Horoscope for September, 2013.

Horoscope for September, 2013.

The summer, and together with it – Sun passing on the Lion, and Mars – on the Cancer ended. Since the beginning of September Mars will be in the Lion that will open for us for all huge possibilities and will give an impulse to active actions.

Planets will promote any new undertakings, opening of new businesses, receipt for work, to the study beginning. It is necessary to try to defend the point of view, to achieve the, and the main thing – immediate to operate, without postponing anything on "then".

The sun in the Maiden in connection with Mercury will help to find a way out of the most difficult and confused situations, to find with all common language, it is easy to acquire new knowledge. In September very favorably many to communicate, fasten new communications and contacts, to receive new information, to broaden the horizons, to deepen knowledge and much to read.

September, 2013 – the most suitable time to start a strict diet, improvement and sports activities. Plan for this month all those affairs which demand concentration, profound and serious work. Mars in the Lion and Mercury in the Maiden will help you to cope with the most difficult affairs perfectly.

September will be successful month for businessmen and businessmen, for those who already is engaged in own business or only is going to begin it. All businessmen should expand actively advertizing and whenever possible to look for foreign partners. Communications with foreigners will promote success.

Affairs warm will be this time connected with passing of Venus on the favourite sign – on Scales that opens many possibilities for lovers or those who looks for or thirsts for love. Venus in Scales is very good omen, and much she will present pleasure, pleasure and pleasures. The majority of planets in September create the friendly atmosphere, good mood, help affairs and in work.

Within September there will be only some days which can unsettle us and destroy our plans. It will be the period from September 7 to September 14 when Mars will rise on top dangerous тау a square. Together with Mars the Head and the Tail will participate in this aspect the Dragon (Knots) and Saturn that does this aspect quite dangerous and karmic. These days it is desirable not to enter the conflicts, to avoid any confrontations and a showdown.

Be careful with cutting subjects, drive the car more carefully and look back, crossing the street in not put place. There can be unexpected incidents, people around will make unpredictable acts. You can feel disappointment in relatives or friends.

Optimum days of September will begin how the quadrature of Mars will end, – since September 15. At this time the growing Moon will bring a lot of pleasure, light and good luck. Men will feel that their wives became more gentle, more generous and more emotionally. And wives – that their husbands became more generous and kinder.

On September 19 there will come a full moon, and затемЛуна will begin to decline that can bring some problems with health and health. But actually they can be overcome if to keep to a diet and to be engaged in easy physical exercises.

In the second half of September the Sun will move ahead to an exit from the Maiden and to approach to a sign of Scales. And it means that we will be occupied more and more by questions of private life, happiness and personal self-realization.

If in the first half of September we have to work, be engaged very actively in planning of the affairs and implementation of old plans, at the end of September we can give more attention to the family. Venus in connection with Saturn says that we can strengthen the intimacies or construct new on very strong basis.

And what prepared this month for people of various zodiac signs?


September – rather intense time for the majority of Arieses. A lot of attention and forces to give to work is necessary to them, to show responsibility in the relations with colleagues and the administration, and also to carry out of last obligations. Having shown wisdom and the restraint, many Arieses will pass test for a maturity. It will allow them not only considerably to improve the financial position, but also to lift on new level the authority. It is reached they it thanks to the activity, talents, the creative relation to business, charm. The end of September to Arieses needs to be carried out most fruitfully, then many of them will test true happiness in the near future.


In September it is best of all to little bodies to repay debts, to solve all those questions which demanded long ago their attention. There are fears that the income of Tauruses will not be so high, as earlier, and it for some time should renounce the comfort. It is necessary to work, do a lot of many efforts that necessary level of wellbeing returned again. The first days of month are favorable for travel and business contacts. As a whole the first month of autumn will be favorable, the vitality, creative activity will raise, you with the trebled energy can work over long-term plans. In the middle of September the shaft of romantic adventures will simply fall upon Tauruses. Lonely representatives of this sign have possibility to marry.


For Twins the first week of September is successful for trips and business contacts. You will manage to finish the affairs begun in August and unfinished because of various adverse factors. The period with 10 on 15 number is fraught with the conflicts. Family problems will become aggravated. In the second half of month the situation becomes more harmonious. Adherents and friends will help out you money, will help to leave from troubles, to understand the reasons of the occurring conflicts, to avoid them in the future. In the middle of the month try though a little to have a rest and to be engaged in the solution of serious problems. Go on giving, on the nature. Also try not to go to business trips, distant trips. It is better to be engaged in it after the 15th when for many Twins there is a probability of lucky coincidences, and also chances of new financial success, successful career and happiness in private life improve.


The Cancer will be the most harmonious sign in September. He will enjoy homeliness, good, cordial relations with relatives and relatives. For representatives of this sign in September favorably to marry or marry, establish a new family, to give birth to children, to buy real estate and in every possible way to promote pleasure and prosperity in own house. To start new affairs and to be engaged in expansion of partner communications best of all at the very end of a month. Thanks to the increased intuition, new plans and old friends, and also councils of the close people, many Cancers will manage to promote considerably on service, in business, to raise the social status. Their financial position will improve. And in affairs warm everything will be as well as possible.


