Horoscope for April, 2015.

Horoscope for April, 2015.

And behind a window again April –
The spring gives me chance and an occasion…

The present subject is to be continued verses. For example, so: "April is knocked on a door to me. And behind windows – a thaw. The cat got on eaves. The nobility, prepares for me a surprise".:)

Eh – x, verses it is difficult to state an astrological forecast for April, though it is possible, therefore I pass to prose.

So, April. What does new month prepare for us in respect of power? The wind of change and that to wait in general will blow from where?

The sun still also will stay in the Aries there till April 20. This day it will safely get over from a passionate, fiery sign in a terrestrial sign of the Taurus.

The sun in the Aries continues subject of March and declines people to show the leader qualities, and at someone – purely selfish. At this time all I would be desirable as if to throw off clothes from the and to all to show and prove the identity. But, as spoke in a known animated cartoon: "I happen different!" Therefore at someone this period will be marked by active manifestation of the brightest qualities on work, someone becomes the family despot, building the immediate environment and ordering: "On the first or second pay off!"

As the earth reveals after winter, baring the essence, and we would like to prove to be in all beauty. And it is indispensable that people around noticed it, estimated and applauded. It is possible standing.

Generally, this time of strengthening of self-confidence, determination, energy and aspiration increase to the most ambitious plans. It would be desirable to predominate and dominate according to the full program. But at the same time, possibility of increase of aggression, especially is great when go in defiance or expectations do not come true. During such time in conversation you probably very much will want to tell to the opponent that you have two opinions: one yours, and the second – wrong.

Therefore small recommendation:

  • show the leader qualities, the identity, be vigorous, persevering, but do not forget that all long-term projects have property to live only in the presence of good relations with partners and an environment. It belongs both to work, and to the family relations. Try to hear each other, and to understand that identity is not only at you, but also other too have enough of it. No less than there is enough desire to be appreciable and special.

On April 20 the Sun will be included into a sign of the Taurus. Impulsiveness of the Aries, desire to embrace immense smoothly will pass to desire of stability, tranquility. Feelings will find other coloring. If in the Aries unbridled passions flared, and the lover reminded Othello, the Taurus will suggest you to become more sensual and quiet. There will be a bent for to comfort, material values, beauty, tranquillity, harmony, steadiness.

During this period you can feel that become more sustained, patient, and at the same time stubborn, especially if business concerns your personal values – material, spiritual or your feelings. After all the Taurus is a sign which feels huge need for safety. And safety for it is its property, whether it be the house, either feelings, or emotions. All situations and communication during this period can pass through the filter of tactile feelings (feeling skin), from the point of view of "it is pleasant – not pleasantly". Probably, these days you will often hear words: "I feel skin".

From this time, you will feel that you accept the nature more and more, after all the Taurus is a terrestrial sign. Work on the earth, communication with the nature as well as possible at this time will affect your power. The sun in the Taurus will warm not only the earth, but also you, telling you energy of patience and stability.

This time of preservation of your purposes. That is at this time it is necessary to work properly to keep an urgency and value of your purpose. Validity, calculation, slowness – these qualities will be for you good satellites during this period. It is not necessary to hurry these days time. Let everything takes its course. The Taurus does not love fast changes, especially if they are not included into his plans.

Be not surprised to that everything will occur not too quickly. Be really the owner of the life, do not neglect business. The Taurus is inclined to accumulate and put saved up in the kubyshechka. And you, keep the relations, hold emotions quiet, keep in focus of the attention long-term goals, put in these purposes the love, build the partner relationship based on stability and confidence.

Sing, dance, put flowers, embrace each other, be engaged in painting, go to theaters and art exhibitions, go on the nature, save emotions and impressions, and to you will than share with others when the Sun will pass to a sign of Twins.

Pay at this time attention to your tactile feelings, that feels your body, analyze them. It will serve you as the good help. To clear this or that situation, wonder more often: "What feelings in a body are caused in me by this situation?"

Mercury in the middle of April will replace the situation and from a sign of the Aries will pass to a sign of the Taurus. For now, from April 1 to April 15, communication and contacts are under construction on an impulse. People get acquainted with each other summarily, talk with each other with voices raised. Speech differs fervor, an emotionality. Here any more before diplomacy when passions burn.

People are inclined to make at this time impulsive decisions. Therefore those who has the gift to call ardently, will have no lack of attention. Be attentive during this period – do not make decisions hasty, being based only in words which you heard even if they seemed to you the very convincing.

