Horoscope for August, 2013.

Horoscope for August, 2013.

In August, 2013 Jupiter will appear the most important planet. It will be actively shown, doing a set of aspects that can be reflected in our life by very interesting events. At first it will make opposition to Pluton, and in the second half of month – a quadrature to Uranium that promises various surprises and financial instability.

August as month of the greatest solar activity always brings cardinal, important events. And Jupiter as the manager of the Sagittarius does a situation even "more hotly". At social level various sociopolitical and economic shocks can expect us. At this time there is a probability of failures, accidents and natural cataclysms. They can be avoided if carefully to plan the actions, not to do anything in a temper and with strong tension, to try not to exceed the possibilities.

Activity of the Sun and Jupiter, thank God, will not bring anything tragic or awful, but creates vanity and small troubles. There can be problems with business and work because of unforeseen delay or truancies, the conflicts to the administration. At worst – losses, aimless job searches, impossibility to be arranged, remarks, reprimands, uncontrollable situations in life. Influence of planets declines to haste, hastiness, fervor, levity and imprudence.

There is a tendency to all affairs to belong thoughtlessly. During this period it is necessary to refuse all fast, risky and rash affairs, transactions, from purchase and sale since everything that at first sight promises good luck, late will yield only losses, and even the real crises. During this period it is not necessary to try to improve violently the existence, it is necessary to avoid any large deals, not to be started up in the doubtful enterprises.

It is impossible to lend money or recklessly them to spend. At this time care should be observed and in relation to the environment, to acquaintances, friends and partners, and the new partnership is better for avoiding. There is a tendency to irritability, quarrels and appreciable errors and unclear misunderstanding, to unpersuasive explanations and unproductive debates.

It is necessary to try to avoid excessive activity and load on work that can lead to pressure jumps. The hard work or too many entertainments can lead to a lack of a dream, nervous exhaustion or precipitately assumed obligations. Do not assume big loadings and reasonably distribute the forces. In everything observe a measure. Especially these recommendations concern such signs, as Aquarius, Scorpions, Lions and Cancers.

For other signs August will be more favorable. Such "injustice" is connected with a tendency of Jupiter to ennoble one and to punish others, preferring those who is easier than others adapts to new social tendencies. Though the main aspect of Jupiter also will make negative impact on our public life, after all it тригон to Proserpine will help us to overcome any obstacles.

It is very kind aspect which says that by means of reasonable planning, common sense, miscalculations of degree of risk and belief in the best we can avoid all troubles which are promised by its opposition to Pluton. Especially brightly this tendency will start to prove in the second half of month, after August 15th.

Judging by aspects of other planets, really, the first half of month will be richer on potentially dangerous events, than the second. On August 1-2 there will pass a quadrature of Mars to Uranium, a quadrature which will coincide with finding of the Sun in destructive degree. These two days can give very sharp situations. There can be fires, explosions, accidents, natural disasters, accidents. Try not to plan for these first days of August very important issues, it is very adverse to fly also.

The adverse atmosphere will be heated till August 11 when there will pass Mercury quadrature in the Lion to Saturn in the Scorpion that can cause scandals, showdowns, collisions and gaps. But it already will be peak of negative activity then the situation gradually will begin to change for the better.

The phenomenon which will pass on August 12, 2013 will be a peculiar catalyst of changes very interesting and rare astronomical. It will be star, or a meteoric rain in constellation Persia.

Source of these falling meteors is the loop of a comet of Swift-Tuttlya through which there will pass Earth. Perseida – one of the most powerful star streams. In activity peak, namely – on August 12, 2013, it is possible to observe to 100 falling stars at an o’clock, and Perseida are well visible practically from an every spot on the globe though in the Northern hemisphere falling stars will be brighter.

The particle of a dust, ice and breeds which are rejected by Swift’s comet, will move to us with improbable speed – more than 150 kilometers per hour. But practically any this particle which on the size – no more a grain of sand, will not reach Earth as will burn down in the atmosphere completely.

For us this astronomical phenomenon it will be familiar that one cycle ended and another will begin. And even Jupiter which all first half of month will throw on us the angry arrows, closer to the end of a month will replace the anger with favor and will please us with favorable aspects.