From all zodiac signs Lions will be the most active in September. They will show big aggressiveness in actions and will achieve in every way the. They will surely show the I lust after power, ambition and self-confidence that can lead to very daredevil acts. The long-term plans thought up by you have very high chances in September with shine to be realized. The wave of success can overflow you slightly, and, having felt huge inflow of forces, you will try to act more independently, independently that will lead to certain conflicts to partners and the administration. However and Lions can derive the benefit defined for from the conflicts. By the way, the increased sexual appeal to persons of an opposite sex too can make at this time conceited therefore be careful. Do not tell anybody about the romantic victories – only enemies will acquire. Small and large investments of money will be successful. The end of month is quiet and harmonious.


Maidens in September will be adjusted efficiently. The sun and Mercury in the Maiden will create preconditions for normal quiet life, a hard work and moderate entertainments. For Maidens September will be the period of the active intellectual involvement, interesting work, for scientific searches and achievements. In the second half of September of the Maiden, using the personal charm, can rely on allies and at last finish last troubles. It is best of all to leave important meetings and plans for the end of month when the majority of Maidens will feel very surely. Protect health, do not risk, avoid the conflicts and you will achieve considerable successes. The end of month is very favorable for Maidens.


Scales, as well as other signs of Air, will be occupied generally with the private life. At them personal charm, love to life, aspiration to love and harmony increase. For many representatives of this sign September will be time of implementation of their old dream. Stormy, active life is simply contraindicated for Scales at the beginning and in the middle of September. This period for you – the extremely adverse therefore it is better not to be engaged in new plans not to try to predict the future. The peak of tension and serious obstacles fall on September 10-15. Therefore think of rest, surely be engaged in health. The last week of September the majority of Scales can join in new projects and plans very effectively. Their personal attractiveness that will increase to them interest will amplify. Meetings with new partners become a result of it.


More difficultly, than another, it is necessary in September to Scorpions. Though to them and not to get used to tests, after all it is difficult to resist to external difficulties constantly. Scorpions should apply all the will to move ahead and do that they planned. They are waited for by difficulty and danger, especially on work and in career. But finally everything will develop in their advantage because representatives of this sign always find a worthy way out of difficult situations. Thanks to support of friends, expansion of contacts to new partners Scorpions can plan new vital plans. The increased intensity of communication with friends, colleagues, colleagues will be very productive that will allow them to apprehend the beginning of the first month of autumn as very favorable.


For Sagittariuses September – very successful month for rest, for distant flights, foreign trips and business trips. If they did not manage to take summer holiday, month of the Maiden – just suitable time for cheerful entertainments and a meeting with old friends. They accept outdoor activities, cheerful entertainments and acquaintances to interesting people. Successful for them this month will be also in respect of financial success and professional growth. Many Sagittariuses considerably will expand the vital prospects, will meet success in the most different areas, will get reliable partners. Lonely representatives of this sign can safely count on creation of a strong family: at you all should turn out, the main thing – that it wanted to you!


In the first half of month Capricorns can have conflicts to people around because of a dissimilarity of views. But further all September promises to Capricorns good prospects. A lot of things depends on your diligence and persistence now. Expand a circle of contacts, most intensively communicate with the most different people, discuss plans, without forgetting about implementation of last projects. For muzhchin Kozerogov reliable partners can become zhenshchiny Ovny. Positive long-term consequences will have at this time any your undertakings, meetings, trips. In the first half of month be extremely careful and attentive, especially with business partners. Solve nothing in a temper, supervise the actions. Then the situation is stabilized, will start raise your creative potential. Use this time most fruitfully. You will have a possibility to carry out the even the most impudent prospects and plans as concerning work, career, and family and private life.


At the beginning of September business activity of Aquarius will be insufficiently high. They will observe activity recession, a lack of vital energy, a certain depression. Therefore brake your grandiose projects a little – they will not bring you fast desirable success. Comprehend the present, remember strong and weaknesses, concentrate. If there will be a possibility, have a rest some days. On the other hand, this period prepares Aquarius for sharp spiritual and creative lifting which will occur by the end of month. Only the second half of month is suitable for new affairs, important actions. Everything at you will begin to turn out easily, as if by itself. The success will bring increase of material welfare which will provide your professional growth. Some Aquarius will meet the partner in life whom rather long time will be also your financial sponsor. Possibly, in September you religion questions will deeply interest.


Very practical and timely advice can give Fishes to the friends and colleagues in September. It Fishes will increase the authority, become irreplaceable in the solution of many questions. And though they should give more time to the family that, by the way, can cause additional financial expenses, however everything will pay off a storitsa. Life becomes more interesting, level of material welfare will raise. Fishes can develop and put into practice successful plans, sign favorable contracts that will give a certain independence and will allow them to work further more effectively. At the end of the month for Fishes there comes the most favorable period so try to use it with advantage for business. Avoid the conflicts. Break unnecessary links, get rid of illusions. As a result, having released from an unnecessary ballast, you will become free, and, thanks to your energy and charm, you will have new friends and partners. Since the 15th, and other days of month – successful time for you, including for trips, travel and financial operations.