Horoscope for February, 2013.

Horoscope for February, 2013.

In February the full authority is entered by Aquarius. At the beginning of a month the Sun will be in the 13th degree of Aquarius, and near it in the same sign – Mercury and Mars. At the moment of the introduction of planets as a sign of Aquarius at us the need for spiritual updating increases, all forces will be mobilized. There is an inspiration flash, the hidden abilities are shown.

In February we will be capable of extreme decisions and acts on which during other time never would decide. Even the most modest realize the independence of others, genius, uniqueness and originality, will listen to the hidden requirements and desires.

For many Sun pass through degrees of Aquarius means serious reorganization of the life, essential changes. Representatives of signs of Air and Fire will apprehend them with pleasure and inspiration. And here Tauruses, Capricorns, Maidens, Cancers, Scorpions and Fishes will endure all these changes as very big stress.

Uranium in an Aries, strengthened by the provision of planets in Aquarius and the Scorpion, causes in us the raised condition and excitement, aspiration to all new, to changes, to fermentation of feelings and an overstrain of nervous system. All communications with world around undergo changes and often there are sudden inexplicable separations.

There is a danger to worry marriage crisis, quarrels, misunderstanding, quarrels with the lover or the spouse. Uranium influence quite often leads to stains, separations because of new communications, and all this is accompanied by big excitement and deep experiences. This influence of a planet especially strongly affects female horoscopes so, dear women, try not to lose sight of the husbands and beloved, be engaged in strengthening of your relations.

If Uranium has quite rigid impact on private life, in the field of a profession and work it is much more benevolent and kind. Especially well it influences business and businessmen. It will bring them in February casual, sudden happiness, increase of the income, the good luck, exciting events of favorable character.

Thanks to секстилям Jupiter in Twins to Uranium in the Aries and Saturn in the Scorpion to Pluton in the Capricorn there is a possibility of a big, outstanding success in business, successful transactions, happiness in a lottery, in financial affairs and other favorable events. All this will occur unexpectedly, casually, suddenly, literally falling to us upon the head, as hurricane or snowfall.

In February we are expected by new acquaintances to the interesting original people, favorable shifts on the work, pleasant surprises, sudden and exciting events of favorable and happy character and even casual sudden happiness. At creative people the intuition and inspiration raise, creating a favorable basis for new ideas and inspirations.

The last winter month very favorably to fly, travel many to read, as new knowledge expand the horizon. Do not refuse from business trips and foreign trips if such opportunity is given. Unexpectedly for yourselves you can get important communications and enter into very close friendly relations with foreigners.

Those who has in December or January, in February will feel a great relief, to them forces and pleasure of life will return. And here the one who will catch a cold and will fall ill in February, should direct the attention to nonconventional methods of treatment. Do not trust the health to doctors from policlinic, be engaged the in recovery or address for the help to нутрициологам and to naturopaths. Their methods of treatment will appear much more effectively usual.

In the first half of February Mars will be left by Aquarius, having outpassed Fishes. It will bring new shades in a picture of February, 2013. Mars in Fishes emphasizes that it is necessary to operate not openly and obviously, and secretly and carefully, carefully considering all the actions, acts and decisions.

Still right at the beginning February try to deal with all ripened problems in your life by means of strong intuition which in case of need will surely warn you about approaching danger. You will manage to overcome any obstacles if you listen to the internal voice and to operate according to a presentiment and intuition.

Mars in Fishes helps to win also a victory over secret enemies and over own fears and complexes therefore it is possible to plan work for this time with the psychologist or consultation at the astrologer, to be engaged in that you shelved «». Can count also on the secret help of the guardian angel and various unknown mystic forces. February – suitable month for active secret activity, for deepening in karmic problems, studying of psychology, an astrology, esoterics and mysticism.

There is a tendency to the hidden secret actions. Self-confidence increases. Under the influence of Mars and the Neptune subconscious feelings and desires become more active, and strict control of the thoughts and actions that subconscious impulses did not withdraw you on a way of illusions and imaginations is necessary.

You are capable to alter many affairs, to work without cease if you believe that do, believe in yourself. Thanks to this internal conviction and inspiration forces increase, there are favorable conditions for spiritual occupations, mental work, for many important events in your life.

In the second half of February into the forefront there is Mercury in Fishes which will make connection with Mars and Chiron. It will be the favorable period for short trips, important negotiations, communication, meetings with friends. Planets give sharp flash of intellectual and business activity, promote increase of mental energy, an insight and criticality, do successful intensive scientific, business and commercial activity.

The period is favorable from February 10 to February 28 for trade, trips, communications, negotiations. Mars with Mercury and Chiron force to operate actively, increase working capacity, stimulate strong-willed actions in business, contacts, trips. Even the nastyrnost and obstinacy can bring good results.

