Charkas and their astrological parallels.

Charkas and their astrological parallels.

Already on an example of article about planetary compliances, it is obvious that to find necessary astrological parallels difficult, but is possible taking into account a sensible approach. And it is especially necessary when crossing different symbolical systems. Charkas paint on elements, on the Star of Magicians, on years, it is simple in the order of planets and still in several ways. In my opinion, here a problem again in the same that many try to transfer rules of one system directly on another, still confusing warm to the soft. Almost in everyone чакре (A lasso, a fleece, a plant, animal) it is possible to find something from all planets. The question only that is more strongly expressed and better corresponds to the integral essence. Also it is necessary to go for this purpose absolutely on the other hand – from supervision and common sense.

Muladkhara is connected with the Moon, as its main function – creation and maintenance of a physical body, and also its adaptation under constantly changing conditions and reproduction. And let you are not confused by red aura healthy charkas – simply it is the bottom perceiving channel directly connected with Earth and its dense low-frequency power. Its name is translated from a Sanskrit as "basis". It is level of base instincts, here the main operating motive – aspiration to safety. And, besides, Kundalini’s this residence. Therefore, except the Moon here pertinently there is also Pluton.

Svadkhistkhana answers in an organism for sensual love and a sexual attraction, for desire of possession. Without its energy creative obsession, and even ordinary interest to something is impossible. It is form and registration level, not casually therefore its name is translated as "a personality monastery". If in addition to consider its dysfunctions, everything becomes finally clear – Venus here is shown.

Manipur is level of social interaction, that is the plane in which natural selection and hidden (and even obvious) the competition and fight for "better lot" dominates. It is fiery чакра, connected with internal heat. Without it manifestation of independence, identity, upholding of is impossible. It is responsible for ability to turn desire in clear riches. And consequently its name is translated as "a palace from semi-precious stones". The emphasis on it is done by all developed martial arts. It is Mars.

Anakhata – average of seven charkas, some kind of axis, and on many classifications it directly "human". And its name "untied", speaks about it is about independence of money, houses, cars and glory as all this is less important, than a freedom of expression. Besides, it literally is responsible for heart and for the highest feelings similar to love and creativity. Its dysfunctions give the extreme egoism, the inflated vanity, insensibility, uncontrollable splashes of emotions and warm diseases. It is quite logical that this чакра is connected with the Sun.

Vishudkh’s name is translated from a Sanskrit as "pure". It is responsible for logic designing and verbal information, for ability to express the thoughts. Without its stable work constructive introspection, self-image, self-knowledge is impossible. Its dysfunction is "poisoning" with negative information, including false beliefs and dogmatism. It is directly connected with Mercury. If to look narrowly at those possibilities which gives Vishudkh at study, namely to spiritual forces, to supersensitivity, – that is necessary for allowing to transfer and a thought-reading also the Neptune.

Adzhna translated as "order" or "the boundless power" is directly connected with control and the power, in the widest sense of these words. It is level of "applied" wisdom. Besides, its function – it is correct to reflect an inner world, therefore typical dysfunctions – materialism, unbelief. It, certainly, level of Jupiter. And if to add those possibilities which "the third eye" gives at study (clairvoyance, for example), and also to remember, what exactly this чакра is connected with a sudden Enlightenment, it is necessary to allow also Uranium.

And quite naturally Saturn is connected with the highest seventh chakry Sakhasrara ("emptiness") at human level. Exactly the matter power, exactly here our egoism and belief in ourselves as in beings separate from each other, bars the way to energy of Spirit here comes to an end. The seventh чакра is the power over time, an exit to Eternity from limits of own horoscope. Certainly that something else here arises, bigger, than Saturn. But I would not like to produce essence, arguing about maloupotrebimy in practice things. Always there is an element Unknown about what forgets the majority of authors, in intense effort trying to answer all questions.

After all, strictly speaking, and charkas at all seven. And not nine. And not twelve, but many hundreds. And analogies to planets – only the convention facilitating practice of astromagic. To the same who rose by level of real "inclusion" the Seventh Charkas, both the astrology, and astromagic already hardly will be necessary.