Destiny. Whether it is possible to see destiny of the person in a horoscope? An astrology – article.

Destiny. Whether it is possible to see destiny of the person in a horoscope? An astrology - article.

Many practising astrologers often come up against such situation when clients wait from consultation of real miracles, a such instant curing tablet from all problems. And when it becomes clear that for achievement of similar miracles it is necessary to work over itself, over the acts, thoughts, aspirations, people are disappointed in such consultation: "How so?!! I want to know simply when it will be and whether will be in general. And to me say that I should change the relation to people, change the habits, and do any other nonsense!"

Those who badly a sign with an astrology, think that the astrologer is, at least, the clairvoyant, yasnoslyshashchy, and also the Master of Black and White Magic on one face. Asking the question approximately so: "What destiny at me?" or so: "What will be in my life?" – people approve as it fatality of life.

But the concept of destiny and fate is very relative concept. Proceeding from variety of judgments about this phenomenon, it is possible to allocate at least two types of destiny. The first destiny is that which is reflected in our horoscope. And the second destiny is that destiny which we do by own hands, we form daily acts and a daily choice.

For example, in a horoscope of the tyrant it is impossible to see that it it becomes indispensable that and will torment the environment. In a natal chart of such person often it is possible to note intense aspects between "aggressive" planets (Mars, Pluton) and the Sun that is characterized as hyper level of aggression, aspiration to the power and domination. And if to this picture to add also the Moon in intense aspects with Saturn or the Neptune, in the personality unconscious templates of behavior, and also various complexes – for example, a complex of the loser or a complex of "the small person" can be shown. The owner of such horoscope becomes whom: the house torturer known for the politician or the athlete Olympian – it is impossible to tell precisely. Everything depends on on what road this person will go, it will be guided by what ideals in the life to what will aspire, in what ways will want to show to the world that he is not the little man, and reputable figure. And, of course, each of us has the program from which we came to this world.

Therefore it is possible to tell that the part of the vital scenario of people plays strictly by rules which are unknown to us, and this part is called "destiny, fate, fate". Other part of the scenario is completely in hands of the actor which can make a choice on a course of the play. Interactive game – it is possible to call and so an our vital adventure. Certainly, does not leave any doubts that fact that any improvisation should be entered in the general scenario and not break its harmonous structure.

So, the most widespread question to the astrologer – whether it is possible to see destiny in a horoscope?

Yes, the horoscope is a schematical reflection of our destiny, that is foreordained to us from above. But in it, in a birth horoscope, all our aspirations, tendencies and motivations are reflected. And a lot of things depends on a spiritual level of development of the person. If the person lives bread uniform, and reflects only at level "killed a mammoth, ate, digested and followed a new mammoth", his horoscope accurately will show, to what period of life to it will carry and it will find a lot of mammoths, and during what period the mammoth itself will catch up with it.

Than level of spiritual development is higher, the destiny of the person especially is unpredictable. But level of spiritual development is that it is impossible to see in a horoscope. Investigating a natal chart, it is possible to find out only as far as the person is inclined to learn itself and the world to look for truth, instead of to go in cycles only in material achievements.

It turns out, what exactly spiritual development is that is given us in our free possession? Probably. Certainly, lessons of spiritual development in this embodiment originate in that luggage with which the soul came to this world. "Dusha-pervoklashka" can absolutely test other experience, rather than the soul which in a present embodiment "finishes" a desyatiletka will receive.

Yes, the points of view concerning destiny great variety. Someone considers that the person it is simple a doll on threads which the Highest Forces operate. Someone believes that the person – the master of the destiny. Probably, much of us would like to receive the management to life, well at least in such look: "Hey, the citizen, you there do not go! You here go, and that snow the head will get!"

But life and destiny of the person is a great secret. And, most likely, even having on hands the full management where to go and what to do that "snow a head did not get", we will want to look with half an eye at least, and that is there where to go to us it is not recommended… In it and all person – an inquisitive being who aims to fill the next cone and, joyfully rubbing the filled place, exclaims: "Nevertheless there it was interesting!"

The person is an eternal child who fills cones, laughs, rejoices, cries, kisses darling, irons a fluffy cat, plows space space, flies by planes, dives into the sea behind a pearl. In a word – lives…

I wish you, friends to live the every day as small new life: 365 days are 365 small lives! And let your life is not limited to the rigid word "destiny". Be as children, investigate the life, the destiny. Look for in it new gold keys, open new doors behind which the next gift, the next surprise prepared personally for you is hidden…

And in end I want to address to those who plans the campaign to the astrologer. Try to ask questions in the light of such approach: that it is possible to make organically to be entered in an existing situation; what qualities to change in itself that the situation turned to you the person. For example, instead of a question: "When I will marry?" – it is better to ask: "What to me to make to find the female happiness?" Instead of a question: "To get divorced to me or not?" – it is better to learn: "What can I make in order that our relations became more harmonious?"

Ask the correct questions and receive the right answers!

Life is a variety of options. And any situation is given us in order that we learned any lesson, opened in myself new sides myself. So let’s not be content small and шагнём out of limits of habitual behavior and habitual thinking. Let’s learn look at life not as on a fatal set of events, and as on possibility to become the coauthor of the vital scenario.

Happiness to you, friends!