At this particular time it is necessary to be engaged in intensive business or commercial activity, to move, work. Favorably also to go in for sports. This successful time for trips and travel, for legal issues and surgeries, for business life and private business, offers and negotiations, business trips and short travel, for the financial affairs, new plans.

It is the period is suitable for trade, purchases, for the conclusion of contracts and noble risk. Favorably many to go, communicate. The thinking, bent for to contacts amplifies, received information is well acquired, there is a requirement to share the thoughts, to strengthen links.

In February in the advantage there will be Water and Air signs, that is Fishes, Cancers, Scorpions, Scales, Aquarius and Twins, and at whom the majority of planets is in these zodiac signs are more true. It is necessary to Arieses, Sagittariuses, Lions, Tauruses, Capricorns and Maidens because they did not get used to act secretly a little more difficultly and it is hidden, constantly considering the steps.

These signs should adapt to Uranium and Neptune influence, to learn to wait, suffer and go on compromises. Especially great difficulties wait for the Aries and the Taurus on which the power of Aquarius hard acts. But most likely even these signs will test some beneficial influences of planets, will endure the inspiration and pleasure moments within February.

Long influence секстиля Jupiter to Uranium will bring many positive changes in our life. It is possible to hope for increase of the income, receiving pleasant gifts. If you have such possibility, plan for February interesting travel, and be not afraid to go very far, though to Antarctica if only you were conducted by inspiration, thirst of knowledge and pleasure of opening of the new horizons.

And how there will be this month for representatives of various zodiac signs?


In February of the Aries his private life will borrow most of all. Its feelings will be expressed brightly, promptly, even is aggressive. You will be initiative, persevering and enterprising in love questions. Will put in the feeling all the emotions and passion. I advise you active types of rest, for example, tourism with quite big loading, equestrian sport, skis and something similar.


For the Taurus February will be difficult month. It is necessary to consider that circumstance that he does not love changes and changes, and in their February will need to be avoided. This month it will be good only that who is ready to active actions and open fight. It is not excluded that in February the Taurus for a while will lose "soil" under feet and will be compelled to cut down the expenses. For you there is a danger to get under reductions or salary fall.


February for Twins will be saturated the new impressions, interesting contacts, expansion of business and friendly relations, is not excluded that these communications will be with foreign countries. Good time to go on courses and to continue education. Additional higher education will appear to you very useful subsequently.


All interests of the Cancer in February will be concentrated on a family. In financial operations it is necessary to show discretion. Imprudence can negatively be reflected in your health and bring additional difficulties in your plans. In February it is better not to be a target for aggressive people and in general it is necessary to be protected and not to subject itself to emotional shake-ups whenever possible.


February, 2013 – the worst month for manifestation of lion’s qualities. You will not manage to strike all the with mind and exclusiveness, to receive compliments or promotion. If you have business or are the chief, you should be considered with the subordinates, to listen to their wishes and even to go on some compromises.


For the Maiden February will be time of revision of values. The maiden will feel that is locked in a corner and compelled to obey to life, being engaged in that would not be desirable for it at all. You can have a strong aspiration to change the life and in professional, and the personal plan, but it is not necessary to hurry, it is necessary to grit teeth and to suffer not to lose that have.


Scales in February test unprecedented take-off of creative inspiration. In spite of the fact that the habitual world will fall around, they will keep a cheerful and optimistical spirit. Unfortunately, they will be not not accompanied by success in love, but the one-way love will not disappoint them but only will inspire on new searches.


The scorpion in February will solve generally the financial problems. It is necessary for you to understand "assets" and "passives", to meet the accountant. In February it is necessary to avoid any risk which is so peculiar to the Scorpion. Most likely you will not manage to avoid material losses, especially if your money is enclosed in actions and real estate.


The Sagittarius in February can appear in the center of economic and social transformations. You should make fast decisions, instantly to be guided on a place. You need to try to keep objectivity contrary to the events, not to be fond at all of extremes. You will have many events, an active rich life. There is a possibility to receive a responsible position or to finish the important project.


For Capricorns February will be one of the most important months in a year. There will be many events. There can be a meeting with the old friend, new contacts, communication. And though will not do without the conflicts and a certain opposition with people around, you will manage to achieve the. The unique danger – to operate without understanding means. In any case it is necessary to show humanity and understanding.


Your sign – the unconditional leader of this month, the real star. And to you it will really be rewarded according to the deserts. It is possible to expect increase in a position, success in all undertakings, very interesting trips. All your ideas and affairs will be accompanied by success and good luck. Though planets on your party, we advise not to object the administration and not to enter the senseless conflicts to people around.


For Fishes February is the month connected with a sharpening of feelings, with experiences and love dramas. Your birthday comes nearer, and you become uncontrollably sentimental and sensitive. It is necessary to direct all your efforts on creativity, work, and also on various hobbies and hobbies. If you are religious, February – fine time to take active part in religious life.

Astrologer Anna Falileeva