That cannot be seen in a horoscope.

That cannot be seen in a horoscope.

Any horoscope will not show, whether the person will carry out the possibilities given to it by destiny.

It is possible to determine the optimum period of realization of these or those possibilities put in a horoscope by the card of a forecast, but it is impossible to tell, whether the person will use them. To use or not the possibilities given by destiny is a personal choice of each person.

Never it is impossible to tell on a horoscope where and in what position the person, what works for it the social status now.

I had clients who addressed for consultation on professional orientation and demanded, that I "guessed" on their horoscope, than they now are engaged. It is impossible to make it, because the horoscope shows, than to the person favorably to be engaged, where and in what position to work to achieve success. But any horoscope will not show that the person does right now, how he disposed of the possibilities at this stage of life.

It is impossible to tell on a horoscope what children of a floor will be born at the person. Here depends on genetic factors of both parents much. But it is possible to determine heredity of the child by a horoscope. It is possible to tell, what biological factors were transferred to it from the father, and what – from mother.

Very controversial question in an astrology – whether it is possible to determine death date by a horoscope.

Certainly, in one horoscope there is no indication of exact date when the person will die. But happens so that, analyzing the card of forecasts for this or that period of time, it is possible to see aspects which speak about danger to life. And here too a lot of things depends on the person – it is possible to be treated, and it is possible and not to be treated, then the result is clear.

Because each person was given an option. To do or not, the nobility or not to know.

For example, the forecast foretells that in March at a trip abroad you are waited for by trouble. You can listen to indications of a forecast, and remain in March of the house, or go somewhere near to the hometown, and no troubles with you will exist. But on the other hand you can not pay attention to a forecast and go in March abroad, and to you there will be troubles.

The forecast indicates only probability of approach of any event at a given time, and on you depends, there will be it or not.

Other example. To me the young woman who could not выти in marriage in any way addressed for consultation.

I made it a forecast for the next one and a half years. It was expected by marriage. She should meet future husband, if goes somewhere to study. Note: marriage is connected with moving on other residence and the study beginning.

The woman was delighted to a good forecast, but decided not to go anywhere, and filed documents on training in the city. Places in educational institution were, but to it for the unclear reasons refused documents acceptance.

The woman again addressed to me. Having listened to her, I asked, why it did not go anywhere, after all on forecasts moving + the study beginning, instead of study without moving was a condition of marriage.

The woman answered, what is not going to leave the hometown, why to it to huddle somewhere in another’s places? But in marriage to leave it all the same wanted. She stubborn held the ground that will go to study and be retrained, but is not going to leave somewhere.

How think, she married?

Thus, in a horoscope it is possible to see possibilities of the person and expecting his future. But it is impossible to see, how the person will dispose of the possibilities and whether it will do something in order that that promises a horoscope came true.