Eclipse on Vedam.

Eclipse on Vedam.

From the Vedic point of view a solar or lunar eclipse, in principle, adversely, including for any actions and undertakings (it is adverse мухурта). But if actions are connected with spiritual human life, with service to the God/the Absolute, time of an eclipse is possible and it is necessary to use for spiritual practice.

As during a solar eclipse shadow граха [planet] to Rakh closes the Sun, and beams of the Sun are vital both Earth, and all live, interruption of sunshine adversely. That is, at solar eclipses we receive not Sun light – not life light, and the radiation of darkness proceeding from Rakh (To Rakh is граха [planet], the northern lunar knot, being on crossing of the planes of a lunar orbit and эклиптики). The eclipse cleans or reduces solar energy (life-giving "prana") for all Earth therefore suffer both people, and all creations.

During an eclipse the consciousness is blacked out, the reason badly is guided in events. In a general sense the solar eclipse creates nablagopriyatny influence on society which increases tension in it and supports destructive tendencies. This influence proceeds in a current of one year.

According to Dzhyotish [The Vedic astrology] and to Vedic traditions is recommended to observe certain rules during solar and lunar eclipses:

  • not to look at an eclipse;
  • not to leave a room (and the more so not to be on trips or travel) and is indoors;
  • not to accept food in 3 hours prior to an eclipse;
  • not to drive the car or at least to do carefully;
  • to avoid financial operations;
  • not to contact to crowd;
  • it is recommended to meditate and be engaged in other spiritual practicians (or it is at least simple to have a rest);
  • it is recommended to refuse addictions – the organism adapts quicker.

Doctors know that the eclipse can negatively affect health even almost healthy person. Impact of this natural phenomenon on behavior and health starts to be felt in two weeks prior to their approach. Meteorological dependent people especially suffer.

Researches of scientists-physicians proved conclusive influence of a solar eclipse on the person. Medical researches on tens healthy and sick people were carried out. Researches showed, the human body starts to react to this natural phenomenon at once as soon as the solar disk is closed by the Moon. In an hour after the eclipse beginning at hypertensive persons arterial pressure rose, vessels were narrowed, and heart increased capacity of emission of blood, blood began to arrive non-uniformly in different cerebral hemispheres. The nervous system was obviously put out of action. Physicians expected that all these phenomena should occur only in two days after an eclipse when space beams from the sun will reach Earth.

The moon – a star which to be very close to us. The sun gives energy (machismo), and the Moon absorbs (feminine). When two stars appear in one point during an eclipse, their energy have the strongest impact on the person. In an organism there is the most powerful load of regulation system. Especially badly with health in day of an eclipse to people with cardiovascular pathologies, to hypertensive persons. Badly will be felt also by people who now pass plans of treatment.

Even doctors speak, in day of an eclipse it is better not to be engaged in activity – actions will be inadequate and a high probability of mistakes. They advise to overstay this day. To avoid discomfort with health, they recommend to take a contrast shower (which, by the way, well to accept not only in days of a solar eclipse, and it is regular, every day) this day. In the morning of douche it is necessary to finish cool water, it tones up, and in the evening – warm.

In 1954 the French economist Maurice Allais, watching pendulum movements, noticed that during a solar eclipse it began to move quicker, than usually. This phenomenon called effect to Alla, but could not systematize it. Today new researches of the Dutch scientist Chris Duif confirm this phenomenon, but to explain it cannot yet. That eclipses affect people, astrophysicist Nikolay Kozyrev found out. He says that during eclipses time is transformed.

Scientific data on development of an embryo and certain scientific researches show that influence of beams of the Sun more powerful than beams of Jupiter. Including pregnant women are not authorized to leave during solar or lunar eclipses, and those who neglected danger and made it, received the abnormal child. The communication explanation between these events is not explained by a modern science.

Eclipse consequences in the form of powerful earthquake or other natural disaster are very possible within a week after any eclipse. Besides, instability in economy within several weeks after an eclipse is possible. In any case, eclipses bring changes in society.

During a lunar eclipse mind, thinking and the emotional sphere of people are strongly vulnerable. The number of mental frustration at people increases. It is connected with work violation гипоталамуса at psychophysiological level which Tony Neyder (Nader Raj Rama) corresponds to the Moon according to opening. Hormonal cycles of an organism, especially at women can be broken. During a solar eclipse work of physiological compliance of the Sun – Talamusa is more broken, and also the risk of cardiovascular diseases as the Sun operates heart will raise. Atma’s perception ["I", pure consciousness] замутнены. Strengthening of intensity, radical and aggressive tendencies in the world, and also an unsatisfied ego of politicians or heads of the states can be a consequence of it.

When there come the hard times, we can do the best, it – to address to the Absolute. During eclipses it is better думайть about the world in the country and around the world. If people round you behave as mentally ill people during these rigid times, be tolerant and delicate. Rest (and the deepest rest is a practice of Transcendental meditation) – the best recommendation and for the period of lunar and solar eclipses.

According to Dzhyotish’s principles harmful results of a considerable omen (event), such as the eclipse, increases as time goes to date of this phenomenon. Eclipses are a consequence of "action" to Rakh – "demon" who envies Surye [Sun] and Chandra [Moon].

Eclipses inclined to yield strong negative result on 1) geographical regions which cope Russia [sign] in which they happen; 2) in places where they are visible; 3) in areas which [sign] (for example, Vrishchika – underground production) operates Russia.

Researches concerning eclipses show that the probability of different types of accidents increases during the period of "an eclipse sphere of influence". In the subsequent some weeks are probable events, such as war strengthening, fires, accidents at the airports or the unusual meteorological phenomena. Any of world leaders can get to scandal or in the tragedy; influential governors can be the blinded anger, envy and an ego therefore the illogical or silly decisions accepted by world leaders are possible.

Harmful to Rakh operates reserved, immoral behavior and cunning, like a poisonous smoke which silently creeps. Therefore, the governments of the world should be сверхбдительны in questions of subversive activities. Political leaders should усиличить the safety and keep cool and tranquillity when they make critical decisions. Smugglers and terrorists often strike the blow during the period "eclipse spheres of influence". Revolts or big food poisonings are possible. Seismic activity is not excluded. For the governments and police forces the most important is vigilance.