Horoscope for October, 2013.

Horoscope for October, 2013.

The first half of October will pass under favorable influence sekstily Saturn to Pluton and Chiron that will bring revival of business activity. The Sun carries out the most part of month in Scales, a sign symbolizing harmony, partnership and an approach to business from the point of view of suspension and beauty laws. Pluton’s beneficial influence promises a certain stability and successes in the financial sphere.

October, in comparison with others, month stable, anything sharp, unpleasant, heavy this month will not occur, especially during the period from October 1 to October 17. Business will quicken, very productive there will be business meetings, will crown success of operation with real estate. In financial affairs optimistical, promising tendencies will be shown. It will be time of the conclusion of the new strong unions, definitions are more whole also than the real beginning of many long-term programs.

October is favorable also for the solution of old problems, restoration of the lost contacts, achievement of harmony in the relations with people around. This month becomes very successful for every possible undertakings: opening of business, conclusion of transactions, beginnings of construction and repair work, search of new partners, etc. The marriages issued during this period, will be especially strong. Considerable creative lifting at representatives of art – new ideas and extraordinary creative decisions is expected.

The first half of month will be much more productive than the second. The matter is that on October 18 will pass the last this year a penumbral lunar eclipse, and then, on October 21, on a threshold of an exit of the Sun from a sign of Scales and transition in the Scorpion, Mercury will enter into the retrogradny phase. These events, certainly, will bring a certain chaos in our affairs and will interfere with implementation of our plans.

Any information will be hard acquired, small misunderstanding because of haste or a carelessness can lead to annoying mistakes. In this regard, since October 18, it is not recommended to be engaged in very important issues. It is necessary to check carefully correctness of paperwork and to avoid illegal financial actions. It will be adverse time for flights and moving, especially to the distant countries or on a constant residence.

Especially dangerous we will be the period from October 18 to October 23. The moon in the Aries, in opposition to the Neptune and Mercury in destructive degree of the Scorpion very big troubles can bring Mars. What extreme events, flashes of uncontrollable rage, collision, falling and failure are possible. Try to express less the opinions even with the closest people, differently can spoil for a long time the relations with them. As they say, a word – not a sparrow. Will take off – you will not catch …

If to speak about eclipse influence in the Aries on masses of people, it is necessary to consider that it can provoke explosions, fires and even hostilities. On October 18-23 it will be very difficult to us to supervise our emotions, to constrain our anger and to behave cultural and refined.

But already on October 24 Mars will enter in секстиль to the Sun, and the Sun at last will pass to a sign of the Scorpion, and these aspects will clean danger, will strengthen will and patience, will send our energy to the positive course. And though Mercury will be in a retro to a phase till November 11, any more there will be no such strong negative impact which brings an eclipse in the Aries.

Within October, besides planets and stars, we will be influenced by a special meteoric stream under Orionida’s name. These are very fast multi-colored meteors rushing into the atmosphere of Earth for the speed of 66 km/s. Their activity begins on October 2 and visibility – about 25 meteors in hour comes to an end on November 7. But the most interesting that the peak of its activity falls on October 21 – the moment of change of a course of Mercury.

It means that we will face new information, we learn something absolutely new or anew we will open for ourselves something hidden earlier. Meteorites from constellation of Orion twice a year – in the spring and in the autumn – pass through a loop of the well-known comet Gallia which emergence in April, 1986 marked falling and disintegration of the Soviet Union and all socialist block.

They always bring in our life something new, unpredictable. They are envoys of Space, the new information, interesting ideas, extraordinary decisions. Thanks to these heavenly bodies we can begin anew many affairs in our life, having reversed that prevented us to move earlier forward.

Though this meteoric stream is not so active, as Perseida, its meteors not less beautiful and bright. If you would like to see as they fall, leaving in the sky a long trace, allocate for this purpose time after midnight between October 18th and 23rd. Under favorable weather conditions the meteor will flash in the sky each three minutes.

In October, 2013 the aspiration to operate, change something in life will very brightly be shown, to open new business, to marry, tear the former become obsolete relations and to begin new, to pass to new work, to make the important decisions defining a course of further events in your life.

All of us will feel need for activity and changes. Only it is necessary to remember constantly that the lunar eclipse and Mercury will introduce the amendments and consequently it is impossible to operate, thoughtlessly giving in to emotions and "acting rashly". All our actions should be thought over, weighed and reasonable.

To it points very important connection of Saturn with Mercury and Proserpine which will begin at the end of October. Saturn in a similar configuration "unsettles", deprives of durability, reliability, tranquillity and the firm soil under feet. The sleep debt, alarm, experiences, overactivity, any excesses, both in work, and in entertainments, can negatively be reflected on health.

Therefore it is very important to alternate work to the rest, pleasant with useful, to keep to a diet, not to overeat and not to be overstrained. All questions solve not under the influence of emotions and after considered all the actions and came to the reasonable decision.

In October should carry to Scales, to Sagittariuses, Twins, Fishes and Arieses, these signs become «kings of situation» in October. They are expected by considerable favorable changes in private life, and also unexpected and extraordinary acquaintances.

The difficult tasks demanding patience and calculation will be on a shoulder to Maidens, Aquarius and Capricorns. For them it will be normal working month without outstanding successes and catastrophic failures.

And here Scorpions, Tauruses, Cancers, Lions should overcome a bad luck strip. Representatives of these zodiac signs will appear under rigid control of the administration. They will be pursued by misunderstanding from people around and relatives that can become the reason of quarrels and conflict situations. In any case, they should be reserved by patience and not to make at all illegal actions.

astrologer Anna Falileeva