To the middle of April people can express the opinion directly, as they say, in a forehead. Many will pull to do each other remarks. And as Mercury in the Aries does not suffer another’s cavils, at this time there can be verbal quarrels and disputes. And someone even will want to rush to fight, especially at whom in a horoscope Mars costs in a problem position. The feeling of weakness and a wrongfulness for who has a complex concerning own force and importance, can be simply intolerable. Therefore try to support at this time peace conversation, as though you did not try to drive up the wall. On work instability also can be noted. As decisions are accepted impulsively, suddenly, that often to workers can be difficult to understand logic of acts and administration decisions, and on the contrary.

Try not to follow the tastes of the emotions and impulsive desires at this time. Before something to make or tell, deeply inhale, having made lips a tubule (so you are cooled from within), count to 10 if it is possible, drink a glass of cool water. And then already solve.

So, all trips, affairs, conversations, the contacts, made decisions – all this will pass on an impulse. And as we know that, "From a spark the flame", will flare up at this time remember a saying "Look before you leap" more often.

Since April 15 Mercury will pass to a sign of the Taurus. Not at once this day, of course, but gradually, day by day, busy season will be replaced. There will be a tendency to judiciousness, tranquillity. After hot "ovnovsky" time it will want to people of a pacification, regularity.

If before it was possible to tempt people with slogans and type appeals "Get tickets, citizens. Ten kopeks! Children and Red Army men free of charge!", now concrete information and strong arguments for belief of citizens in acquisition something is required. At this time people are inclined to react only to that, as to personally their feelings or their property.

For those who wants to advance ideas and innovations, it can be the difficult period. Therefore, if you decided to start any new affairs, to put forward a ratspredlozheniye or to approach to the chief with a request for salary increase, during this period you should find powerful proofs that it is really expedient.

These days there will be a tendency to that to people will not want to change the habitual way of life, a habitual rhythm of work. In an everyday life there is a regularity. It is not necessary to change sharply these days personal and others’ daily routines, to introduce serious amendments in a mode. Mandative tone can lead to that surrounding people will simply avoid you, or will start to be nervous. Trying to be arranged under someone’s orders, at people everything from hands can start to fall. During this period it is necessary to be ready to that to people is necessary to weigh, consider carefully everything, and then already to make the decision. The sluggishness peculiar to people during this period, can seem to someone to the intolerable. But at the same time, validity and slowness of the Taurus will help much to avoid during this period of various mistakes in calculations and work. Therefore the phrase can become the good motto during this period: "The coachman, do not drive horses!"

Also plus of this period in absence of desire to clash. But at the same time distrustfulness, intractability, especially can increase if over the person start to press and "run", demanding the immediate answer. Therefore, if you want to achieve from someone decision-making or to hear the answer to the question, give to the person time everything properly to consider. Otherwise the answer can not follow absolutely: "And in reply – tishina-a-a".

This month is rich on an ingression (transition of a planet to other sign). Also in April we are waited by transition of Venus from a sign of the Taurus as a sign of Twins.

Till April 12 Venus will stay in the Taurus. People would like comfort, the stable relations, and it is desirable not by phone or correspondence, and personal meetings. The feeling of a sobstvennichestvo and jealousy that gains impulsive character at the Sun in the Aries at this time increases. The wounded self-esteem caused by doubts in the relations, can cause the whole fire. Therefore at this time do not give a reason for jealousy and have no feelings of the partner on durability. All this will be regarded as a lack of love or absence of feelings.

During this period desires increase. People would like to go shopping, and purchases can be made expensive and under the influence of suddenly flashed desire to possess this object. Too most concerns also feelings. The desire of indispensable possession adored object can lead to emotional flashes, impatience. Refusals can be perceived as a personal insult. The ego of people during this moment is subject to impulsiveness. Therefore the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of an ego can be shown at people very emotionally, often in verbal insults, roughness, aggression.

As the sensual aspect of life at this time is aggravated, people can test deep experiences concerning the relations. The increasing dissatisfaction with the relations, completeness of feelings, love experiences, corporal pleasures can lead to compensation: absence of love is replaced with campaigns on shops, the superfluous use sweet or other artificial substitutes which allegedly can lead to satisfaction.

At this time be attentive to the relations. All quarrels and offenses can unexpectedly flash, because of the touched vanity, and tend to be tightened for very long term. All words told in a fuse, the struck blows are remembered in an ego for a long time, and consequences can be serious and deep.

