What is the horoscope? Popular beliefs concerning horoscopes.

What is the horoscope? Popular beliefs concerning horoscopes.

I as to the professional astrologer and the teacher of an astrology often should face that the huge mass of people does not understand that such a horoscope. And either does not understand in principle, or misunderstands essentially. I consider necessary clearly to express errors on this subject.

Unfortunately, at the word "horoscope" to the majority of people stories about "Sagittariuses", "scorpions" or "maidens" who literally заполоняют the Internet and meet on pages of almost all printing editions occur already filled to all a soreness of the mouth. However these texts are not horoscopes and in general to an astrology have very weak relation. These are entertaining materials for readers of various sites and the mass media which are not giving to almost any correct information on the person. No wonder that popularity of such pseudo-astrological creations strongly began to decline recently. However, they made the dirty deed – spoiled and discredited the concept "horoscope" as that. And now it is easy to hear from the person that «he does not trust horoscopes» simply because it does not like here these doubtful compositions about «zodiac signs this week». At a question of, whether the person dealt with the real astrology and the real horoscope, usually it becomes clear that anything, except parkway reading matter about "twins" and "Arieses", he never met. And the word clung moreover and with a negative shade. And so: it – not horoscopes. These are errors about them. In general it is impossible to call the meeting texts given everywhere such term. Why? Let’s proceed further and we will try to understand.

At first – definition. The horoscope is "picture" of provision of all main planets of our system at a given time for a certain place on Earth. It looks approximately so:

What is the horoscope? Popular beliefs concerning horoscopes.

Usually, time of the birth of the person undertakes the moment, and a place are coordinates of that district where he was born. During every moment of time each planet from those 10 that are considered by an astrology, has a certain location in a firmament. Characteristics of these locations known to astrologers and planets, and also their interactions with each other also make a basis of astrological information on the person. Interpretation of a horoscope is a process of selection and transformation of astrological indications of "picture" to the coherent text telling about object of research. It can be the person, the enterprise, the city, the country. The detailed analysis of all 10 planets, their arrangements and all indications connected with it also gives full information on someone or something. It is the difficult long process demanding good preparation of the astrologer. Only having disassembled all parameters and having combined them together, it is possible to tell about the person something rather close to a real situation. On this basis it is possible to make recommendations, to look in the future and to assort any questions.

Well and what zodiac signs? It is the characteristic of the person on only one parameter – under the provision of the Sun at the moment of the birth. In what constellation there was a Sun – to such zodiac sign of people and "is attributed". It is about 1/500 part of information of a real horoscope. At all without being the expert in the field of an astrology, it is easy to understand: it will not turn out to give any truthful information on the person, being guided it is so insignificant a small part of information on it. And especially attempt something is incorrect to predict on the basis of one parameter from several hundred. But… but about the Zodiac it is simple, clear, short and "about me too is", so there will be also a demand… It was necessary to call more solid only this show – "horoscope", for example…

Here and there was a myth that the horoscope is an any laconic and plain text about zodiac signs. Actually, it is a lie, and a horoscope such text is not at all.

What is the horoscope? Popular beliefs concerning horoscopes.

Why so happened, what all space was captivated by not astrological texts moreover and with the undeserved name "horoscope"? The reasons are obvious. First, various mass media constantly combat for attention of readers and a prodavayemost of the advertizing. In this sense such "horoscope" – easy and in fact the entertaining text – is way to involve and hold attention of missing public. Secondly, here the remarkable potential for a self-praise of astrologers is latent. In spite of the fact that recently ever less astrologers agree to be engaged in such doubtful practice, still enough such which for the sake of advance of the name in masses are ready to "stamp" such texts in any quantities. Really, it is one of the simplest ways to popularity – well how to refuse? I am far from desire someone to criticize, but in it I try not to be engaged, in view of disagreement with an approach. It is sure that popularity it is necessary to deserve good horoscopes and successes of pupils, instead of show texts about signs any there.

