Horoscope for October, 2014.

Horoscope for October, 2014.

Sad it is time! Eyes charm!
Your farewell beauty is pleasant to me –
I magnificent the nature love withering,
In a bagrets and in gold the dressed woods…
In their outer entrance hall of a wind noise and fresh breath,
And the haze wavy covered heavens.
And rare Sun beam, and first frosts,
And threats remote to gray-haired winter.

A. S.Pushkin

In the first half of month, during a time of golden autumn also the sun considerably warms, and air not cold. From the middle of October inflow of solar energy is reduced everything more considerably, the terrestrial surface receives heat less, than gives, inflow of cold air amplifies. Approach of winter is slowly but surely felt….

In October the Sun passes to a sign of Scales, and it means its falling, that is the lowest point. Therefore in October the melancholy, apathy often rises, there are periods of bad mood and a depression. At this time many of us need support, understanding, sympathy.

In a month of Scales the need for love, for the romantic relations, for a cosiness and a consent for a family strongly increases. It would be desirable to communicate, enter more closer relations with friends, to visit various cultural actions, to find external and internal harmony. There is no desire to go on confrontations, to battle and fight, enter on a war track. Many of us will prefer to operations the interesting book or an intimate conversation with the friend behind a cup of fragrant tea.

This month will carry that is able to behave diplomatically and tactfully who is able to keep "a good mine" even at bad game who keeps self-control in any life experiences. It will be most difficult to those who will show aggression and discontent, openly to express the feelings, to point corners and to show impatience. Whenever possible try to smooth contradictions and to soften the conflicts. One of the most important features of the Sun in Scales is an aspiration to the world and settlement of any conflicts. Under the influence of planets will be there is a reconciliation of any conflicting parties. Even sworn enemies will try to go on compromises, to find a common language and stop war, hostility and hatred. Especially brightly these tendencies will be expressed at the beginning and the middle of October – until the Sun will not pass to a sign of the Scorpion.

October is in many respects month of creative self-disclosure, bright imagination, aspiration to open the potential. If you have hobby or hobby, try to carry out surely it during this period. Scales – that zodiac sign which patronizes the creative beginning, increases beauty and helps to find a hobby.

In a month of Scales even the most closed people will aspire to communication, to search of adherents. It will want to do all affairs with participation of friends or acquaintances which understand, sympathize or think as well as you. This successful time for communication, for search of the partner, darling, the girlfriend or the friend, also amplifies need for companionship with the whole group of people. As a whole it is possible to designate October time very favorable, especially for love, partnership. This month favorably to celebrate weddings, to marry. Favorable connection of the Sun with Venus and the Head of the Dragon will be has positive impact on the sphere of intimate, private and family life. It will be remarkable time for holiday together or a honeymoon trip, for long autumn evenings alone with darling, for search of the partner and a train of appointments. Actively use this favorable time for destruction of all problems in the field of private life!

In spite of the fact that the Sun in Scales gives not too a lot of energy and heat, we will have enough forces and enthusiasm for active life. A certain sort as compensation to the weak Sun will be served by Mars in the Sagittarius who will make very favorable aspects. It will help us not only with personal records, but also in other spheres of life. For example, in successful flights, legal issues, successful performances. It will render special protection people of creative professions – to actors, artists, musicians and other outstanding personalities which draw to itself attention and are allocated among others.

It would seem, October strongly differs on manifestations from all last months 2014. Since April, we rushed gallop through hummocks and hills together with the Horse – the hostess of the current year. Only in September the Horse shortened a stride. In October it really will be adjusted more favourably, than at the beginning of a year.

But after all it would be no year of a restive Horse if we idyllic lived all October. Alas, it will not be possible to us for several reasons – because of two eclipses and because of the period of retrogradny Mercury which is necessary practically for all October. At first, on October 3, popyatny Mercury, then, will come into force on October 8th, there will be a total lunar eclipse. the private Solar eclipse on October 23rd is expected. I advise to celebrate these days in the calendar and to show extra care. The lunar eclipse at the beginning of a month will be the most dangerous. It will be connected with the 15th lunar day and a sign of the Aries and can wake dozing force of aggression and discontent. We will become susceptible on any external influences, on an emotional spirit of people around.

Overexcitation, overstrain, headaches, emotional failures, eagerness to fight, aggression, tears and hysterics are possible. At this time many of us, and especially Fire and Air signs, will test a condition of strong emotional excitability. It will be time of revision of relationship, but try not to give in to the feelings. This day it is undesirable to go to travel and business trips. Be careful of traumas, do not go in for sports. Whenever possible reduce communication. On October 8 try to do something simple, be engaged in affairs less.

The eclipse will occur on October 23 exactly while the Sun will pass in the Scorpion. It will leave a certain mark on the entire period since the end of October to the middle of November. We will enter the period of karmic predefiniteness when we will deal with consequences of our actions during the previous periods. Strengthens this karmic effect retrogradny Mercury. It will disturb affairs, to insert "forks into wheels", to detain and interfere with everything that was begun. At this time it is good to finish affairs and to complete something shelved, but not to begin anything new. This fine time for summarizing to repay debts. It is necessary to consider and that by the end of month we will begin to be tired more and quicker to get tired. All zodiac signs, but especially Scales, will need rest and a relaxation. Any eclipse in itself reduces power. And in October we will worry one eclipse is not simple. We will pass through a corridor of eclipses, that is we will endure a train of eclipses which will pass one behind another. These powerful negative impacts will be strengthened by popyatny movement Mercury which instead of being late in the Scorpion, will return to a sign of irresolute Scales. It is not excluded that diseases, feeling sick, energy and immunity loss will be a result of the massed attack of negative factors.

Though October – very favorable month for love and the romantic relations, it is not necessary to go to far and show too big activity on the love front. Do not forget that it not a zenith of summer, and the middle of autumn. Show consideration for a state of your health, do not forget about rest. Aspire to reach in everything golden mean. After all this principle is the basic for the Sun in Scales. The Retrogradny period of Mercury will come to the end on October 26 while the Sun will be in exact connection with Venus in the Scorpion. It will be at the same time end of very important period and the beginning new. Before us new possibilities in love, in the relations, new prospects in financial spheres will open.

On the Scorpion hardly it is possible to call Sun passing simple and easy, but it is always interesting. We will have more possibilities to risk, try, go for broke and eventually "to catch good luck for a tail". For many of us it will be time of new hobbies, unexpected opening and excitements in the emotional sphere. The main thing – that eclipses and a retrogradnost Mercury will be already behind. And then it is possible to move freely forward towards to new adventures and possibilities!