It is connected not with any external factors, and with understanding of the real internal source of happiness. With age to it the high-grade understanding of an essence of many things comes, and for people around it becomes a wisdom standard.

East horoscope of destiny. Snake

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.As there will be a destiny of the Snake, in many respects depends on what climatic conditions were at the moment of her birth. The destiny at those representatives of a sign of the Snake who was born in the southern dry district, in sunny warm day is optimum. The weather, the was warmer more safely and more successfully there is a life cheloveka Zmei. Snakes – the thermophilic people badly transferring and reacting to any cold. If birthday of the Snake coincided with any weather frustration or cataclysm – hurricane, a pouring rain, a snow storm or other bad weather is the bad omen promising various vital excitements and troubles.

The childhood and youth of Snakes pass quietly, without considerable incidents, not defiant strong emotional experiences. It imposes people around the bewitching beauty and faultless logic. Her ability to make upon others the necessary impression since small years helps it to gain the necessary people and to achieve from them desirable. In supporters and admirers she will not test a shortcoming.

By mature years of the Dragon becomes wiser and will manage to perfect the intelligence to masterful level. Skillfully using the congenital gift of hypnotic influence on people around, it becomes for many the and easily achieves success in career and in the personal sphere. Already at this stage of the eyelid chelovek Zmeya manages safely to arrange the life in all senses and especially in material that for it it is very important.

In the last third of life the Snake is waited by psychological difficulties, character and which potential will depend from described above weather conditions of her birth. By an old age the greedy and economical Snake will save up very decent sum on the bank account, but because of avarice peculiar to it can turn into the opposite miser. Some people of this sign, being in old age, suddenly starts to pull passionately on different adventures and adventures which can get out them sideways. The snake, nothing reached in life, by the end of the days will turn into "ill-natured person viper" with intolerable character and many the unloved.

East horoscope of destiny. Horse

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.The destiny of the Horse seldom develops unequivocally badly or well, it as well as a Horse, has quite whimsical, unbalanced character. Only Fiery Horses happen an exception of this rule. Chelovek Loshad, given rise in a year of sovereignty of fiery elements (1966 was the last) it is, as a rule, extremely successful or on the contrary – it is very unhappy. Fire considerably strengthens all negative and positive in the Horse, and the situation in her life in many respects depends on to what course it sends the internal energy – creative or destructive.

The period of the "horse" childhood and youth practically never passes quietly. The young stallion behaves as the wild not trained mustang. Such children are often very stubborn, undisciplined and uneasy. They deliver to close people mass of efforts and experiences. Congenital thirst of independence sometimes early enough induces them on a separation from parents and withdrawal from a native home.

The second third of life of the representative of this sign resembles mad jumps on expanse. During this time the aspiration of the Horse to changes and satisfaction of the passionate desires is very great. She steeps in the world of impressions, novels and adventures.

Having got a family, posterity, the Horse calms down and equilibrates. In old age her life develops safely and gets a quiet current.

East horoscope of destiny. Goat

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.The sensitive Goat a priori does not possess organizing talent and inclinations of the leader. In her life the people taking in it part and luck, a case, a situational and psychological situation have great value. If it since early years grew in comfortable conditions and the favorable atmosphere, in an environment of good people, then the further destiny of the Goat will have positive development. The difficult childhood strongly increases chances of that having matured, the Goat in every possible way will start to compensate half-received earlier. As a result it can get under another’s bad influence, be tempted on beautiful, but immoral life go to soderzhanka etc.

The nursery and youth age happens troublesome for parents – a small Goat the whimsical, changeable and frail child. Creative nature of people of this sign already at early age will start to be shown considerably. They can have a serious hobby or hobby for any creativity.

The phase of a maturity is the most romantic in life of the Goat. She willingly follows the tastes the feelings, plunging into the bohemia and love world. During this period it has romance novels, deep communications are started, and there is nobody got, but only with the best representatives of an opposite sex of the high status and prosperity. At similar inquiries the Goat, nevertheless, feeds sincere emotions that serves as guarantee of happy relationship with people for the elects.

The goat treats that category of people which even aspire to live in an old age beautifully, with might and main trying to look and make perfectly positive impression on people around. If they manage to arrange the life financially, they with pleasure visit restaurants, boutiques, exhibitions and museums, travel and do not refuse to itself other pleasures.

East horoscope of destiny. Monkey

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.People the Monkeys given birth in a year, often appear minions of fortune. The fate has a kind feeling them in undertakings thanks to what they achieve success easier.

In the childhood of the Monkey almost always happen are happy, and the main reason of such condition – monkey cheerfulness. Finding of happiness is promoted by cheerful nature and the ingenuity of small Monkeys causing affection of people around that only pleases the first. Rebenok Obezyana usually grows in the atmosphere of love and care of the parents, admiring the child and with pleasure in everything to it indulging. With approach of the youth age, a maturing Monkey start to discipline, demand in every possible way more seriously to treat reality, from it demand for deeds raises. She likes to live easily and cheerfully, without any troubles and for anything without answering.

