Horoscopes. Messages, or drivers, parents in human life.

Horoscopes. Messages, or drivers, parents in human life.

I want to continue conversation on how by means of a natal chart it is possible to see some sides of the identity of the person.

This time it will be continuation of a subject of the transaktny analysis of Eric Berna (THAT) which was begun by the article "Я-ОК-ты-ОК-или-Первый-Седьмой-дом-в-карте-радикса".

And drivers will be shifted on astrological language are the orders permissions given in the childhood or apprehended from parents unconsciously on the basis of which future scenario of life is under construction.

All so it not pathology and not the diagnosis, but on this basis we build the life have drivers, badly or well, about it and will talk below.

Let’s begin, perhaps, from the driver – "Be the best!"

Why from it? Yes because at it it is fairly expressed, so is from whom to write), though in an environment of examples too suffices. It is such carrot adhered before a nose at a donkey behind which it goes. It both perfectionism, and a syndrome of the honors pupil in the childhood, and in adult life dependence on society estimates (simply working is not the person, and so, at all Adam’s edge). These are such mottoes: "If to win, one million" or "If to marry, the queen". Modern mother can wish to choose in grooms "only the best", however, in what, where and in comparison with what, – mother does not specify. In it the main problem of the driver – is not present the end, that is there is no limit to perfection, and the pursuit of it lasts infinitely.

I will assume that in this driver, the first violin position of Jupiter in a natal chart, also plays the Sun (the Lion, the Sagittarius) and a sign, where Jupiter in exile: Maidens, for example. It seems to me that defeat of Jupiter not obligatory, however, in this case the driver more obvious. Carrot is carrot (Jupiter), and defeat is difficulties with an assessment of the achievements at the insky card (planets in female signs) or reassessment of the last at yansky (planets in man’s). Aspiration to make qualitatively to impossibility or to receive improbably high status, or the fear not to strike with the person in dirt is everything the different parties of one medal "Be the best".

External signs of owners of this driver is a care in everything, a raskladyvaniye on shelves, tracking a fashion, style, they go deep into details so that lose an initial thread of conversation. In conversation do specifications and itemizes. The look is more up, with the raised chin, so, say, directed up or forward.

  • Antidote at this driver is magic, but for someone the unattainable word is "enough".

To aspire to high standards it it is fine, but it is necessary, that these standards were concrete and really accessible for the person. And that at each achievement the satisfaction will be extremely short and at once will be depreciates the person (notice not society, and it). Define at itself precisely that for you there is a real height and whether illusive carrots are necessary to you, to which are infinite and if to tell more precisely, it is possible to aspire without results and further. After all whatever was the result – always it is possible to be better, growing thin, more cleverly, more richly, znachimy etc. In total anything, but life goes, and to take pleasure in that you have, it turns out there is no time.

  • The anti-driver (exit) – to define that for you (not for the Parent) will be rather good. Installation – you initially the best. Compete only with itself.

After all the aspiration to reach perfection is can be at all your desire as drivers (parental messages) are absorbed in the early childhood and are their desires or your reaction to parental criticism.

The driver "Please others"

Strong Venus and the Moon, the Neptune which concern Asd (the Taurus, Scales, the Cancer, Fishes), to the Sun.

By the way, the frequent driver at psychotherapists. Ability to understand need and sorrows of people is developed not in hothouse conditions.

Look at such person often not direct, interrogative: "What good and pleasant I can make for you?"

These people usually are masked kind, friendly, obsequious people who are always adjusted on reaction of the partner. They are very intuitive, are able to read out emotions, mood, thoughts of the interlocutor. They got used to guess desires and moods of parents and know, how it will be pleasant or to make life of others better. Though him can be at all to laughter. They postpone the pleasures for later as it is necessary to please strenuously others, however, why – they do not analyze. For them thoughts of such plan are characteristic: "What will people think?" and "The most important that another it was good!"

And the thoughts and desires on the last place. It is a way of a survival which was given by an example (messages) of one of parents, or the most effective way of leaving from irritation and discontent of parents, or still, maybe, a way to earn their love, encouraged in a family (then them will not leave to the mercy of fate).

  • The anti-driver – it is necessary to please itself, and in it it is necessary to train much on itself then another with you it will be good, try for itself. Last not to unfortunate, and to people happy with. You too are worthy pleasures.

The driver "Be strong!"

But this driver should be understood, how "do not feel". That is do not show emotions as they are dangerous and can lead to even bigger rejection. External signs of this driver is motionless, in quite strict pose a body, the clenched fists, a motionless top framework, it is not enough mimicry. In speech there are a lot of verbs and few adjectives.

The person can bear and not show the pain much: neither sincere, nor physical is a strong influence in the card, of course, Earth signs, and in particular, the Capricorn, the Scorpion where in a damage the Moon.

Means, we look for allocated essentsialno and aktsidentalno Saturn which concerns stars and Asd, and also strong signs of the Capricorn, the Scorpion.

  • The anti-driver – feel, allow to express itself emotions.

It is not so terrible, as can seem at first sight, only express them adequately. For example, the anger is not only two options: to break a plate or someone’s physiognomy, but anger, it appears, this and simply stated discontent with behavior of the opponent to it directly in eyes (yes, it too can be anger). And empathy it is not obligatory three buckets of tears in support of needing, and the silent participation expressed in words of support and a shoulder in minutes when it is required. Study art of expression of emotions.

The driver – "Try, try"

Mars, the Sun, the Aries, the Lion (Asd, aspect to it, communication with stars, strong situation).

Here I am sure only of Mars, it can be as well as in exile, and in a monastery.

The distinctive feature of such people is a fold between eyebrows.

The sense of the parental message that process of work or any other activity is important, – the main thing that it was, and result is not important. Here it is possible will dare to have a rest, only when already absolutely you will become exhausted. No matter, on what you spent them, but you tried to make something, tried very much. This driver usually is given by parents who inspire to the child that he should try, flounder always as a frog in milk, with confidence, that something leaves this da. It is necessary to work much in general, however, specifically for what – it is not specified. But in the opinion of others you will be all the same worthy praises as you tried though often activity happens is senseless. In fairy tales this driver is supported by the fairy tale on the Cinderella which after all found the strengthened work the happiness. It and the enthusiast volunteer who willingly undertakes affairs, but here till the end of them does not lead up, justifying: «After all I tried!" The main danger of this driver is lack of the end result, as in a joke: «Not to sleep, not to sleep … to mow, mow…"

  • The anti-driver – it is necessary not to try, and to do. To praise itself not for works, and for result.

Well and the last driver is "Hurry, quickly"

I think, there is no doubt that there should be allocated Mercury in the card and strong air (Twins, Scales, Aquarius).

The person all the time in movement, it cannot sit in place, is constant in a stress of that is not in time anywhere, constantly itself adjusts that it is necessary to hurry up, and that he will not be in time. It will adjust others also words: "Well you hesitate!?" Though on a question: «And why it is necessary quicker?" – most likely, he cannot answer.

  • The anti-driver – do not hurry up. It is possible to hurry to disaccustom itself, having planned affairs in advance then it will not be necessary to run anywhere.

Note. In article materials from A.Dalit’s video seminar "Transaktny the analysis" are used.