On April 12 Venus passes to a sign of Twins. If Venus in the Taurus differed depth of feelings, that, passing to a sign of Twins, it becomes playful. Love contacts become easier, and the great interest in the person can appear as a result of conversation. Words during this period become a key to heart.

During this period it will want to people of the easy relations, without excessive troubles. Especially if these relations stimulate satisfaction of vanity (The sun in the Taurus) to promote achievement of comfort or any material purposes. Such relations can be similar to the flaws, entraining roll – a field – today here, and tomorrow – there. The same relations that took roots, it is possible to diversify with a small talk "about anything", love letters. Any "heavy artillery" during this period! Only ease, zero gravity, not persistence. The interesting interlocutor during this period can become the persona grata and as easily and easy to pass to the category of close people. Therefore possibility of the thoughtless relations increases.

The sun in the Taurus declines people to satisfaction of ambitions, vanity, purposeful achievement of the purposes. Therefore Venus in Twins will help to strike up new interesting acquaintances with ease. But at the same time it is necessary to remember that serious such relations can not become.

During this period it is good to improve the relations with close relatives – brothers, sisters. Thus to you a long sit-round gathering over a cup of tea with pies and conversations on feelings will be provided.

Mars also this month changes the dislocation – and on April 1 passes from a hot, impulsive Aries as a sign of the Taurus. Energy will go on ensuring own existence, on achievement of comfort.

People will not want to be any more everywhere and in everything the first as it was in a sign of the Aries. In all actions there will be more thoughtfulness, focus. Activity these days can decrease, but quality of the done work will be much higher. All will want to obtain worthy reward for the work therefore cost of the products executed by the hands, can increase. This period especially salutary will be for all who makes the hands various ornaments, clothes, subjects of a house interior.

It not time of fast changes and fast undertakings. All affairs begun during this period, will be slowly untwisted, and can demand a considerable investment of forces and additional resources. But it is precisely possible to tell – the begun business will not be a something ephemeral, and can become the long-term project which is bringing in the stable income. People will want to enclose the money earned in this period in something valuable – for example, in real estate and jewelry.

Mars in this situation can awaken proprietary instincts, jealousy in people. "Mine! I will not give anybody!" – the similar subject can sound quite often while Mars is in the Taurus. Therefore try not to awake in each other jealousy that quarrel did not develop into long-term separation. The offenses put at this time, will be remembered especially long.

At the same time Mars in the Taurus disposes to corporal pleasures and pleasures. During this period all touches, a poglazhivaniye and sensual massage, gentle aroma of candles, a refined dinner in the most salutary way will affect the love relations.

At women the desire actively wakens to buy beautiful clothes, ornaments, to watch the figure, beauty of the person and a body. All procedures in this direction during this period will appear very opportunely.

Judges of female beauty also will feel that their bent for fine amplified even more. Therefore men with double diligence will become more active at the sight of fine forms, after all Mars is in a monastery of Venus and who how not Venus was and is a standard of female beauty? Also it is incentive for women with eagerness will look after the forms, aspiring to bring them into a reference condition.

So, with ingressions finished, now we will pass to aspects which will do planets to each other this month. It will indicate the probable current of various events, and also on acts of people.

The first days of April are celebrated by connection of the Sun with the bottom Lunar Knot – the Siberian salmon. On April 5 about the Siberian salmon Mercury will incorporate also. It means that the karmic program of antecedents and last acts in this life will be made active. Up to the end not solved situations can emerge any old. Information arriving to you – letters, conversations – can remind you of any last events also. At this time it is necessary to treat more attentively all to signs arriving from the outside. It will help to place points over i and to solve the problems long ago expecting your answer. Pay attention to people who will address to you these days (approximately till April 6-7). They also can be "messengers from the past".

Certainly, it is necessary not to be the fan in this case and to think that each situation arising these days, is your karma, and each person it is indispensable the karmic envoy. But if there is a feeling deja vu, over it it is necessary to reflect and with it it is necessary to work.

April – not the simplest month for many people. During this period small difficulties can pass to cardinal changes which will bring serious emotional experiences.

The first decade of April is accompanied by difficult aspect of the Sun, Mercury, Uranium to Pluton. These are days of the increased intensity of power.

Be careful when using transport, electrodevices, on production. These days it is not necessary to introduce new technologies, to make experiments. All innovations, especially if they arose spontaneously, leave till the best times. All should be thought carefully over and planned in advance.

