Horoscope for February, 2015.

Horoscope for February, 2015.

There comes the last winter month. Holidays ended – it is a high time to plunge with the head into work, it should bring not only moral, but also material satisfaction. And by the end of month it is possible to relax a little – after all spring on a threshold.

The beginning of February will be quite intense period. But gradually the situation is normalized, and by the end of month the situation will be quite harmonious. Use this time most fully. In February, as well as almost all year, we will endure strong emotions and aspiration to cardinal changes.

At the same time in the winter of 2015 the probability of emergence and an aggravation of the conflicts, natural disasters, failures is increased, the criminal situation can worsen. Planets can create intensity and in the international political situation, and in the financial and economic sphere. Personal problems during this period also can become aggravated.

But after all these important negative factors since the end of February will already finish the action, and there is a hope of tension easing. There are preconditions to that the conflicts will be steadily resolved thanks to search of compromises and concessions of the conflicting parties. In 2015 there will be more possibilities to abstain from aggressive actions.

This year Goats will gradually come back stability and balance that will impulse to permission of territorial disputes and will begin many peace processes which will be carried out the next months and years. At the same time in February the situation still will be difficult and disputed, crisis will proceed and even to be aggravated. In the financial sphere in February it will be difficult. But positive tendencies will accrue more and more, conducting to gradual good changes which become visible the next months.

In private life and furthermore in family, this month it is better not to "aggravate" the relations, and inevitable tension to discharge humour. Especially protect nerves – and to your health will threaten nothing. Learn to relax!

From February 1 to February 11 Mercury will move a retro, and it means that our many affairs will be late. Retrogradny Mercury will disturb affairs, everything will get stuck and last more long than the usual. That conceived will not turn out. At this time it is good to finish affairs and to complete something shelved, but not to begin anything new. Transfer important issues on the second half of month, and it is best of all – for the third decade of month.

On February 19, in the first new moon in a sign of Aquarius after a winter solstice, on the Chinese calendar the wooden Goat will enter the possession. Here when we really will meet New year and we will begin to live on its rhythms. In China New year is considered a holiday of spring, updating, changes. It is necessary to prepare and aspire to it in the second half of February.

Traditionally before celebration of the Chinese New year it is necessary to clean houses or the apartment carefully. Dirt in the house – manifestation of disrespect for the owner of next year. And if to meet year of a wooden Goat in the untidy house, to wait for favor from the Goat it is not necessary. According to east traditions, New year is better be not to meeting with debts, differently it will be difficult to give them.

Try to get by February 19 new clothes. It becomes not to transfer to New year of a problem of the expiring year. This day it is also necessary to show with all exclusive politeness, even with those people who are unpleasant to you. By no means it is impossible to say words which associate with troubles and misfortunes.

  • To be prepared for a meeting of New year, get five identical subjects. It can be figures of a goat or a sheep, small toys, cups, something tiny. Paste on them five slices of paper with the following names – good luck, honor, longevity, wealth, pleasure. These subjects will symbolize success in 2015. It is necessary to put them in a secluded place and to leave to stand there till next year.

For a meeting of year of the Goat it is necessary to decorate the house with red color which symbolizes the sun, pleasure, happiness and protection against evil ghosts. The festive New Year’s dinner should be plentiful and beautifully served. It is necessary to fill generously trays with tangerines and oranges and to place them in different parts of the house. In each ware should be no more and not less than 8 fruit. To spread them on a tray it is necessary in a special way, in the form of a circle or an octagon. The number eight means longevity and the infinite benefits.

But the most important begins after a festive dinner when Chinese distribute "happiness money". All give each other red envelopes with the money enclosed in them which will bring good luck for all new year. It is not so obligatory to give large notes, it can be even a trifle, simply coins, but the main thing – symbolically to wish each other prosperity.

After a festive dinner and distribution of envelopes it is impossible to go to bed not to miss the happiness and arrival of the Goat. It is necessary to have fun, sing, dance and to welcome arrival of New year.

For New year the Moon will be in a perigee, that is in the next point to Earth. And it means that we will be in a certain zone of risk. Especially strongly the Moon will influence representatives of signs of Water – Fishes, Cancers and Scorpions, and also on at whom the strong Moon in a horoscope.

Strong pressure upon mentality will be felt, the nervous system becomes unstable. It is necessary to avoid any showdowns, not to enter the conflicts. Try to appreciate that is, here and now. Simply rejoice lives!