Horoscope for October, 2013 on Zodiac signs.

Horoscope for October, 2013 on Zodiac signs.

Many Arieses are disturbed by household chores and real estate questions. On work and in a family it is necessary to avoid the conflicts. There can be new, interesting partners both in business, and in love. Remember, polite persistence you will achieve more than rough pressing. In the first half of October it will be possible to have a rest not bad, only it is not necessary to go to holiday to the distant countries – better to have a rest at home. The persistence and patience can be rewarded in the second half of October an outstanding success.

At Tauruses creativity and love time proceeds. Innovations and far-reaching plans receive a new impulse. You will be occupied, mainly, with arrangement of the private life. The main events of month are played in daily work and in partnership. Even the risk can appear at this time justifiable if you feel insuperable desire to realize the dreams. By the end of month Tauruses become more free from duties and cares, emotional life becomes richer, in their environment there will be new people.

In October private life and love will force Twins to distract a little from external problems. But already by the end of month new work or a diet will carry away these "adult children". The first half of month devote to darling, family and household chores, and the second – to the work and health. Be careful of deception, do not accept hasty decisions. Intrigues of secret ill-wishers or health deterioration are possible. The period from the middle till the end of October will bring you rest and will return self-confidence.

Family problems will be the main care of the Cancer in the first half of month. Sometimes they will manage to be resolved safely, and in other days all your efforts will be vain. Crayfish can feel deceived or to become the deception victim in reality. Cooling of the friendly relations is possible. During the whole month you increased the intuition, allowing to make a right choice. Listen to an internal voice. In the second half of month to you on a shoulder will cope with any difficulties.

At Lviv most successfully there will pass the first decade of October. First of all it concerns creative occupations, sports, trips, business. In family life – stable equilibrium. In the relations with business partners surprises are possible. Support of your actions by financiers is not excluded. Trips and travel in October become a source of many new impressions. Surprising meetings, romantic acquaintances are possible. On events the last decade of October will be especially generous.

In October the fate faces hardworking and scrupulous Maidens. For many of them personal actions will provide success in questions of real estate, a land acquisition, the house. There can be career successes, family addition, the outlook expansion, long trips. The good income, large volume of information, a set of meetings and burning personal experiences – such is your October deal. The last decade of October will offer a wide choice of possibilities.

At the beginning of October the success of Scales in one spheres of activity will be combined with failures in others. Problems on work are possible, you will have an unimportant health. Protect forces, do not load itself with excessive work. At the end of October of circumstance of your life will sharply turn in the favorable party. You will have a wide choice – than to be engaged, where to have a rest, what impressing changes to let in the life. At the end of the month at you everything will develop successfully. The period till the end of October will be the most successful and financially. Scales will have a possibility to expand a field of activity.

At Scorpions the main subjects of October – cares of others and settling of personal problems. The earnings connected with hard work or with a distant trip are expected. In October Scorpions will have desire and possibility to improve the living conditions. This month the chance «here is provided to them and now» to feel life pulse, to prove the competence and to leave on new social level. This influence will be long that will allow to strengthen the positions considerably; however adventurous projects or a situation ambiguity in the house can prevent to make the right decision. Stars advise to wait a little with cardinal changes and not to risk.

At Sagittariuses the favorable period for relationship with friends and partners will proceed. The main and successful events are outlined in the sphere of public work, in a circle of friends and adherents. Within October in life of Sagittariuses there will be some joyful events that will return their belief in the good luck and in the forces. Since the end of October, career achievements can expect them. Personal charm and courage will suit them.

October will facilitate life of Capricorns several pleasant events. At this time possibility to pay off some debts will be presented. In the first decade of a star patronize your professional activity. The second decade is interfaced to a different hardship and the conflicts. A root of your October successes – in professional activity, in business in which you are engaged. Count on the help and support of the friends, influential acquaintances or that public organization to which you belong. Adventures are contraindicated.

October for Aquarius – the harmonious period. This month is favorable for travel, study and work. Most saturated and tensely this month will be shown in life of students and teachers of higher education institutions and what work is connected with distant trips. Appreciable successes are outlined in the professional sphere. If the bank loan is required, she can be received, having made vigorous efforts. The end of October is especially successful for stockjobbings and financial operations. Thus categorically it is not recommended to look in a casino – the temptation will push luck is great, the disappointment from loss will be also great. At the end of October there can be a promotion. It and time of possible changes in private life.

In October at Fishes personal activity increases. In private life all at you as it should be. At the same time at the end of October deception, forgeries, information theft are not excluded. To fishes also can provide during this period obviously false information. Travel in October will remove from you cargo of cares and will open the world of new impressions, information and feelings. But if at this particular time there will be affairs because of which you decide to stay at home, take it for granted, and nothing can already stop you on a way to success before the end of the year.

astrologer Anna Falileeva