From August 22 to August 26 Mercury will be in connection with the Sun in the Lion and with very bright star Regul. It will be the best time for a public statement, the beginning of new business to celebrate wedding or to appoint any very important action. If you plan a distant trip or important business conversation, are going to declare the engagement or want to defend the dissertation, try to carry out these affairs in the second half of month, but especially – since August 22.

Favorable tendency connection of Jupiter with a star once again will emphasize Sirius – the brightest star of the sky. Together with the Sun, the Moon and the White Moon Jupiter is the servant of this star, and very closely with it is connected.

Ancient astrologers considered this star adverse. In Ancient atlases it connected it with negative forces of Saturn and Mars and spoke about its zlotvorny influence. But since the fourth her eyelid began to regard as very positive. In particular, Avicenna wrote about it as about one of the most favorable stars.

Sirius is considered presently a symbol of the spiritual help and support. This star brings us happiness, pleasure and wellbeing. Its influence is very similar to Jupiter in its kindest qualities. Sirius especially favors to creative people, helps them with their undertakings.

Especially strongly feel its influence Fire signs – the Lion, the Sagittarius and the Aries. But its clemency extends not only on them, but also on everything others signs, and especially on those her representatives who test weakness, are ill or feel lonely. Sirius gives relief the patient, gives good mood and helps to find the way that who looks for an exit from the deadlock.

And though first planets in August will arrange to us small check «on durability», in the second half of month thanks to a windfall everything will be changed to the best, and we can find a good way out of any difficult situations.

What will bring August to 2013 all zodiac signs?

For Arieses August is favorable for creativity and sports, love, family and household chores. You will have many new ideas, creative plans, hopes, the feeling of unusual ease, pleasures will open before you many possibilities. Especially in the field of rest and travel.

Little bodies in August wait pleasant meetings, gifts, monetary receipts. You easily will manage to make the concrete plan of the actions for achievement of success in your affairs. And circumstances so will develop that your plans become feasible and your wellbeing is achievable. After August 15 very safe time for trips and travel.

For Twins August – difficult month. Especially it concerns work. The course of affairs can be braked. House problems should be considered well at first before undertaking their permission, haste is now inappropriate. Start of new projects is better for postponing for September. At the same time you during this period will manage to have a rest well, having made travel to the distant countries.

August – the most successful month for Cancers this year. It is not excluded that many Cancers will decide to continue the education, or to get one more profession. Cancers in August will give great attention to rest, travel, household and family chores, and a food and health become the main care.

In August the set of favorable possibilities will be presented to Lions. Care and discretion will provide to Lions good health. By the end of month it is better to Lions not to go to far-away countries. Special discretion with official structures is necessary for you. Hold a purse that you did not plunder more strong, anything essential do not buy – will be disappointed.

In August Maidens will have many events of the negative plan. Do not spend now force – wait more favorable period better. It is the most reasonable to devote of you this month to rest, restoration of the forces and health. Transition of the Sun to your sign will add to you forces, energy.

The first week of August disposes Scales to travel. Many of you are waited at this time by success and recognition. At the end of August we urgently recommend to you to define the main goal. From this month lifting of your business and blossoming of your creativity will begin.

At the beginning of August at Scorpions the problems connected with career and with their public life are probable. Your new creative ideas will allow you to promote in career and to strengthen the social positions. In August you can have a rest, spend time very well with relatives, make interesting travel.

In August at Sagittariuses there are a lot of forces and enthusiasm. But from excess of enterprise and an initiative you can overestimate the possibilities too. Try to be self-controlled, be not overzealous. Go in August better to travel to the distant countries.

To goats the destiny is intended to overcome obstacles as they will be short-term though their overcoming from you will need persistence and high degree of self-organization. This month it is absolutely necessary for you to have a rest from persistent works and to go to travel to the exotic countries.

August is especially successful for Aquarius in the field of financial operations. Thus categorically it is not recommended to look in a casino – the temptation will push luck is great, the disappointment from loss will be also great. And here to have a rest and go to the new, novel countries for you in August to you it is necessary.

At Fishes at the beginning of a month problems with health are possible. August for Fishes will be connected with love, possibility to have a good time and combine work with pleasure, with creative satisfaction, thus you can earn popularity and popularity. By the end of month many Fishes can perfectly have a rest and make fascinating travel to the distant countries.