Try not to provoke people to scandals as these days the vanity is aggravated to a limit, and any sharp word can serve as the beginning of the serious conflict. Also during this period the feeling of the injustice, the increased aggression is bared. Financial investments, the credits, taxes, insurance also should be postponed for other time.

The lunar eclipse which will occur on April 4, also will make inharmonious aspect to Pluton and the Sun. In this regard there can be an aggravation and transformation of any partner relations. As the Moon is in Scales, the main subject of an eclipse – the relations, love, justice, peaceful disposition, the conflicts, legal issues.

These intense days it is good to send to Earth and all people living on a planet love, light and the world. To make it it is possible through meditations, prayers, singing of mantras, to apply to technician Hooponopono ("I love you. I thank you. Forgive me. It is a pity to me"). In a lunar eclipse on April 4 also try to make the efforts for increase in a stream of light directed on Earth, for increase in love and awakening of consciousness of people, using for this purpose prayers or meditations. It is especially good to carry out collective meditations which have still big force.

The second decade of April will be accompanied by increase of intellectual and business activity, and quite is suitable for achievement of the purposes, active contacts, sales, the conclusion of contracts, negotiation and discussion of various questions.

By the end of the second decade excessive ambitions and the overestimated requirements can amplify. The persistence on a dokazyvaniye of the point of view can lead to the conflicts. Therefore at this time allow in the relations more flexibility and understanding even if you and are right.

At the end of the second decade be attentive in the relations and new acquaintances. Try to distinguish the truth from a lie, avoid deception. Many relations entered into in these days can appear subsequently only a mirage, and promises to remain outstanding. Charm which can reach you these days, can quickly pass to disappointment. Also this period can be accompanied by a dethronement of ideals which you created earlier. Protect the finance from swindlers. Do not lose common sense and be not under a delusion. All secret during this period becomes obvious.

The third decade of April of April is celebrated by dynamism. Increases both physical activity, and intellectual. The period quite intense also calls for common sense (as far as it will be possible in this situation). At this time think several times before changing a titmouse in hands for a crane in the sky. It is recommended to observe restraint and to keep habitual style of work. But at the same time the will power increased by systematic and reasonable actions, will promote achievement of the purposes. During this period change of activity, style of work, official movings is possible.

And again there is a strengthening of desire to dominate, dominate, hold the ground, to prove the case. Thus it is necessary to remember that the good does not happen to fists.

In general planets this month recommend to be more reserved, and all the acts, words and thoughts carefully to weigh. Aspiration to harmony, not haste, regularity, understanding of needs of partners and a rationality will be welcomed this month. Daily events will bear in themselves both pleasant surprises, and irritating events.

Thus remember the main thing – ourselves, the belief and an internal spirit we form the external life, drawing the corresponding events and the corresponding people.

Therefore if you have a bad mood, it is not necessary to bring down everything on the Moon in the Scorpion, or to Mars not in that house.

The majority of people reacts on energy of planets unconsciously. That is, if Mars is in "bad" aspect to the Moon, many will feel nervousness or desire "полаять" on the environment, and even to whack something at an opportunity. But the one who understands that it is some kind of provocation, check of his sensibleness, irritation of "painful points" – points over which it is necessary to work, that will find the irritation reasons in itself(himself), will try to center itself – that is to come to a condition of communication with the internal center, a steadiness condition, or as it still call, to enter into a point the Zero. Then a swing of external events of such person will not shake in different directions – that well, it is bad, it is a lot of, it is not enough, I love, I hate.

To us can sometimes seem that we quite became loving, peace, wishing well to all. But often for the time being. The corresponding situation will not come yet. And thus our peaceful disposition and sensibleness somewhere disappears. Here planets also come to the help and people. It only reflection of our internal relation to this or that phenomenon, check of our readiness to pass to the following stage of understanding and understanding of the life.

What recommendations will be? Keep closer to the internal center, to a steadiness condition.

And it is even better – enter mentally into the warm center (warm чакра Anakhata) and try to perceive any situation given to you with love, understanding and gratitude.

Also remember: "You are another I. I am another You".

Once again I congratulate all on spring! Your desires let will come true, and sensible thoughts will help you with it!

P.S. Reading any general astroforecast, remember that it describes the GENERAL TENDENCIES for a month. On that it and the general. For each person of influence of planets are shown in an individual order and are in direct dependence on a natal chart.