Information in zodiac signs of parents.

Information in zodiac signs of parents.

We often notice, as far as children are similar to the parents and outwardly, and character. We speak – heredity, genes. But similarity of parents and children is based not on genes, it is concluded much more deeply – in souls. By a principle of an attraction similar, at certain parents the child in something similar to them is born. Both the optimist creates creations pleasing a look, and the people possessing certain qualities, will bring into the world the child with the same qualities. Children not in everything are similar to the parents, but the astrology allows to tell precisely, what qualities are in children. This information is concluded in zodiac sign under which parents were born.

It is known that each zodiac sign operates certain bodies of a physical body. For example, the Aries operates bodies of the head, the Sagittarius – to cookies. If the person was born under the badge of the Aries or the Sagittarius, his bodies of the head or a liver are most vulnerable. But at Arieses sometimes hurts not only the head, and Sagittariuses – not only a liver. Communication of each of us with our parents allows to define predisposition and to other diseases. This information as is concluded in zodiac sign of parents. Knowing it, we can save the health.

Zodiac sign is defined by the provision of the Sun in a zodiac circle at the moment of the birth of the person. Two Sun of parents, incorporating, give rise to the third Sun. Under the nature law the third Sun – the child – should simply resemble two parental. In an astrology the Sun is considered the patron of love and a love fruit therefore in it communication of parents and children is concluded.

For example, if one of parents – the Aries, at the child is predisposition to diseases of bodies of the head.

If one of parents – the Taurus, is predisposition to diseases of a throat, a thyroid gland.

At each zodiac sign there are a lot of qualities. And the child can apprehend any certain qualities from the Sun of parents. He can apprehend all qualities or one. It is necessary to tell about a case when both parents were born under one sign especially. For example, mother and the father – Twins. In that case in character of the child there will be more parental qualities, and its organism is most strongly subject to diseases of signs of parents than if parents were different signs.

If one of parents was born under the badge of Twins, the child will be mobile, capable to skill to communicate, sometimes restless, not collected, impractical. It is predisposed to diseases of lungs.

If one of parents was born under the badge of the Cancer, the child is allocated with an emotionality and the good imagination, it can be sensitive, and is predisposed to stomach diseases.

The child, one of which parents Is left, – the personality capable to creative activity, able to love, aspiring to beautiful life. Such person should protect the heart, after all the Lion operates this body.

If one of your parents – the Maiden, means you reasonable, accurate, capable it is correct to carry out instructions. But you should keep intestines – body which the Maiden operates.

If one of your parents was born under the badge of Scales, means, at any time you can find in yourselves diplomatic abilities, understand that in you there live as though two personalities. Scales operate kidneys and an urinary system therefore the child should protect these bodies.

If at least one of your parents the Scorpion, means, you can notice in yourselves interest to mysticism, to all beyond and to easy life. You should keep genitals as the Scorpion operates them.

When at least one of parents the Sagittarius, the child likes to travel, philosophize, отсраняться from wordly vanity, to go to the inner world and to study. But such person should protect a liver.

If one of your parents the Capricorn, in you is ability to perform any work qualitatively, any business to undertake fundamentally, at you there is a strength of mind, but you should protect the bone system, especially knees and a backbone.

If one of your parents Aquarius, in the child it is obligatory to eat ability nonconventionally to perceive the world, to think not how everything to invent something new. At such person the vascular system is vulnerable – it Aquarius operates.

If one of parents of Fish, the child is pensive, capable to perceive deeply everything that to it occurs. Its weak spot are a foot of feet and lymphatic system.

Qualities of zodiac signs of parents are not developed in the child during life, they are in it since the birth. Remember zodiac sign of the parents and compare qualities of signs with the character. Perhaps, parental qualities are not too bright in you, but they are a significant part of your character.

Alexander Rempel prepared