So, here that we have currently: the most part of people calls "horoscopes" of show business creation about Zodik’s which are poorly relating to an astrology in principle the signs. In view of their extreme obobshchennost also it is insulting a low informativnost, these "zodiac" compositions almost completely discredited themselves, and to them very few people listens seriously. Well unless with boredom to esteem. On the basis of fair mistrust to such texts, the majority of inhabitants starts to be skeptical and about real horoscopes, and even to criticize an astrology in general. It approximately how to call a ceiling of own house "sky" to see enough of it to a stupor in search of bottomless blue and night stars, and then disappointedly to say that anything such in the sky is not present and you do not trust cock-and-bull stories how the sky is fine… Ridiculously and sadly, but a situation such is.

What to do? How to correct the developed situation? It seems to me, everything is not too difficult. It is just necessary to start to do more real astrological materials. Materials which will be more exact and more interesting, rather than zodiac methods discrediting. Astrologers should start to do really astrological forecasts, according to a letter of this great science. I think that over time it will allow to rehabilitate substantially an astrology and to return to his word "horoscope" normal, not soiled with show business a la modern mass media value. For myself I made a choice – I do daily horoscopes taking into account all astrological parameters. These parameters are the general for all planet.

My daily horoscopes define that is called as "power of day». The power of day is a configuration of planets in this day which has on all people this or that an effect. The power of one day declines to pleasure and entertainments, another – to doubts and aggression, well and so on. It approximately, how is the weather on the street: yesterday there was a wind, today – a rain, tomorrow – the sun… has no value who you are on the Zodiac, – the rain goes for all as well as the sun shines equally. The power of day is the general and operates the same so it can be predicted safely and even to give advice, how to behave in this or that day, to derive from this the maximum benefit. These forecasts really are horoscopes true – the card of all sky at a given time (day). It is not a shame with such forecasts and their compliance of reality is very great.

Certainly, anything ideal in this world does not exist. And no general forecast can be completely correct on the relation to all people. Again analogy to weather. It is possible to predict a rain, but it is impossible to predict, whom it will afflict, and whom will please. The farmer can be happy to a precipitation over the fields, and the wetted-through citizen will be malicious. The hot sun will make happy the vacationer on a beach, but will create problems to the soldier on maneuvers in a clean floor or to the person, whose skin does not transfer an ultraviolet. Well also that? Not to forecast the weather only because at all there is to it a different relation? Reaction to power of day happens different, but it does not mean that she affects someone, and on someone is not present. Any person can at desire "be entered" in power of day, open energy of stars and proceed on their vector. If day is good for business meetings – it is possible to be adjusted on actively to work, if day is recommended for family rest – it is possible to prefer it, etc. Considering power of day in the life, it is possible to avoid a great deal of trouble – not to adopt serious decisions in day when the power of stars does not favor to it, not to go to a trip if day of its beginning does not promise anything good, etc. The forecast of power of day is possibility to plan the behavior so that to use possibilities of energiya of planets penetrating Earth just as earlier мореходы used winds and currents.

Certainly, with currents and winds it is possible to fight and operate, as the situation instead of as advise stars demands. To go on serious material expenditure when it is not recommended by an astrology, to start the romantic relations in adverse for this purpose days and, on the contrary, to postpone adoption of the important decision, despite councils of stars. It is a freedom of choice of each person. What will change? Simply it is necessary to row up the stream and winds, hoping only for own forces and not to count on the free help of the Universe. However personally I will prefer to travel on life astride star winds which blow that in that, in other party and allow to reach much easier than the purposes, if in advance the nobility when and what to undertake and from what it is necessary while to refrain. It improves results and saves forces. Results please, and the best application, than silly and proud fight against power of day which at the correct approach can become an ally, instead of a barrier on a way will be found of forces.

How it is necessary to study my astrological forecasts?

I advise to look in an astrological forecast of day interesting you and to set myself some simple questions:

  • This day can help to carry out what my affairs to me?
  • Against what warn stars this day?
  • Whether

  • I want to use advantages of this day and to protect myself from its shortcomings?

This simple approach will help you to cooperate much better from the Universe, than earlier, and results for certain will not be slow itself to show.

Well and, certainly, I will tell as the expert astrologer: only the individual horoscope can give full information on the person, all his features and nuances. At all dostoynost of the general forecasts, the general never becomes individual is after all obviously. The general is fair for all differently and only to any level behind which the unique identity of each person described by his personal horoscope from the professional astrologer lies. Only such horoscope can give answers to all important questions and allow to glance in the personal future with a fine precision.

Sandra A. Salines