Astrology sections. Natal astrology, astropsychology, business astrology, elektivny astrology.

Astrology sections. Natal astrology, astropsychology, business astrology, elektivny astrology.

The astrology is not only only interpretation of a natal horoscope, it is very extensive science consisting of a set of sections and divisions.

The main idea of an astrology that each live being on Earth submits to Space rhythms. We react on energy of planets and zodiac signs. At each of us this reaction is shown during the various periods of time which depend on an arrangement of planets in a personal horoscope. Knowing, as planets are located, it is possible to calculate, what time is favorable for certain actions and what – is adverse.

So, what astrology sections exist?

Natal astrology

Astrology studying begins with it. We learn to build a horoscope, we study zodiac signs and planets, we assort, as they are shown in a birth horoscope.

Methods of a natal astrology allow to define, how human life will be developed that to it is given on destiny and that it is not given.

On the basis of a natal horoscope it is possible to make forecasts for any period of time interesting us. The predictive astrology is engaged in drawing up of forecasts.

Sinastrichesky astrology

One more of astrology sections – a sinastrichesky astrology, or a compatibility astrology. It studies relationship of people or collectives, or the person and collective. Horoscopes of people for this purpose undertake, and on certain methods the analysis as these people will cooperate with each other becomes.


Astropsychology – one of the most popular sections of an astrology in the West, but for the present a little widespread at us. Feature of astropsychology that all factors of a personal horoscope are considered from the point of view of their psychological value. Methods of astropsychology allow without the long analysis and tests to define psychological problems of the person, the reason of their emergence and ways of elimination.

Medical astrology

Its feature that all factors of a horoscope are considered from the point of view of medicine. The medical horoscope allows to define, the person when these diseases can be shown, pick up treatment methods, the most effective for this person according to his horoscope is predisposed to what diseases. If operation is necessary to the person, it is possible to pick up time that operation passed successfully for a medical horoscope, and there would be no complications.

Horarny astrology

This section of an astrology is very similar to guessing. Having made a horoscope for the period of a question task, and having analysed this horoscope, it is possible to receive the answer practically on any question. Also methods of a horarny astrology allow to carry out searches of the gone things and people.

Lunar astrology

From the name it is clear that this section is connected with the Moon. The moon so strongly influences us that many people who start to study the Lunar astrology, literally run in оторопь, how exact there are the forecasts made on phases of the Moon, or to application of calculation of personal speed of movement of the Moon in a horoscope. Many underestimate values of the Moon in the horoscope whereas the Moon literally includes events in our life, allowing or without allowing them to occur.

Business astrology

Considers many questions concerning business. For example, as this or that organization will develop, what competitors your firm can have, what type of management is suitable for your firm and many other things better. Business astrology methods also allow to make faultless staff recruitment, and to tell, how this or that employee that cannot make any personnel agency will work.

Elektivny astrology, or choice astrology

Methods of an elektivny astrology allow to choose suitable time for this or that event that this event was realized successfully.

For example, when it is better to open or register firm, that it worked successfully when to conclude the bargain, that it brought in the bigger income when to marry that family life developed successfully, and many other things.

As you can see, scopes of an astrology are very extensive. The general in them that in any section of an astrology influence of space factors on our life is considered.

Present, how many advantages you receive, having learned to analyze these influences independently!

Nadejda Brodnikova, astrologer