In the second third of life cheloveka Obezyany there are many changes. This phase – very inconsistent and rough period, eventful the different character, not always having favorable consequences. In general, the destiny of the Monkey seriously depends on her character, actions and acts. She is the hostess of the life. Thanks to congenital dexterity and cunning of mind, often she manages to occupy best "places in the sun". Nevertheless, possible problems not to avoid, which she to herself can create. The characteristic aspiration for its nature to catch at some affairs at the same time and desire to remain sitting at once on two chairs, can get out it sideways.

If by the old age the Monkey independently is re-educated, having eradicated the bad manner to try to outwit and play all, it will not push away from herself close people and will happily live to the vital finish. Otherwise, it is expected by loneliness as even its native will be tired of monkey tricks and ugly trick, having preferred to keep from the crafty joker far away.

East horoscope of destiny. Cock

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.To predict as there will be a destiny of the Cock is very problematic, it is often unpredictable in the manifestations. It can be compared to the freakish line of the chart which continuously moves that up, down. Within any age period life of the Cock is full of a train of unexpected take-off and falling. On a course of life it is waited by happiness and disappointment.

The childhood at Cocks develops differently. For some of them it is a happy time, and for someone – not too. Cocks, as a rule, very curious and disciplined children having many interests and desires, inclined to dream of something bigger, than the real situation can offer them. By youth they accumulate dissatisfaction by the environment and that Wednesday in which they exist, their congenital independence that pushes them on searches of new feelings and adventures is to crown it all imposed. Desire to get rid of parental influence and to break off a circle of the ordinary leads to that Cocks early enough leave a home.

In the second third of life there will be a set of changes and events of different character. The cock during this time can rise on a career ladder and fail down, pass a thorny road from poverty to wealth and back, and not once. Despite failures, chelovek Petukh does not become despondent, and during the critical moments is able to take itself in hands and to develop new tactics of the actions. Representatives of this sign courageous self-sufficient people, and any difficulties only temper their character. Such qualities help them to win a victory over adverse circumstances and to build further destiny at discretion.

The old age of the Cock usually passes rather safely and stably – he manages to get a reliable haven in which it in comfort and prosperity together with darling lives for the rest of the natural by this period.

East horoscope of destiny. Dog

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.Often the human life, given rise in a year of the Dog, develops very not easy. Destiny of the Dog in the manifestations a little uneasy and unstable, especially, if the representative of this sign was born at night. The night Dog all life is doomed to stand guard personal and others’ interests, with alarm to perceive world around. The dog who has appeared on the Great wild world before dark, in difference from the night colleague, more cheerful and counterbalanced, and fate smiles to it more often.

The childhood and youth period at Dogs passes differently but while they are under parental guardianship, it differs bigger reliability, than other phases of life. Owing to inherent in "small puppies» tenderness and sensitivity, they are in great need in a warm attitude of people around and happen are very vulnerable, when others show ill-will to them. Because of characteristic obstinacy, a beskompromissnost and tendency to sarcasm, they not with all contemporaries find mutual understanding, and with some even frankly are at enmity. Youth cheloveka Sobaki can be saddened by unfortunate love.

The second third of life has ambiguous character. On the one hand, the Dog is early formed as the personality and finds the path that allows it to reach before many high situation in society and material welfare. On the other hand, the fear of deprivations increases – it starts to be afraid to lose property, work, the authority, close people, etc. Thus in mature years at people of this sign not everything is smooth in the personal relations. Dogs are not too romantic and often criticize others that does not promote adjustment of romantic and friendly relations.

When life of the Dog approaches to the finishing phase, she often starts to be sorry about the lived years, about unrealized plans and time spent for nothing. The dog «gets into a box», becomes isolated on the internal problems and to become reticent. As a result, on an old age of years lyudi Sobaki quite often remain alone.

East horoscope of destiny. Wild boar (Pig)

East horoscope of destiny for all zodiac signs.The destiny of the Wild boar (Pig), given rise shortly before the Chinese New year, develops not in the best way. The closer by a holiday there was a birth of this person, the more in his life will be a hardship. Other representatives of a sign of the Wild boar are considered as more successful and happy people. In general it is possible to call the Wild boar the lucky. He less than other signs of the Chinese Zodiac suffers in life from strong take-off and falling.

Childhood of the Wild boar usually quiet and favorable. Owing to peaceful temper, congenital complaisance and steadiness, it seldom causes to itself(himself) the hostile relation from people around and itself is not inclined to butt in another’s dismantlings. Rebenok Kaban it is cheerful, friendly and it is not whimsical that it is necessary on temper to seniors. Youth of the Wild boar – a time of the first romantic experiences and the related emotions which not always happen positive.

Maturity phase, perhaps, the most problematic period in life of the Wild boar. People of this sign emotionally greedy for receiving different pleasures and not always are devoted spouses that can become the dissonance reason in the marriage relations.

With age the Wild boar starts to appreciate the love really. It is attentive and careful to the relatives who love it. If the Wild boar in mature years manages to cope with difficulties in family life and to achieve harmony in relationship with darlings, the last third of his life will be peace and happy.