Horoscope for April, 2015.

Horoscope for April, 2015.

And there came April – wonderful spring month, month of heat and blossoming. Since the beginning of April with spring warmth the children’s feeling of freedom, freshness comes, it would be desirable to find use of the energy. All planets in April will promote the active and vigorous actions, new undertakings and affairs.

This year April will be favorable month for travel, trips. It is especially good to travel by the car, to visit interesting places, to go to the sea or the lake. We are waited by success, good luck, promotion, in business, public recognition. At this time it is necessary to give actively the saved-up energy, to show creative and organizing abilities, to get authority.

Floodlight will be in very good aspect to Uranium that will bring very safe events connected with communication, the respectable and considerable acquaintances, new communications and interesting meetings. This aspect also is very favorable to be engaged in art, literature, any hobby on which you so long did not have time.

The favorable Neptune will bring us the poetic inspirations, interesting thoughts, ideas. It is good month for people of creative professions – writers, musicians, artists. They are waited by creative successes. Best of all in April peacefully and quietly to be engaged in the habitual business – in business, on work, paying at the same time attention to the hobbies in art, music, literature. All month favorable aspects of Jupiter will paint our life in iridescent tone and to bring good luck. Special favor of a planet will show to Lions, Arieses, Aquarius and Scales. Every chance for creative growth, development of business and active expansion in all spheres of life will be provided to them. But at the same time it is worth to remember that April – month of a changeable Aries which declines to impetuosity and rashness. Till April 20 while the Sun will not pass in a stable Taurus, danger of uncontrolled behavior and mistakes inevitably following from here and troubles will remain.

The planet Mars which leaves into the forefront in April, will prove as "two-faced Janus". On the one hand, it will bring spring revival and the activity, new possibilities, prospects and thirst of pleasures, but will promote on the other hand to aspiration to unjustified risk and too big tension. These dangerous qualities of Mars will be shown directly since the beginning of month when we will be in a corridor of the eclipses which beginning was necessary a total solar eclipse on March 20. This period on April 4 when will pass a total lunar eclipse on the blood-red Moon will come to the end. Already began tradition to connect such Moon with danger of "doomsday", but to such epoch-making event in the sky there should be much more signs, than only the bloody Moon. Therefore we will not consider this assumption. Also we will simply try to understand that creates effect of the "bloody" Moon.

The bloody Moon appears when during an eclipse the Moon is not closed yet by Earth shadow, but already completely covered with a shadow of the terrestrial atmosphere. The site NASA gives the following example. Present that you have personal space a ship. You were given a task: to fly up at midnight and to go to the middle of a terrestrial shadow. Continue to fly, will not come nearer yet to the Moon and will not be at distance of 200 000 miles from Earth. Now turn back and look back. From a window you will see the dark side of Earth opposite from the Sun. But it will not be completely dark. The atmosphere round a contour of Earth will be a beautiful red shade. Here it is so possible to explain this unusual color of the Moon.

By the way, during eclipses the Moon is quite often painted in reddish color. It happens quite often. The last time the Moon was such on April 15, 2011. But after all the eclipse will be on April 4 in this regard not absolutely usual and even unique. The matter is that this lunar eclipse – the next phenomenon in so-called "writing-book" – that is the third eclipse in a train of four total lunar eclipses which pass one by one within two years. The first occurred on April 15, 2014, the second – on October 8, 2014, the third will be April, and fourth us expects on September 28, 2015. And so similar a tetrode – very rare guest on Earth!

According to the most interesting researches of the Italian astronomer Giovanni Skiaparelli, between 1582-1908 there was no tetrodes, and in an interval from 1909 to their 2156 will be 17! To us, inhabitants of 21 eyelids, it was lucky – in the next decades there will be the whole six tetrode that speaks about essential epoch-making changes which we will endure. It and is not surprising – we after all are at sources of a new era of Aquarius which bears really revolutionary changes.

The eclipse will not have on April 4 direct immediate results. We will see its influence much later, but after all try to be more careful. During the period from April 1 to April 5 do not accept hasty decisions, do not quarrel with relatives, do not do especially important issues. There is a danger of fire, explosions, ignitions, be careful with an electricity, go in for sports less. At worst it is the period of a downtime which is spent for experiences, instead of on business. The increased impulsiveness conducts to nervous breakdowns and experiences. Only the endurance, self-control and patience can save you from troubles. A certain intensity will remain up to April 11 because to negative impact of the Moon connection of the Sun with Uranium in a quadrature to Pluton will be added. These aspects will bring very strong tension and danger of the showdown, unpleasant conversations. Try to cancel important trips, from April 4 to April 11 it is better to go and fly to the period less.

One more potentially dangerous period within April is on April 20-23 when the Sun will pass to a sign of the Taurus, and Mars will make тауквадрат with Jupiter, Mercury and Proserpine. Planets call us for stability, to maintenance of the usual, habitual schedule, to normal, routine, measured work. These days it is impossible to change work, to pass to a new place, to sue for divorce, marry or marry, that is to begin something absolutely new in the life. This bad time for any surprises and new undertakings.

In the middle and the end of April the brightest and strong aspects will be connected with influence of Venus and Mars. It and is not surprising in the middle of the spring – time of love, a tender sentiment and romantic hobbies. Venus will pass from the Taurus to Mercury that will give the chance new acquaintances, active communication. Both planets will promote that in our life the world and harmony, happiness, comfort and welfare were established. All will easily be successful, especially that, as to love and marriage, friendship and the sexual relations, all difficulties smooth out. Can do a set of purchases.

Also material success, success in work and business is possible. Around pleasure and pleasures, wellbeing, friendliness, art impressions. It is good to carry out various innovations. To participate in entertainments and cultural actions, to solve social problems, office, family affairs. Planets will positively influence communications, communication, friendship. It is possible to plan for this time also the most important issues, especially trips.