Horoscope for April, 2013.

Horoscope for April, 2013.

In April the Sun will pass a sign of the Aries, and we will feel that into our life together with spring will rush absolutely new powerful energy. Mars – the leading planet of the Aries – will excite and excite, will force to operate and actively to be shown. Even the laziest among us will feel inflow of new forces and will start to be engaged in affairs.

Thanks to strong influence of Mars April will be the active period for development: the will becomes stronger, all of us become more vigorous and initiative, capable to join in new affairs and to show clarity of mind in creative undertakings. Physical activity amplifies, health improves.

But together in favorable changes April bears also a set of tests which will appear quite heavy because of numerous quadratures of various planets. During the period from April 1 to April 5 Mars will stand in a quadrature to Pluton that points to possibility of failures, accidents, mass accidents at society level.

At personal level we most likely will face aggression, a showdown, opposition, hostility. Some of us, especially representatives of signs of Fire, that is Arieses, Lions and Sagittariuses, can exceed the possibilities, assume that to them not under force.

In the first days of April it is impossible to visit mass actions, such as meetings or concerts, to go on stadiums many to go by the car, to exceed speed. It is necessary to avoid crowd, and also long stay in the closed space.

At this time the field of the increased aggression is created, there can be disputes and quarrels. It is necessary to be careful and anything important not to undertake. Try not to enter the conflicts. It is not necessary to look for at this time new work, to insist on the, to fight for the rights. It is undesirable to go in for sports, do a physical activity. There is a danger of an overexpenditure of energy that then will lead to sharp recession.

In the first half of month Mars will be in close proximity to Venus that very much helps with love and financial affairs. It will be the period of harmonious disclosure of the personality, manifestation of creative abilities and art talents. These planets settle in soul the world and rest, give feeling of comfort.

Thanks to their influence all of us will become even more charming and attractive, we will involve in ourselves persons of an opposite sex. In April all zodiac signs will have a desire to make others happy, to give them pleasure. The pleasant entertainments, the interesting cheerful travel, pleasant surprises are possible.

The period will be from April 6 to April 19 fine time to be engaged in purchase of luxury goods, love affairs, sexual entertainments and joys. This good time for cheerful adventures, for a fashion and art, for creativity and creation, for everything that is connected with beauty and fine, with grace and a soul subtlety.

Venus with Mars give all and everyone huge charm and charm, feeling of happiness and optimism. They will help us to feel new feelings, successfully to be engaged in affairs, to achieve financial success. These planets also give ability to manoeuvre, commensurate the will with needs of others.

In the first half of April it is better to spend all the energy on romantic and intimacies. Also business activity, bent for to luxury goods raises. It is the active period which energy it is necessary to direct on creativity and creation.

On April 20 the Sun together with Mars will outpass the Taurus, and it means that energy and will should be directed on the solution of material problems. It will be fine time to show a business grasp, a practicality.

The second half of month – the period of accumulation of material benefits and active use of physical energy. Direct the energies to improvement of your financial position, actively act, achieving advance in career and increases of the income in business.

At this time time Saturn in favorable aspect to Pluton strengthens will power, gives absolute endurance, mastering by a self-checking technique. At this aspect many of us can have strong impact on collective, on people as a whole, if necessary – to subordinate all to itself.

There is a desire to "tower" over crowd, to achieve certain successes. The absolute endurance, patience and firmness is shown. Favorably at this time to go in for martial arts, strengthening of health and physical exercises.

This period of time is expedient for using for mental work where big fanaticism and deep penetration into a subject is required. The second half of April is especially good for students and scientists, for those who is engaged in brainwork.

Uranium transit on Mercury also promises lifting of intellectual activity and original thinking. It brings artistic triumphs and inspirations, opening and inventions. Mind becomes more free also nezavisimy, thoughts – bright and perfected, there is an ability to capture a past event, to analyse and fix necessary experience.

Hoping for the mind and ability to the analysis, it is possible to solve many problems. The intuition amplifies. As a whole April – the best time for work and study to look for changes. This also fine time for free business, for situation improvement on work.

Uranium favors to business, good and positive thoughts, ideas, intentions come to the head. Impulsive activity will be peculiar to all zodiac signs vigorous, though. There will be many affairs and communication.

At this time it is good to be engaged in organizing work. There is an aspiration to changes, trips. Under this transit interesting acquaintances and friendship or communications or contacts to uncommon people are quite often started. The favorable period for trips, movement and trade.

It is possible to designate the first five days of April very adverse. The same it is possible to tell and about the last five days of April, that is about the period from April 25 to April 30. It is connected by that will pass on April 25 the partial lunar eclipse first in this year. The moon will be in the Scorpion, and can promote an exacerbation of female diseases.

We will become susceptible on any external influences, on an emotional spirit of people around, overexcitation, an overstrain, headaches, emotional failures, eagerness to fight, aggression, tears and hysterics are possible. At this time all of us will test a condition of strong emotional excitability which can lead to various indispositions, stressful conditions and nervous breakdowns.

Therefore it is best of all to strain less in the last days of April more to have a rest, receive positive impressions, to be engaged in something interesting and not to enter any confrontations and altercations with relatives. Take care also the native! Remember these recommendations because the April eclipse will be the first this year, but at all the last, and in May we are waited already by two eclipses which should be worried with the smallest losses.